war child
Reply Fri 24 Jan, 2014 01:41 pm
war child got a league of his own bru
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Reply Fri 24 Jan, 2014 05:24 pm
His ego and his skill are on two different levels. In my opinion, he is not a good rapper. He has no unique style, overused rhymes, and talks too much ****.
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MC Jenius
Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2014 03:26 am
Well how about we start again?
Sup guys, My names MC Jenius
Im an Australian rapper and Im here to share some verses with you guys
I respect all of you as rappers
I dont underestimate anyone, but you guys are strangers behind computerscreens.
Everyone had a different flow and style of rapping, I know if you put work into your bars your bars that you will get more out of them.
I took an aggressive approach, because that mainly what they do in battle leagues (King of the dot, grind time, dont flop)
But meh, it all good now, all of you are respectable, I see in my opinion different skill sets but thats good, thats what makes this fun.
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Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2014 06:17 am

Welcome to the 37th chamber
So unknown not even Jones could ascertain it
It's an uncertainty it can never be discovered
Unearthed like a relic undercover
It's a puzzle no brother in this Earth can decipher
I was considered a zero (0), that means I'm in a Cipher
But I'm number one (1) in my landing because I got the Knowledge to survive
Plus the Wisdom too/two (2), I was born wise
If those are even then I'd develop my own (3) Understanding
The only reason I do this is solely for/four (4) Freedom
My way of rhyming is my Power (5)
I use it to resurrect these brain-dead cowards
Get them up from under the flowers and have them studying for hours
And generate Equality (6) among them
It doesn't even have to take an Arm or a Leg, another Leg, another Arm or another Head to put the fear of God (7) into these hearts of men
After all, I'm just trying to Build (8) some sort of safe haven between us
And Destroy (8) every boundary breaking us as equals
We all wanna be (9) Born in a world where there is peace and prosperity shared
For momentarily there is no sense of blessedness between women and men
since they're always busy politicking unnecessarily
From what I understand
There are Five Percenters who give a hundred percent of their senses to Allah in their land
And I'm a One Percenter within a percentage of gentlemen developing better with intelligent cognitive facts
So Allah or God guide me between Now and the future
To get Justice on these youngsters without a good clue
how to embrace the Truth
We've been brought up by a Master who created a Universe so Divine not even time could end it
The King sent His Saviour son down to our world to teach us Wisdom
and died so we have the Power to make the right decisions
We as a people Rule the whole environment we live in
Why (Y) do we fight? To claim Victory, the wise will win in the end
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Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2014 03:53 pm
Guys, guys guys guys guys.. i had enough of your dumbbars.

i have been gone for 10000 years.... im looking to get back into this site... Prof you will see a huge change in my ability now. Sure you will be proud Very Happy
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Reply Sat 25 Jan, 2014 08:16 pm
So like what's the point
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2014 01:48 pm

I can be a slick ghost-writer, or a sick quote rhymer
Thinking thoughts wiser than 60-year-old timers
My life suspends like '66 low-riders
It goes up and down and does drifts on two tyres
Whoever thought a big dipper could get a lot tighter?
I'm just a passenger holding down as it dips and soars higher
Never knowing what's ahead of me distant on the horizon
depending on changes like the skin of a forest viper
or a jungle iguana, or the colour of a chameleon
Being caught up in ugly thoughts can cause karma to come in creeping
But if we conquer those thoughts, then some prospects can be achieved
like a GED or even a higher college degree
So much of a hassle, it all seems god-awfully hard to me
I didn't go to university, didn't bother accomplishing these
All I had was cold promises brought to me
I've been better off with an offer for a Bosch washing machine
that thoroughly cleans up to approx. 40 degrees
on a hot summer's day; it's all a bunch of nonsense to me
As a countryman would put it, it's all poppycock
Pish-posh, pip pip, clip-clop and bloody bollocks to me
Just goes to show, life can't offer us a policy paid
Why do you think they say tomorrow isn't promised today?
You can go to a solicitor or lawyer with a case
but they won't guarantee you a win, when it goes to court, on the day
the judge says, "**** it!", and decides to toss it away
And you become the laughing stock 'cause you just squandered your savings
on some operation that wasn't bound to work in the first place
Just like trying to do kiddie stunts on your 35th birthday
when they take years to master starting from 3 to 11 upwards
All you're really doing is causing mischief to yourself and others
That's why, at 25, I should already have set my life
Have a job, get some skills, and a wife
And I've just about done all of those things except one
Now it's just a matter of getting acceptance
from somebody who is willing to respect a gentleman
who is of medium height, and of better intelligence
than those other bulls and cows she runs with in that sense
They jump the gate, she jumps the same back fence
And that to me has caused a little distraction
After all, I'm just trying to get some attraction
But right now, I'm just a literal abstraction
Abstract like Kamaal, Q-Tip and Muhammad
I've spent so many years living with bad luck
I suppose it's my fault 'cause I'm always dipping with [....] sluts
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2014 06:51 pm
Another reverse poetry rap!

