Betrayed Twice

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I am a single christianmom. I waited to date for a long time after my divorce and when I finally did, it was soomeone Id known for years. I fell in love 100%. I felt that he was THE ONE. Well naturally I was.excited to have this man meet my family. My parents.loved him...my older sister loved him and my younger sister really loved him.
I had a weird feeling the first day of our 3 day visit when I went to run some errands and he didn't want to go. When I came home that night he.refused to even come to bed. the next morning my sisters boyfriend walked in and found.the.two of them in bed together.Our entire family has been destroyed since then. they "fell in love" and moved in together. However now he has left her too. During their relationship she refused to speak to me because I had no right to be angry.. Now she wants to make amends but she has yet to apologize and acts like i am making a big deal over nothing. I don't know how to do this
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A couple of random thoughts:

- As hard as it is to believe and through no good intentions on her part, your sister did you a favor. This guy was real trouble and if it wasn't your sister, he would have gone off with someone else.

- You are going to have to make a decision about what you want your family life to look like for the next 30-40 years. If you don't want an ongoing feud, you and sis are going to have to come to terms. Maybe you just need a frank sitdown where you clear the air and maybe you will never really be tight again, but I don't think you want to hold this grudge for the rest of your life.
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This guy conned both YOU and YOUR SISTER. What a creep.

But you are co-responsible for your part since - blinded by love - you did not see him for what he was and brought him into your family where this predator started his games AGAIN with a new victim - your very own sister!!

Engineer is right. You are going to have figure out how you want the next years to be between you and your sister. To hold a grudge because she got duped just like you is going to be hurtful for the entire family. Try to at least heal for the sake of the family.
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