Did I make the right choice in my life?

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My name is Andrew, I am 22 and as of late August I have moved states. I grew up and Atlanta, Georgia in the suburbs for all of my life; until now. My reasoning for moving at the time is that I was getting tired of the same old routine I was doing (going to college, partying, living with my parents). So I moved to Chicago, near the city. My good friend who was already living in Chicago needed a roommate. When I heard the opportunity I jumped on it. Now that I have lived here for abut almost 3 months I do question myself if I made the right decision in moving. Starting in December I will be going to take a specialty computer school which I am interested in way more than I ever was when I was just attending a University. But, the cons I have found is that because I live in Chicago and near the city I no longer have a car. I no absolutely know one here except my roommate and I no longer live in a really nice area.

Do you think I made the right decision in moving or did I jump the gun and should of done something else. I greatly appreciate any feedback.
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Youth is not the time for comfort or seclusion, it is the time to take risks, it is the time to strike out on your own, to discover who you are and what you love, it is the time to consume experiences before you get tied down with obligations.

Simply moving to a new environment as you did is likely going to drive some of this good stuff. Now it is time for you to figure out how to make it work, and give yourself a timeline for achieving success. If it does not work then you go home or try something else.

What you are talking about is not a failure of the idea of moving to Chicago, it is a failure of your social skills and a desire to be pampered.
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Make mistakes enthusiastically!

This is the best advice that anyone has ever given me. Who knows whether you made the "right" decision or not. In 10 years, looking back, you might have some idea. But how would you even know.

Get out and meet some people. Make friends. This takes an effort, but you are young and Chicago is an interesting city. Chicago has public transportation, go out and do stuff.

And make sure you are putting effort into your school experience and the getting the most out of this.

The one clear mistake is to second guess yourself. There are lot's of people that learn, work and have fun in Chicago. You are there now, who cares if it was a mistake or not. Make it work for you and get as much as you can out of the experience.

Even if you end up back in Georgia... go back with some experiences, some new knowledge and some new friends.

You are there. Why not make it work for you?

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