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So I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months and we met while I had a boyfriend. I was dating a guy long distance and had already purchased my ticket to go see him months in advance but as soon as I started developing feelings for this new guy, I dumped my boyfriend. We talked but never crossed any lines and were obsessed with each other. When the time came I had to leave to see my ex so we could end everything for good in person and I was gone for 3 weeks during that time. I didnt talk to this new guy while I was there because he said he needed to try to get over me. I came back single and we started seeing each other again (no sex) just talking and hanging out a lot. He invited me over to meet his mom (first girl to bring home) and she said she heard great things about me. Well during all this time, this guy I thought was very good looking kept trying to hang out with me and I would talk to him but it was never anything more nor did I consider it to be and he gave me a ride home from a party one night and this guy got really upset.
Now, this girl has thrown herself at him and I know he's interested in her because shes attractive and he never expected her to initiate anything so I think he likes the attention. We talked and decided it was best to stay friends because he's not 100% in it.
He said "now you know how I feel when someone was talking to you and gave you a ride home while you were drunk at 2 in the morning and I waited for you for two months while you were getting attention from your boyfriend and this other guy."
He also said he would always like me, that I'll never lose him and that the connection we have he has never had with anyone else. He also said I'm "a diamond in the rough" because of my values and morals but that he just needs some time to figure out his feelings (aka hook up with this girl and see how he truly feels about me), which is not how it should be.

We always used to talk about relationships in general before and we both agreed that when you want to be with someone there's no ifs buts or discussions, you make it work and he said because he feels like I've been back and forth so much he finds it hard to believe that I'm 100% in it this time and he's scared to get hurt again by me but he also doesn't want to lose me. So why is he doing this!?!?!?

Is he doing this on purpose to get back at me and let me have a taste of my own medicine or is he really over it this time? HELP!!
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Your description of what is happening confuses me, and maybe other readers. Could you give these guys (fake) names? Tom, Dick, Harry? A, B, C? Or maybe it's only two guys. Whatever, I've no patience for figuring it out.

Further, this is all strange - how would we know what he feels about you? Talk to him.
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Ok, just a few observations.

1. You dumped your ex to see the new guy, yet you traveled to see the ex and were gone 3 weeks at the ex's in order to break up in person. If I were the new guy, I would have ended things at this point.

2. Why, if you were interested and dating someone, would you allow some other guy who was obviously interested in you to take you home from a party that you were at till the wee hours of the morning?

3. Why would you even go to this party without the guy you were dating? I guess you just didn't have any idea he would get jealous at all, did you?

4. How in the name of sense should we know why he is doing this? Why don't you ask him why he is doing this? He should know better than we do.

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