im hurt, need a solution for this..

Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2016 04:55 am
okay! me and this girl are besties for 3 and a half years(approx),.. we fight on silly issues and stuff and also care for each other very much, and btw ,she has huge ego.. so i hear from another girl that another guy(who she used to mention to me as her best friend in recent times) had asked her out (for a relationship) and she said yes, i didn't know this, so i waited for her to tell me, and oh yeah, i felt really bad instead of feeling happy for her, i had feelings for her which i realised that instant.. she never showed any signs after that, so i asked her if it was true, and she said 'yes'.. so i said how i felt (because i didn't want to feel regret of not telling her how i felt, even though it was late) she replied "if you had asked before him, i would have said yes".. :/ :/..so i said we must stop seeing each other for some time.. but she was reluctant and told me that she'll help me get over her ... o.O :/ :' [.. still i was unwilling and ignored her for few weeks

she tried so much to contact me thru texts phone calls, finally i decided i'd talk to her and make her understand that- its better that i get hurt now rather than getting hurt after spending time with you.. but she said "no please be with me, you are different and he is different", so i replied that "im finding it difficult to talk to you as i know you are with him, and i can't talk to you as a friend, im not your friend" so she said "fine don't be my friend, just talk to me".. i said "i can't do this ,im hurting myself and you" then she said " my relationship with him is not going anywhere, i like him but it won't work out and btw he asked me out when i was vulnerable and i desperately needed some one at that time (right about the time me and her had some silly fight) and he said that if i don't say yes he wouldn't talk to me, so i had to say yes, and moreover he had done so much help when i needed and did'nt",.. this made me feel bad for her.. so i told her to go tell him what was in her heart, and how she felt about her relationship..
but she burst out telling me that she felt she was cheating on her bf and im the one responsible for all the fights they had, and told me that she is rejecting me and choosing him over me,. if i ever wanted to talk to her ,i can, but only as a friend , as the other guy is the one she wants to live with.. this hurted me even more.. so i once again stopped talking with her.. and felt devastated, .. but again.. she started to chat with me,, and tried to talk to me and "help" me.. i said " the biggest help u can do is not talk to me" .. so she said fine.. so when we were chatting ..her bf came online and texted me not to talk with her and that im the reason they both are having difficulty in their relationship.. i said him "chill dude, no pressure, i won't".. but then i had this feeling , why shouldn't i? and few questions like why she had to tell me she loved me and that intimate stuffs to me and then tell me she's rejecting me?,..

so i finally asked her "why tell me u love me and stuffs and tell me intimate things about ur bf and tell me u r rejecting me??",,.. her answer was epic, she said "oh my god, i never told you any of those stuffs, it all meant nothing".. now i was in some next level **** XD.. depressed, yes.. and what more, her bf came to know i was talking to her, he texted me "you asshole ,do you not have any brains?, be a man stick to ur words that u told me about not talking to her, how can ur life be any blissful if u r bothering our lives, for doing all this you can go hand yourself you ****, that girl is crying everyday since you told her you had feelings for her, and why the **** are you coming behind her when she is ignoring you? go mind your own business ".. i replied " this very text shows how insecure u are, i was talking to her as a friend only, and btw she was the one who came behind me, not me" he didn't agree cause he believes her,

so i get a text from him saying " pls don't talk to me, in some way or the other its destroying my relationship with him" this was from her through her bf, so when i went back to ask her if she had sent me this, she had already blocked me.. and resumed to chat with her bf and asked if there was anything more she wanted to tell me, he forwarded another text from her, " go get a life dude".. this was what happened..
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2016 07:20 am
These people are toxic. You will feel a lot better once you get them out of your life.
Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2016 01:27 am
getting them outta ma life is happening, but why it had to happen like this :/
Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2016 06:28 am
Because they're jerks. Or use a stronger word to describe them.

The why of it does not matter. It happened. Make it stop happening. Move on.
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