Wife Travels Alone for Pleasure

Reply Sun 12 Apr, 2015 12:19 pm
egor74 wrote:
Now she is planning trips that I can't join her on

why can't you join her?
Reply Sun 12 Apr, 2015 12:26 pm
They have a 12 year old and I assume his wife is taking these trips while
there is no school vacation.
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Reply Sun 12 Apr, 2015 01:12 pm
I guess I wonder about the word pleasure in these two posters' (in the life of this thread) contexts.

I loved driving by myself through the redwood forests, a symphony cd for my company. Heck, I sometimes just liked driving to the grocery store. Y'now, being out and about in the world, looking around my neighborhoods. Alternately, my on the road experiences with my husband are still treasured in my memory.

It sounds to me like egor would really like to travel for those kind of pleasures, in the company of his wife.

I'm not so sure about the wife.

I'm an older woman and in my childhood it wasn't a giant deal to be gone in school time for a while. Maybe I was lucky as I had good grades, or maybe that would have been true for any child in my classes. Once we were gone for a couple of months, Chicago to Los Angeles, and I went to school there in nearby Santa Monica. I was in commercials for a while and I had some lady come to the set and give me some lessons in reading or something like that, no problemo as I was a reader. We also went back to LA for the death of my grandmother and to help my aunt.
Anyway, it was doable back then. I strongly think that was all good for me, learning so much from our family trips.

My point is that I don't know exactly how rigid schools are now about continuous attendance. The daughter might enjoy and learn from a ten day trip to Mexico at a swell time of year.
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