Masturbation guilt feelings - What are they about?

Reply Wed 10 Nov, 2021 05:23 am
I'm only too aware that guilt feelings about masturbation are real - but they're totally unjustified. We are sexually programmed by nature. One suppresses natural urges at our expense. Sexually repressed people are often crabby, intolerant and lacking understanding. They do much harm to normally balanced people. Masturbation should be encouraged. No harm. Not even psychologically. I have heard it suggested that it makes you sexually "introverted" and damages your relationships with women. Well, if you prefer masturbation to intercourse, that could be a good thing ! Why ? Our biggest problem is overpopulation and although there's contraception, there's always a risk of impregnation. So, my friend, wank away. I do all the time (and I still enjoy vigorous sex with girls as often as possible.)
Reply Thu 11 Nov, 2021 01:32 am
This is the second thread that is ten years old or so that is being reposted to for some reason of late.
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