Mean, spiteful, vindictive and completely pathetic

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Tue 13 Jan, 2015 08:54 pm
Let me put it this way.

The Amanda Knox thread died on its butt and you want it revived and continued in conversation because you don't give a rats about Meredith or her family or all that slow dripping blood and her slowly dying, whilst he partied on after at a night club, in-fact you find it awesome and Karma that he only got 16 years.

I got it.

And, no I have no intention of replying further here so you can continue with your thread.

Meredith was a "person" a human being, young. Her death was horrific. She is a victim.

It's clear to see how your mind works but in addition the other reason why I refuse to continue here in conversation with you, is also as simple.

Childish behaviour in tagging Eh-Beth in such a manner is as much as a disgrace as your inability to have feelings for a murdered victim and their family, choosing instead to focus on a living human being that has not proven she is innocent or it would not still be going.

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Tue 13 Jan, 2015 10:02 pm
Honestly Oral boy. Do you even HAVE a life? I mean, over 200 threads tagged. And the number of recent replies has been astounding. I think you need to move out of Spendi's basement. Seriously - get some help.
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Tue 13 Jan, 2015 11:51 pm
Darn, I wish I knew more about this storyline at the A2K soap opera.

Gotta say, Bethhasherpes was inventive and interesting if nothing else. And I have a feeling I would not be too happy with its author if I understood what was going on in its creation.
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Wed 14 Jan, 2015 12:52 am
Farmerman went into tantrum mode and started vomiting insults instead of conversing. He remains in tantrum mode still.

I thought it was drinking.....I dont get him, we have perfectly good talks on stuff like science and tankless water heaters and then he randomly goes off on me, even worse than CI. Last time it was over an attempt on my part to give him a chuckle over food quality at his thanksgiving charity event. BAM! He goes off on me in at least 3 threads.

And I am pretty sure Beth is talking herself into leaving A2K for good, she went off on me last week for no reason the first time ever. Normally she seems so chill and worldly. Her husband is an asshole but that is another story.

As much as I pop on and off here I really am getting busy with the restaurant again, I miss a lot these days.
Wed 14 Jan, 2015 01:02 am
I must say, the Liberals are really freaking up the place. Not all of them of course; there are a few Liberals who still engage in reasoned discourse. But for the most part the Liberals have destroyed all the intellectual qualities that a2k once had.

Well, that is why I left that tent, I could not stand the bossing around and the hypocrisy. I was once an enviromentalist and a feminist, you might on any given day find me burning a prairie or sitting in a dyke bar as part of a conversation on how the patriarchy sucks, but I changed when my bullshit detector started going off a lot.

Thing that surprised me most after I left though is that the conservatives that I run into seem to be more not caring race and more accepting of people as individuals and on their own merit no matter what groups they are a part of than the liberals are, the ones who keep running their mouths about this stuff. I did not expect that. And I am not a conservative, I am non aligned, I will hang out with anyone who will have me.
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Wed 14 Jan, 2015 03:22 am
Oralboy knows Knox is guilty, that's what excites him he's got a thing about sexual violence. He fantasises about killing babies, and on another thread accused other posters of being paedophiles, but when he did it he was very specific about times, places, ages of victims. In short the sort of detail that would be included if someone had perpetrated, witnessed of experienced abuse.

What worries me is that this creature has a gun, and that at some point in the future we'll be reading about a load of murders its committed.

If nothing else, there is now no doubt as to exactly what sort of creature Oralboy is.
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Wed 14 Jan, 2015 04:29 am
I am convinced that you are slightly autistic Hawkee. When you made those insulting comments to me inferring how "charity meals are usually crap". You don't realize how you are able to hurt people. I took that psonally an was a bit insulted.
The fact that you cannot empathize about how others perceive thee insults , to me, shouts out that you are displaying one of several "autism associated tics"

My opinion of you has changed over the years . I now picture you as a high function "Munchie" who doesn't have any ability to discuss nuances of things or fin details, instead I picture you shouting out discussion items like "Rainman".

Oral just flat out lives a lie in almost everything he states. His "us v Them" menatality goes as far as to have him suggest that people who don't fully buy his crap should lose their rights. (Seems that type of governance had been tried elswehere in the past to not much success)
My last dealing with him was when I pointed out how Pa Republican Representative blew his cover and announced (ON CAMERA). about why the GOP was pushing for voter Id. (It was to deliver the Pa state vote count to the Romney camp)>
Oral tried and tried to spin that hen the actual statement ws on tape and was printed verbatim in the paper.
So he immediately went on a seris of wrong headed rants about me and Democrats.
It was funny reading his open lying and trying to get people to believe that he "deals in facts".

