Weasel words

Mr Stillwater
Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 03:54 am
"Our product complies with all the latest safety legislation*!"

*because the Court said that we would be jailed if it didn't!
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Reply Thu 15 Dec, 2005 05:26 am
Just adding to this list. It's been a long time:


Very, very nasty practise!
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Reply Thu 15 Dec, 2005 12:12 pm
special people - people who are retarded

moral majority - a small minority of greedy unethical deceitful people, who decieve a larger (yet still minority) group of ignorant people into believing that they are all being moral, while simultaneously decieving everyone else into thinking that they are actually the majority.

intelligent design - an unintelligent design that contradicts all designs which are truly intelligent

faith - believing something for no reason at all, out of fear, our out of gullibility and laziness (or decieved by "moral majority" above)

welfare - not to be mistaken with "fare well," this refers to a pittance of free money given to people who are not faring well, who continue to not fair well after getting the money

allies - people who sympathize with people that have unusual turn-ons

attrition - the accepted casualties of one's allies* in war

pro life - a political misnomer representing the opinion that genocide is acceptable as long as it is profitable, and that it is acceptable that babies be raised in unloving accidental environments and that people should not have freedom over ther own bodies, as long as all this is profitable once again

the patriot act - an act that downgrades freedom of US Citizens from a right to a revocable privilidge, and enforces the incarceration of anyone that speaks of it
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