I'm in Love with My Best Friend

Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2016 01:04 am
Hi. So, I have been best friends with this boy for about two years now and we have had feelings for each through it all. Well... he had feelings for me first. Which I then also developed after about a month of really getting to know him. To try and keep this somewhat short, (though it probably wont be, sorry about that), I will just say that it has become a bit complicated. Now, after already breaking up with him once, and attempting to get over him, I find myself in a bit of a mess. He has finally tried getting over me as well. Which includes him getting involved with another girl. Another, dramatic, underclassman, kind of girl. And of course I felt jealous and of course I tried my best to deny it because I care about him so much and I just want him to be happy. But I want him to be happy with me. And this is all very hard because I have commitment issues. But I want to try. And I want to try with this boy. With my closest fiend. He drives me crazy, we bicker a lot, I yearn for adventure while he is content without it, I am open minded while his is often closed. And yet he is always on my mind. He is the one I miss when I'm cold and alone at night. I am very sure he isn't totally over me yet either. I need some advice: Am I crazy or could this actually mean something more? Should I ask him out and try at least one last time? Should I fight for this?
Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2016 05:28 am
If he is dating someone else, then he is not available.

In the meantime, talk to other guys. Not to make this guy jealous but just, have an existence outside of this. I get the feeling your pal is a convenient port in a storm, and he keeps you (probably not intentionally on his part) from making efforts with anyone else. Because from what you have written here, you do not sound too terribly suitable as boyfriend/girlfriend.
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Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2016 09:45 am
Perhaps, seeing he is seeing someone and is unavailable, it is good time to learn how to be happy with not being part of a couple. Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.

Learn to be your own best friend. That is something that might serve you best.
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