He then ignored me and took off on someone else and started a really childish attack on a member and was probably punished with a temporary banning from the boards. (Or else he was so embarrassed that he voluntarily left for about a week). This was my last encounter with him an I said that hed never acted as wacky before . I always disagree with him re gun control, but his interpretation of what Id sai is miscast purposely so he can make fun of someone .

I asked him about several potential gun checks (like reporting stolen guns to police). I asked him what he thought about these potential ordinances and he came bak with a really strange rponse that he wants to ait until he hears what GOP party easerdhip says.
In other words, hes admitted that hes the big GOP KOOL AID guzzler and he has the balls to try to paint the other side??
Hes a total jack off and I think Ill just keep him in a spcial drawer of sock-puppet wackos like Quahog.

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Thu 15 Jan, 2015 02:16 pm
You have no problem with a guy who posts a color picture of a murder victim's slashed throat and chortles about her death? This particular objection has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with decency. The execution of a vicious murderer is a matter of justice, and the death of a tyrant is often a cause for celebration. But those are extreme situations that are few and far between when compared to the deaths of most people. Oralloy has shown himself to be a barbarian. My objection to him has nothing to do with politics. I still know little about the Amanda Knox case, but I recognize barbarity when I see it.

Besides, as if you haven't already noticed, I'm not a part of the majority who dominate these forums. I certainly don't feel welcomed. In fact, I know I shouldn't be here. If I had more sense, I wouldn't have gotten involved in this latest A2K soap opera.

Coldjoint, please look beyond the politics. Careful when you choose your allies. The enemy of your enemy isn't necessarily your friend. Sometimes an ally turns out to be an embarrassment.
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Thu 15 Jan, 2015 03:12 pm
-2, c'mon girls, you can do better than that.http://www.alien-earth.org/images/smileys/jesusvomit.jpg
Thu 15 Jan, 2015 04:25 pm
oralloy wrote:
Chop chop chop. Cool

Sick sick sick. Evil or Very Mad

Sicko. Your sickness has nothing to do with politics.

No doubt if you had been living in London during the 1880's, the escapades of Jack the Ripper would have sent you into orgasmic ecstasies. After all, most (if not all) of the murder victims were "only" prostitutes.

You sound like the stereotypical immature adolescence "living in his mother's basement." Another Internet "tough guy," a keyboard commando. Rolling Eyes
Thu 15 Jan, 2015 04:30 pm
I understand your frustration with the anonymity of the thumbing down feature. I don't like it, either.
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Thu 15 Jan, 2015 04:58 pm
coldjoint wrote:
Take a good look at the douchebags giving you a hard time. It really isn't worth it. They all say the same thing. Narrow minded fools that think the majority of people live in a dream world.

In my view there is no difference between a Liberal and the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center.

However, these scumbags are all but defeated. They're just too stupid to realize it yet.

The 2013 gun control debacle is ultimately going to hand the White House to the Republicans in 2016. And if you look at the ages of the Supreme Court justices, you can see that we're at the beginning of a strong rightward shift for America.
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Thu 15 Jan, 2015 04:59 pm
wmwcjr wrote:
You have no problem with a guy who posts a color picture of a murder victim's slashed throat and chortles about her death?

You neglected to mention the fact that I was entirely justified in making that post.

Odds have dropped quite a bit, but I still think there is a small chance that I will have cause to post that very same picture here in this thread.

wmwcjr wrote:
Oralloy has shown himself to be a barbarian.

It is safe to say that it is a bad idea to persecute an innocent person in my presence. I defend innocent people with even greater ferocity than I defend myself. And this very thread is tribute to the ferocity with which I defend myself.

But think about it from the perspective of the victims. If some scumbags were in the process of lynching you, you might be grateful to have someone pulling no punches in your defense.

wmwcjr wrote:
My objection to him has nothing to do with politics.

If you have an objection to me, have you ever considered discussing it with me?

It could result in an interesting conversation.

wmwcjr wrote:
I still know little about the Amanda Knox case, but I recognize barbarity when I see it.

How come you never seem to recognize barbarity in the posts that I am responding to?

My barbarous posts are not made in a vacuum you know.

wmwcjr wrote:
Besides, as if you haven't already noticed, I'm not a part of the majority who dominate these forums. I certainly don't feel welcomed. In fact, I know I shouldn't be here.

That you are not a member of the pack of scumbags is something to be proud of.

But for some reason you sometimes try to join them when they are attacking someone other than yourself.

I urge you to be stronger, and to reject the scumbags no matter the circumstance.

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