Boyfriend's friend is trying to steal him from me?!!

Reply Mon 22 Jun, 2015 11:11 pm
My boyfriend is a small time television actor and has recently joined a new show.
He is a handsome man and has girls drooling over him. He started this project 4 months ago and was initially paired opposite an actress who has very high connections with very famous actors.

My boyfriend has struggled for work for nearly all his life. He has been in the industry for 7 years and did not achieve fame until now.
He is a bit greedy for roles and work and this actress knows really big shots within the industry and so he quickly befriended her.

I had the suspicion that my boyfriend and this actress were upto something because he became friendly with her quite fast and they were taking photos and all together.

He also started following her on instagram, when he rarely follows any female co actress. She had shared 3 photos with him.
She had also started liking pictures he posted , of himself, on instagram.

My boyfriend, ever since he became friendly with her had been appearing a lot on Whatsapp and he wasn't talking to me.

However my boyfriend has been telling people in public that he has been married for quite a while. on UK radio and to top newspapers. He has been saying this since the last 1 year. He never admitted he has a girlfriend but directly says he is married to a girl who is not an actress. He has never shared any photos of us together.

I was really bothered by this actress who was irritating me a lot. Anyway, she had even started copying the photos my boyfriend posted.
If he posted a picture of him with his eyes down, she posted the same kind of picture of herself.

Unfortunately for her, my boyfriend's fans noticed the uncanny similarity and bashed her for lusting after him and called her a homewrecker and such.

After that, she stopped posting photos with my boyfriend and avoided liking photos with him and such.
Before she was called a homewrecker, she would like romantic on-screen photos of them but after the bashing, she stopped.

Last week, my boyfriend disappeared from social networks for at least 15 hours,
The cast and crew of the show were at a party but my boyfriend and his co actress weren't there. And that evening, my boyfriend just vanished from social networks. The actress wasn't invisible like him though.
He came online the next day at 3pm and told me he was extremely frustrated. He didn't say a word after that. I didn't ask him either.

Just 2-3 days after the incident his co actress started sharing love quotes like "maybe love too much and maybe I show too little" , "she didn't need to be saved, she wanted to know someone loved her and wanted her attention" "I cant wait to find someone genuine to shove my love down their throat" "you ll know when someone loves you by the way the treat you" .

And her latest status was " is it easy it to love or be loved"?

I strongly suspect all these love quotes are directed at my boyfriend.
She has been sharing these, maybe 2 days after the day he disappeared from social sites.

My boyfriend has been saying he is married to someone who isn't an actress and has been encouraging this actress to have a relationship with him in secret while she gives indirect hints that she's in love?!

What do I do? Am I correct or just paranoid?
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Reply Tue 23 Jun, 2015 04:53 am
Is this the same man you've asked about several times in this and another earlier posts?
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