Once upon a time I was the kid that no one talked to
Right before the beginning when I walked into the dark room, because
I am not afraid of the dark
Only the unknown
I am not happy with a heart
Or my soul once shown
I am without time on the road
Losing all hope
I'm done you see, with
Becoming secret
Something free is
Hunting regrets
Because while I am
Holding in silence, a whole gun
Up straight to my head, a bullet
It's all getting
Soul shifting
I can feel my
Hopes slipping
And now I will keep from
Getting all weak, run
Call my retreat, done...
Suicide is the answer
You'd have to have cancer, to believe
My question can be answered...

My questions can be answered
You'd have to have cancer, to believe
Suicide is the answer
Call my retreat? Done
Getting all weak, run?
And now I will keep from
Hopes slipping
I can feel my
Soul shifting
It's all getting
Up straight to my head, a bullet
Holding in silence, a whole gun
Because while I am
Hunting regrets
Something free is
Becoming secret
I'm done you see, with
Losing all hope
I am without time on the road
Or my soul once shown
I am not happy with a heart
Only the unknown
I am not afraid of the dark
Right before the beginning when I walked into the dark room, because
Once upon a time I was the kid that no one talked to-
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2014 07:38 pm
Glitch i'd battle you.
Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2014 10:15 pm
Aright. Someone judge. Do you wanna go first?
Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2014 02:14 pm
**** a pussy , go raw dog on a bitch
nuttin bloody flow like the condom ripped
dicking with hip hop
now we got a baby shes the moms n its
named dickens crisscrossed with rick ross roster
swimming or sinking in this waterworld do the kev kosner
dont **** with fakes yo
this goku , stroll down snakes road
passed lower case Gs and Capital A-holes
playin games building blocks out lego
ya'll building bombs to blow ups fatal
im billabong ,deuce, dro'd up ,spacial
go atilla zong ,truth , Go uh, in ya face' ya'll
building on atlantis , sinking into answers
that'll kill a panther , but not yo cancers
raps illest of rappers, to fill a chapter
geurilla bastards , no bastard go realla
so ill the masters souls gather instilled in still doing what really matters
rap like a phillied mathers ...
watch my hermes sneaks leave ya achilles shattered

Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2014 10:47 pm
A soul so old that lyrics are an artifact
i just keep rhyming of death and saying my heart is black
but the anger left my soul when he died of a heart attack
the cold is gone, and now i just want my father back
from all the problems in me, my brain has turned to mincemeat
now i have to deal with my fathers death and i'm only fifteen
try to think of happiness but then it hits me
we had a bond stronger then any father and any son
i only saw you on the weekends and you loved me more then anyone
my brain fills with good memories
the black smoke turns to blue entities
yet i still bash my head into the wall, screamin its my fault, relentlessly
everyone can brush you off but father i'll remember thee
if i could bring you back i'd pay hell if it cost
that neckless you gave me kills me because the relief i lost
kids from school stole it, these memories turn into devilish thoughts
and i'm consumed by anger and again heaven is lost
but i look into your coffin dad and figure out
that death is like a timer, your life is slowly ticking down
just have to face that life and death is reality
i just keep thinking about it as i age gradually
upon your death dad i've grown restless
praying to god to give you this message
i will get back your neckless
i've just grown so damn reckless
i wake up rapidly thinking, and get no damn breakfast
a voice in my dreams dad its clearly you
but since your gone i understand what i am here to do
i have to go on living, but we'll meet again

sincerely drew
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2014 10:48 pm
I look into the mirror and say, damn this is what the world is actually seeing
As time slows i begin rapidly thinking
My life shows that my self esteem is gradually sinking
Its hard to be a kid and emotionally dysfunctional
Thoughts giving headaches that could erupt the skull
Damaged and bruised emotionally
bottled up i keep the pain close to me
people cant understand that its hard to express it openly
but without it i couldn't write, so i guess its suppose to be

