Update! Asks me out after rejecting promposal

Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 06:06 pm
I agree with you in general, but I'll never call two fifty year friends who were there for me and vice versa as small components. DD took care of me after my horribiloma eye thing, not all that long ago.

People's take on who is a friend change. Reasonably, as we grow up or down or out and about.

And now, the internet. I hold some people on a2k dear.
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Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 06:11 pm
I never said it wasn't your world right now.

But believe me, someday you will look back at this problem and realize you made way too much of it.

You would be enjoying the entire experience a whole lot more if you weren't making such a huge deal about every single nuance, text and glance.

You've been advised the same thing over and over ad nauseum.

I'll swap dilemma's with you any time.
Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 06:32 pm
Ya lol you probably have alot more problems than I do as an adult but just to show that I'm not some sassy little b*tch worrying about if I can look cool with a date to prom...come take a look at my world: (perhaps this may shed some insight as to why I'm so worried about these little details?)

1) My mother is extrememly protective...
--> she checks my phone everyday for messages AND comments on them
this has happened to the point where I've had to download an app to hide all my messages with any girl I flirt with over text

--> she's grounded me because I have games on my phone

--> she comments on what people post on facebook...as me.
--> with Kate, I had to ask her to prom behind my moms back. She said I could go to prom with a date but I can't ask anyone...(wtf)
--> the reason I said no when Kate asked me out was because not only did I feel it was forced, my mother has told me I can't date till SECOND YEAR UNI. (I'll pass off with a hang out with a girl THIS summer)

--> I got accepted into a good university so my mom said you can go out on dates now. I ask Kate out. She says yes...THEN my mom said she never said it and that I', putting words in her mouth. thus, I cannot follow up...

--> I cannot listen to music
--> she has grounded me before by ripping up books in my room
--> I'm a writer and she has threatened and has deleted my word doc twice...

Probably nothing compared to your problems but may explain why I want to get this thing going and great?
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Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 06:39 pm
The word "probably" doesn't even begin to describe.

Do you have any comprehension at all how insulting it is to an adult calling those things problems?

Reply Tue 25 Mar, 2014 05:09 pm
well problem or not, I finally got a prom date! I asked another girl and she said yes but I told her just as friends and she said ya as friends.

she told me that she was in a relationship with another "guy'. It was a good save, I give her that!

thanks guys!

I'm learning to live in the moment now! As for Kate, I stepped things up. Last week, I talked to her in person for basically the first time regarding non school and work stuff!

I complimented on how good she looked and we hit off I guess. I got more confident in the sense that hell, it's my last year in high school, I'm not going to see most of these people ever again...just go for it right!?

I had a calculus test today and two others tomorrow and Monday so I'm busy as heck so I didn't text her over the weekend. I texted her yesterday, no reply but I know she saw it...and I haven't talked to her at school for two days but have caught glimpses of her...

Should I be worried?

As well, I finally sorted things out with my mom. It was a brutal march break and a week after that as well...but my mother has finally given me clearance to go out with a girl...so I'm asking her out over Easter Monday!
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