Responsible Guilt or Guilty or Innocent

Reply Tue 28 Feb, 2023 10:31 pm
I spent a lifetime not realizing something. I had white guilt. I was guilty because God was guilty of sending his only child to die for our sins. I know he is guilty of infrastructure threats: by sending only child He so did cause threat to all due to blackmail 'providence knowledge.' All other issues are resolved. On appeal the entire thing: reversed. Again, remember this is my mind.

So, after that imaginary tract.. I really do have white guilt but nor for cause; it is not me who slaved black people in America. It is a severe problem at this time. Why would a person harbor such true guilt without cause?
Reply Wed 1 Mar, 2023 06:39 pm
You do not have to "have Guilt" unless you hold any power. Once you are in a position of power and clearly have the ability to "damage" peoples lives only then you should feel guilty, ( or if there is a "weight" ( beast/ sin ) ). I will admit I do feel guilty about many things in my life, however I have to learn from my own ______ and admit the reality of those actions.

Take the "LA Riots". Why was it caused? Judge Joyce Karlin ( A white, blonde, Jewish woman ) had her Baby-Doll "Dirty Dancing" life-style traveling with her parents. You know what? That judge even today attempted to use
private information to forward her position on school council. What is her daughter doing nowadays? A relationship Councillor? Does that make any sense at all.

You know what is even sadder. Our parents, parents help put money into her fathers pockets. Joyce Karlin was the official CEO of WB ( Warner Brothers ) studio. Further more she is a replica of Steven Spielberg ( who is Jewish ) wife
( who converted to per-Judaism before marrying him ) from the "Indiana Jones" ark movie. Again Joyce Karlin caused rioting against Asian ( Korean ) -Americans because of her reason for not giving justice. Her dad made money off our parents parents.

With all of her power does Joyce Karlin have any guilt, or did anything to correct that? No.........
Did her father the head CEO of Warner Brothers at the time show any guilt, remorse, or anything to correct that? No....

You are not in a position of power then you should feel no responsibility or guilt. Until you have power over people only then you should have the responsibility of "Guilt" as with Joyce Karlin, or her father

Joycee Karlin made a living off our ( parents parents ) tax dollars.
Her father made a living off our ( parents parents ) want for entertainment.
Her daughter is living a fictional work life in a fictional fantasy world.

All of these people are very mortal and very easy to remove from the chess board of life. Like Dick Cheney ( pace-maker saved him ) and Bush ( and the peanut ).


What did Malcom X really do in this world? Oh I know got arrested because he felt bad for a military man being questioned over him. In which he and a couple of girls was stealing property from stores. In which the courts discriminated him just because of his skin color, letting off his accomplices.

What did Malcom X really do that made him any important asides for being honest for his crime? Organizing people in prison in which he magically converted to Islam ( like Mike Tyson while in prison ) and when released continued peoples work ( that was being done with or without him. AKA getting the black voters to come out and vote ).

What did Malcom X really do? Once released from jail, the guy who changed his name to "Elijah Muhammad" ( which is like a slap in the face to many ),
literally used him as an example in order to recruit more black people into
his Black supremacist group called "Nation of Islam". EM most likely setup that entire assassination himself but would never admit it.

Does any of that make any sense at all???????????

So why should you feel shame when clearly sharlitons ( correct me ) who clearly abused the system to create self-segregation??? I mean lets be honest
Maclom X was a victim of his continence, and would be a free man today alive, living a good life at the expense of one military-man. Nobody would care about "The Nation of Islam" or even "Elijah Muhammad".

Malcom X only positive is that he promoted voting via door-to-door salesman tactics. Beyond everything else he went to jail volunteering and as a survival tactic ( as with Mike Tyson ) converted to Islam.


I do not feel guilty that my grandmothers family was plantation owners, because it all worked out for everybody in the end. Her g-g-g-reat uncle was an investor that was proud ( a little blonde guy with the same victory pose you see with ____ servants/slaves inside a park ) of his accomplishments and her mother was a former slave ( she have her face shape but not the color of her skin ). I do not feel guilty my grandpa ( her husband ) was in charge of the workers, rode a horse around, and drove the companies car. That is the same kind of trust that my own employers/clients put on me. They had happiness and paradise. Cousins of cousins of cousins fill the area for her family.


Your a professor, lawyer, M.D, physician,
Your a guard/officer/federal agent/postal worker/judge
Your somebodies boss, giver of income check, have power over people.


My grand mother passed away because a guy in his twenties took her off her injections and gave her a pill. She went in once and then he put her back on the pill and she never came out again.

That medical person took my grand parent life, he knew what would happen and did that on purpose. People just think it is her fault but he knew the pill could lead to those results. A 98yo should be in charge of an 89yo not a person who is 20 or 30 something but her MD had decided to retire.

Does this person feel guilty in any way? No. They knew what would happen, it already occur.
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Reply Thu 2 Mar, 2023 03:31 pm
I think white guilt is not your only problem. A lack of education and an overly expanded belief in religion would worry me more.

You did not cause black slavery, but you're guilty by affiliation and you're guilty of sitting back and allowing racism to continue in this country. Go out and do something - help the black population, do something instead of coming up with such nonsense.
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