I realize thats just how it is, these challenges
Produced by my imbalances
And the world cant see me as an average kid

Deep inside this paralyzed cerebral mind
Its hard to find these lines where good and evil intertwine
The deeper and deeper i go the pace of my thoughts accelerate
my mind begins to levitate, with every breath i take
Tell myself dont regret mistakes, So im able to maintain a mental state
On my death bed knowing my problems will be deceased
Soul will be released, close my eyes im smilin, my mom is cryin
But i'm finally at peace

I realize thats just how it is, these challenges
Produced by my imbalances
And the world cant see me as an average kid

Evil thoughts the demons can steal ya memory, beat your mind relentlessly
intill no one knows you anymore as if they stole your identity
Rapid thoughts in control take another sip of Hennessy
Those bad envisions man it looks like paranoia's got the best of me
Depressed and angry, thats where my flaws lead me
A lyrical holocaust, behind the devils thoughts
to the point i realize i'm fighting a battle i've already lost
I've given up, **** i dont even bother
but failures not an option because success is what i promised my father

I realize thats just how it is, these challenges
Produced by my imbalances
And the world cant see me as an average kid
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2014 10:48 pm
This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

See in my mind its do or die, I fight to keep myself alive
But how do I beat it, Should I expose a weakness, Put my guard down and let go of secrets
I can see it, In the eyes of my friends “I’m Normal” but they seem to think differently
Now I’m strangled by rapid thoughts and I’m wondering what my family thinks of me
I tend to also believe my mind and so I’m always confused
When it came to making friends my heart said give it a try, But my mind refused
This is what I deal with having social anxiety
But I don’t use it as a crutch, I learned to use it to inspire me
But I’m always stuck in thoughts, Trapped in my mind I’m a prisoner
Buried in darkness and I disappear cause my mind doesn’t want a visitor
Now all life is are a bunch of tears and deception
Behind the thoughts of my mind lies a fear of rejection
I’m always Scared of making a first impression
Cause if I say something wrong my mind just can not accept it
You see I understand that feeling of not being accepted

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

My thoughts are so deep for even myself to realize
These lines, that I’m creatin
My mind is pacin, and my bodies shaken
I view this world of Gods through the eyes of Satan
My life revolves around a bunch of what ifs
And I must confess
That my life is being lead by a broken compass
Not one to back down, but I give up now, When it comes stress
I’ve given myself these thoughts that drain my confidence, And I’ve lost my pride
Self-Consciousness has gotten so bad to point where I can’t even walk outside
I left school and I stay home Its like I was buried alive
The only time, I’ll have a peace of mind, will be the day that I’ve died
Mentally, My mind and my thoughts have killed my health
And I walk outside and put the blame on everyone else
When will I get it through my mind that I’ve only killed myself

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely

You want to know these insecurities are hurtin me
How this world has scared my mind like burns to the third degree
I strangle myself intill my face is burgundy
But I let it happen, So I’m able to craft lines perfectly
Now with all these problems, Do you really think the only way to solve them Is suicide?
Get it through ya mind, the only demon is you inside
And the day I stop fighting will be the day Drew has died
I understand its hard but its something you have to manage
Don’t let it get the best of you, Use it to your advantage
You see these people bothered me just to see my reaction
But I just let it happen, Now I can express how I feel through rappin
Most you think your fighting a battle that you’ve already lost
But take my hand and I’ll guide you to the key that lies behind the Devils thoughts
I want to help you all, I want to be that type of man
That can lend a hand, And tell you that I understand
Make an effort to make friends, Theres nothing you can say wrong
In the end of it all you’ll make it, You just got to stay strong
Yea, I’m a confused kid but I use it, To escape in music
And I know that at times your feelin useless
Just know that theres a soul hidden in these bruises
I know It hurts but you have to face, theres no escape, from reality
Stay strong in your days, and I promise a change, as you age gradually
I’m strong enough to say I’m Drew and I’m Proud to be
My lyrics are to ease your mind so you could live happily

