This guy is a womanizer as of now but?

Reply Thu 10 Sep, 2015 10:19 pm
he's mixed, half white and half pakistani but his religion is muslim as his father is a pakistani muslim.

Guy seems pretty outgoing. Dates white/blonde girls mostly (though claims he likes brunettes) and goes clubbing, has body art and a very active sex life (gets it through random hook ups here and there/threesome/twosome/foursome whatever)

He had 3 girlfriends ( two were women of colour/brunettes while the last one was white and blonde) but he has cheated on all of them.

he mostly goes for random girls who go to clubs, drink and are flirty and show off their bodies.

The females in his family are modern but not partyholics or the ones who have many boyfriends or go to clubs. They usually have family get togethers.

So will this type of guy settle down for a girl who is slutty like the ones he usually goes for or the ones like his sisters/mother?

by the way he's 23.
Reply Thu 10 Sep, 2015 10:32 pm
Perhaps both.

Why do you care? You like a challenge?
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Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 08:29 am
Why do you keep re-inventing and changing this story? You keep asking about the same situation over and over. How come?
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Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 12:29 pm
At 23, it's too early to tell.

He's having too much fun to take time to figure out who he wants to marry.
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Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 01:24 pm
Weird..seems like you are making all these posts up. Frim your initial ones it seemed you were in a relationship with this guy but did not know whether he was faithful or whether he cared. If that is the case .. well, when some one cares..it shows. Not something they can hide. What I mean is if he cared you'd know.
Now it seems like he is a fantasy in your mind..or like you are stalking him. Give it up. Life has a lot to offer. If you keep engaged in this sort of endless fantasy one day you will wake up and the best years of your life would have passed you by
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