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Reply Wed 11 Sep, 2019 06:15 pm
Is this Utopia in some way related to the Thomas More satire from some centuries back?
(serious question)
Reply Wed 11 Sep, 2019 07:44 pm
IT: Chapter 2

This nearly three-hour sequel has well-rounded, appealing characters and even some laughs, but it lacks the nerve-rattling scares and appealing simplicity of its 2017 predecessor.
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Reply Thu 12 Sep, 2019 12:26 am
Only in so far that Utopia means perfect society, (being engineered.)

It's about a graphic novel and the conspiracy theories that surround it. A group of geeks regularly talk online.

They meet in person when someone claims to have the draft of part 2. That's when everything goes wrong, the conspiracy theories are true and there's something in the draft that "the network" doesn't want you to see.

There are loads of plot twists, and it's hard to speak specifically without giving away spoilers. It's very grey, a world of compromises where there are no heroes.

There are no sides, just people who can help you.
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Reply Thu 12 Sep, 2019 06:24 am
izzythepush wrote:

I saw IT 2 when it first came out last week. This one had an ending that worked, lots of knowing references to that, a cameo from Stephen King and a scene lifted straightout of The Thing[/i.]

I like the running joke where a several people tell Bill Denbrough, the novelist and screenwriter [and the in-film standin for Stephen King], that they don't like the endings to his books.
Reply Thu 12 Sep, 2019 06:34 am
I didn't like the original ending, or that of The Stand either.

Some of that was bad luck. When The Stand was shown over here it was at the same time the National Lottery was formed. Their advert showed a big disembodied hand coming out of the heavens pointing at the winner and announcing "It's you."

And that hand was almost identical to the hand of God in The Stand.

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