This is the anxiety buried deep inside of me
Its funny how it could bring me down, but lift me up entirely
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Reply Tue 28 Jan, 2014 10:49 pm
life itself is an inspiration, everyday its a struggle
overcome an obstacle, it takes a rock for you to stumble
a nightmare like plummeting balance sheets
a demon throwin people off balconies
dead now, humble in my presence i bet now he sees
those that turned on me, burns to the third degree
haven't seen the marks, step into my hearse and see
since my bodies gone, my soul wonders nervously
its a living hell, but its where i'm suppose to be
blocking out my friends and those close to me
they knocked me down, but i can take the hard hits
click click boom, take this bullet to the heart sis
all it takes is one word to spark the darkness
bending peoples spines, turn them into arches
hiding up high in my fortress
a bunch of dark forces, forcing divorces
men with no heads riding horses
kidnapping people from there porches
throw them into darkness surrounding torches
we could go out killing but we just force kids
you cant see the evil in someones eyes unless you look closely
mostly, the evil is with the people that are lonely
these are my thoughts, that beat me lifeless
well there like this, its just my example of what life is
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 09:06 am
I need emotion behind every brick that I lay
I need commotion behind all the **** that I say
When I spit and I spray
When I risk and I weigh
Before I wisp it away
I will wish for the day

For the day when the sun rests
And I relax as it sets
With no worries or rhymes
With no hurry, no frets
No lines and no fines
No red lights and nosigns
I wish for the day where the stars can all shine
I hold both her hands and I know that she's mine
The wind blowing silent, the air thin as wine
The smells and the colors are all just so fine
And every lost mind is a question inside
Like answers are hiding inside of the lines
I dream of the day where there is no time

No restrictions, suspicious
Collisions, incisions
No quarrels no missions
Just thoughts and existence
Just feelings of living
No life yet we bitchin'
We fight but don't listen
In sight we were blinded
And in taste all dumbfounded
What we hear hasn't sounded
What we fear, haven't found it
Yet we're so sure of our loudness
We drown out the real challenge
And leave out the well rounded
Profound but uncounted
So time catches up, that clock is the weapon
And yet we keep teaching, forgetting the lessons
But that's what's expected
Left with wretched
And set to the rest with no friends in the ending

So I wait for the stars, hold her in my arms
Every bullet I take, will protect her from harm
Every second I waste, awaits the alarm
In safety she's beautiful, right next my heart
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 06:06 pm
Tech N9ne is too underground for me to enjoy but his rock/rap stuff is badass. Like
1.) Riot Maker
2.) Love 2 Dislike Me
3.) Uralya
4.) Hiccup
5.) EBAH
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 07:06 pm
I'm in yo circle until I turn it all oval
Note how noble I be when I go on to go global
Boat'll sink with no motor
Cause I'm bout to motorboat her over and over
In code, I'm slower than a rapper who's kosher
With no meat on his bones, or
Can't go HAM till it's over
Take my belt as a necklace, make sure it's a choker
Y'all are driving me crazy, so I ditched both my chauffeurs
Show no prose and close the show with a floater
No joke, you're so poser
Chopped off by the rotors
In my view total focal
Vocal verbal a chokehold
Radioactive and local
Hometown known as Chernobyl-
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 07:32 pm

I'm taking it easy, driving my Rolls-Royce Phantom
Dressed in my best clothes and I'm quietly relaxing
Cruising through my metropolis just like James Bond when he's driving
taking his wife for a hike in his Aston Martin DB5
My transparent sunroof takes in the sights of the sky
Birds singing and winging it as they're flying by night
The speed which I am travelling is much slower than turtles
Opposed to hurdling athletes when they're showing endurance
There's no predicting when I'll begin picking some speed up
The sleet eating through my jeans is the reason I'm switching this heat up
to about sixty degrees amidst the wintery freeze
with a blizzard viciously creeping in these industry streets

