What advice do you have about dealing with moving?

Tue 21 Dec, 2021 05:20 am
Hi. I was debating whether or not I should share this, but I think I would feel better if I got it off my chest. I know, as of the time of the posting of this, it's close to Christmas, and I don't want to ruin anyone's mood, but this is important.

A couple of weeks ago, my landlord's assistant stopped by to check and fix my thermostat and furnace and to service my toilet. A few days prior I had an issue with my toilet - I spend those days trying to unclog it. After my landlord's assistant finished his work and left I flushed my toilet to make sure it was working right. There was nothing in the toilet. The toilet overflowed and the water seeped into my basement creating a short in my basement. My bathroom is next to my den and they are both over my basement. i heard a "zzzz" noise emanating from my basement when I was sitting in my den. I called my landlord's assistant back over the phone to contain the short in my basement, which he did. He had to turn off one of the circuits in the circuit breaker. I'm sitting in my house with limited power - there's no electricity in my upstairs bedroom and I can't use my washer and drier.

My landlord's assistant said he talked to a plumber and an electrician and they said the damage done in my basement isn't something that could be remedied overnight - it would take a lot of time, work and energy to contain and fix in order to restore everything back to normal. My landlord's assistant said the plumbing and the wiring is OLD. I asked him about the other work that needs to be done in my house - he explained what was needed but that would take a lot of work, time and energy too.

He said the house is OLD and needs a LOT of work and that it would be too much for him to try to take on on his own.

He said he's concerned for my safety and well-being. He suggested that it would be better if I moved. He spoke to my cousin about this and he took photos of the damage done in the basement, and some pics of the conditions inside my home, and shared them with my cousin.

He, my cousin AND my mother, who is away in a rehab center and nursing facility ALL agreed that I should move and go stay with my aunt who lives in the Bronx. They are all Christians.

My cousin thinks I would function a lot better if I went and stayed with my aunt.

I'm not really thrilled about moving. I was hoping I could stay where I am and turn my den into a work studio.

At least if I went and stayed with my aunt I would still be in NY. I am concerned about the safety of the neighborhood she's in.

I wouldn't have to deal with a whole bunch of things I am trying to deal with on my own, since my mother and brother moved out and I wouldn't have a whole strangers in my personal business. If I looked into assisted living I was told I would have to deal with that. At least I will closer to my old art school which is in NYC - taking Continuing Ed courses at the school and commuting to the school from where my aunt lives and back again wouldn't be an issue.

I live in upstate NY. Commuting to NYC from where I live and back again is too problematic.

I asked my landlord's assistant about buying the house from my landlord. My landlord's assistant said he didn't because my landlord is a very old man - he's over 100. My landlord's assistant doesn't think buying the house is a wise investment. It needs a LOT of work and it is worth at least $100,000 he said.

I want to ask my landlord's assistant about moving into a studio apartment in my hometown or in my county and see what he says.

I have been trying to focus on having enough money for rent and dealing with other expenses - there are agencies I can contact and resources I can use to help me deal with this. I am focusing on getting what I need to function with while I am still here where I am. I would like to focus on working too while I am still here where I am and focus on getting my personal health together and being and staying organized.

My mother wants me to look into putting my stuff and hers in storage. I am doing research on nearby storage companies to find out how much it will cost to put stuff in storage. I need to find out which one is the cheapest but I don't know how big a storage space I need. She wants me to get rid of a lot of stuff.

I need to help my mother deal with her personal health insurance and financial business before I move - I have been trying to get a conference call set up for her involving an ombudsmen and the financial officer at the facility she is in on her behalf before I move, but my cousin said she would help me with this.

What advice do you have about dealing with moving? I am going to have to deal with this eventually.

Please help. Thank you.

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Tue 21 Dec, 2021 05:35 am
I think in the short term you should stay with your aunt overChristmas so you won't be on your own.

Having to move out is not easy, I had to do it last May, and I had to put stuff in storage too.

From what you've said your mother is unlikely to be moving back in with hou for the foreseeable future so I would put her stuff in storage.

Good luck, this is a very stressful time.

And Merry Christmas. Today is Yuletide, the Winter Solstice.
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