I need opinions and views about rumours between friends

Reply Sun 20 Mar, 2016 11:41 pm
This scenario involves 4 people, let's name them Adam, Ben, Charles and Daisy.

Adam, Ben and Charles are friends. But Charles is not close to the both of them.
Daisy don't know Adam, both of them only saw each other once.
Ben and Daisy are close friends.
Charles loves Daisy and all know know about it.
Recently Charles scolded Adam a lot because Adam had been lying and refused to return Charles money.

Few days ago, Ben informed Daisy that Charles has been saying things behind Daisy. And it is Adam who told Ben about it. Adam also added he is not scared because he is speaking the truth.

Daisy scolded Charles. But Charles swear that he didn't do it. Charles told Daisy to ask all of them out to talk about it. But Ben rejected Daisy, insisting he trust Adam's words, and don't want to make the matter bigger.

So Charles talked to Adam alone and asked Adam why did he spread fake rumours. Adam denied it and even said he had not contact Thomas for a few months already.

What are your views on this matter?
Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2016 12:38 am
Charles and Daisy should get an apartment already. Ben and Adam should move in together and open up a home decorating business.
Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2016 01:06 am
Please do not post things that are not useful can? Appreciate it.
Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2016 03:52 pm
You do realise that this is the "real world" don't you? Rumours will never stop. I assume you are one of the Characters and can only guess which one.

If the person spoken about can't convince the person that he/she was affected by, then two things, 1) that person should stand their ground laugh it off and not worry about it and 2) the person who won't believe him/her that's their problem and not worth your/ his / her time.

True relationships or friendships, believe each other not what the other person is stating as a rumour.
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Reply Mon 21 Mar, 2016 05:22 pm
When there is conflict from both sides, best to step out into the cool of someplace quiet.

Detach, detach. And get new friends. This is never gonna heal. Sounds like a lot of teenage drama.
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Count of Banterbury
Reply Tue 22 Mar, 2016 08:13 am
I would answer you, but you lost me at second line.

Can you draw a diagram so that I can know what who and where? Smile
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Reply Tue 22 Mar, 2016 08:32 am
Real friends don't gossip about friends.
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