You just cannot comprehend just how sleek my main control is
That's why everybody all stops and takes notice
They've got a gazed focus like cameras looking at birds
Even Kanye and Paul are astonished, I'm a crook when I'm swerve
When I roll, I don't look at the curve, I just drift it
and cause friction as I'm gripping my joystick and I lift it
I outshine all the cats' eyes gleaming throughout the freeway
with light-beams in my motifs supplying a lot of the leeway
And as I'm kicking it back hearing my favourite MC
while my car is on cruise-control, I just fade and get empty
I'm a little kid trapped within a young adult's body
Enjoying the scenery with both hands dug in my pockets
Riding with an urban herd is something you'd never expect
from someone like me who hails from a neighbourhood that's
completely different to these guys here
Kanye, Paul Wall, and GLC, driving slow with their cool increased to a higher gear
And here I am, weird as I am
steering, veering and leering with as much care as I can
and I'm not sharing a damn; my car is leaving trails in the sand
And there isn't a private eye out there who can catch me
the way I'm covering my tracks
Drive slow
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 09:50 pm
When I was two
My parents split from the room
Lived with mama in the city while my dad never did move
The city boy birthed on the countryside, steady
So when diagnosed with ADHD, my crazy mind wasn't ready

When I was three
My mama met a man who was never meant to be
So high but he
Did drugs and smoked cigs
Mama's done stuff, they both did
So when a puff puff, was witnessed
He was kicked out, and mum's pissed!

When I was 8
I lived with my mom down in the valley
Switchin schools as fast as rallies
And snapping back without reality
In actuality I was in my own world
Dad was a bad dad, not a father but a madman
Not a bad man, but a fast scan
Would determine how he's chasing selfishly like the pac man

When I was nine
Moved into mom's new husband's life
Two step siblings and a half one over on my dad's side
From only child to oldest sibling, ADHD still on a mad ride
I was the weird kid in the corner of their dumb minds
I was either cut, shoved, or punched outta the lunch line

When I was twelve
I realized I was in hell
ADHD was cured somehow with pills
But depression knew me well
I lost meaning, delved in sadness
My true love drove me to madness
Gladness was fantasy
Half of me wanted to stab my knees
Had me weak, every damn week...

I coulda ended it

But when I turned fourteen I became a soldier
Flipped off both the demons and the angels on my shoulder
Became colder and bolder
Tore away from depression and became strong as a boulder
I don't give in to pity no more
Empathy and sympathy lower the score
My sanity and vanity both on the border
Ever heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? (Ha ha)
An ESTP, that's what I be
Life is a game, I must win, I must beat
Take a seat if you can't keep
Up with the peak
Every second I'm up I must duck
Kicked while I'm down like a puck
Two years ago I'd take it and crack
But now I have a knack to snap back and attack!
I hide the fact that I'm emotionless
Fake feelings, no showing it
Life is a chess game
You play on intuition so I'm controlling it
They call people like me, psychos
But I can feel love and joy I guess, but my goal
Is to end this life of mine successfully
Strive alive and when it ends, do it unselfishly
But being selfish is a priority
To get to my life goal, you see
Whether being a minority
Or leading on majorities
I'm prime time, no man in the right mind
Should fight crime, unlike my crime
(Psyche) this rhyme's mine!

Think like the killer to get him alone
Serial savior, something known and unknown
**** it I'm done with the stage that I'm on
All this pain that goes on is a face to take on
I must have a break on
Get this shake on and stay plain as the bank gone
I've been gone, can't stay long
I haven't been sane or the same since I was rained on
But I'll reign on, as the king
The ace of spades in the ring
Number one in pains that I bring
So crazed that I could just sing~
Look out for the hail, Mideast
Look out for the heil, big beast
Look down at the dope, big feast
Look down through the scope, missed me-

Bounce back like the balls of my feet
Hit the sac like the balls beneath me (ow...)
Drop a barrage of bombs to the beat
Then rewind time and put the scene on repeat (boom boom boom!)
Like I just tripped, click click, **** it's a pistol (bang)
Like I just flipped, flip switch, here comes the missile (uh oh)
Risky business, what is this
Button up, I'm wicked
Ripping bitches isn't my mission, kid
But if you's my obstacle, honest yo
I'll switchblade yo face quicker than a killer did
And finish it with no witnesses
It's the one and only Gliitch in this
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