Reply Wed 17 Sep, 2003 08:00 pm
I once heard a quote that said:

"Fascism will come to America under the guise of opposition to fasicsm"(or something to that effect).

Perhaps a turn of that phrase is in order.

"The real anarchists are the ones accusing others of it".

P.S. I'm thinking of connecting all my sites into a kind of "Axis Of Justice".
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Reply Wed 17 Sep, 2003 10:05 pm
1. I am not an anarchist; I like having a gov't to coin money
(if they keep it honest)
Anarchy can present problems of national defense.
I very strongly supported and still support the wars against
the Taliban n against Saddam, and North Korea.
U can't have those with anarchy.

2. I did not accuse anyone of being an anarchist.

I support the distant sparrow fart theory of (domestic) government.

I support Congress putting a little flatulent sparrow
(shyly hiding in a corner) to represent government, on the American Flag
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Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2003 06:03 am
How many animals have you killed?

Did you have a hard on at the time?
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Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2003 07:38 am
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 09:11 am
A few years back I discovered the joys of posting on online message boards. Not long after the Columbine killings, the subject of guns and access to them was a frequent topic of conversation. The board I frequented was populated by a number of, er, very devoted NRA types, and although I had known many gun owners - and even some who were ardent advocates of what they felt were their Second Amendment rights - I wasn't at all prepared for some of the things I found out from the online gun advocates.

I discovered that there were people who were really convinced that America was headed for a civil war between the gun owners and the confiscators. They were obsessed with the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents and truly believed that they too would one day have to be holed up in a compound somewhere in Idaho or Montana or West Texas or some similar remote area where they would have to fight off the evil agents of their own country who had strayed from the true path of the Constitution.

In their world there was always a fleet of black helicopters heading their way bearing the SWAT teams who would spearhead the New World Order's final push to disarm them. (The New World Order, as best as I could determine, was a conglomeration of the UN, the media, the university professors and a group of disloyal Constitution-haters who all had government jobs). The last chopper, of course, carried Hillary Clinton, who would be there to lead them to the gunless Gulag once the SWAT teams had done their jobs.

I was reminded of my old cyberspace gun friends the other day when I came across the NRA blacklist, a fact sheet that the National Rifle Association offers to all visitors to their website. It identifies individuals, organizations and corporations that apparently suffer from the twisted, un-American delusion that the Founding Fathers didn't want all Americans to be able to defend themselves with fertilizer bombs. The list is a full nineteen pages long and can be printed out and duct-taped to the wall of your trailer in case you forget who the enemies of freedom are.

The NRA doesn't explain in detail why any of these people or organizations are on their list but I think that we can be sure that some will take their word that those on the list are lying in wait to shred our precious Bill of Rights and render us defenseless against the criminal hordes in our streets and our government.

Upon looking at the list I realized just what a service the NRA has performed for those who value their Second Amendment rights. I mean, without the NRA to tell you otherwise, you might be under the impression that Olympic figure-skating champion Tara Lipinski and Tampa Bay wide-receiver Keyshawn Johnson were just harmless (if talented) professional athletes. How wrong you are; they're on the list, so they're after your guns. Remember Heisman Trophy winner and pro quarterback Doug Flutie? Well, don't trust him with your Glock, or you just might find yourself disarmed.

In fact the sports establishment seems to be infested with New World Order types, particularly it seems in the state of Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals are on the list as are their football counterparts the St. Louis Rams. Ride down I-70 and you find the Kansas City Royals, gun-grabbing former employers of Rush Limbaugh. They too are on the list, as are football's Kansas City Chiefs.

James Madison may have worked tirelessly to guarantee that every schizophrenic who gets released from a mental institution can buy an Uzi on his way home, but there are still many in the entertainment business who don't subscribe to this most basic of American principles. Among them you'll find country singer Shania Twain, the "Boss", Bruce Springsteen, actresses Renee Russo, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and - oops, she seized it again - none other than Britney Spears. Keep buying their music or going to their movies and you could find that your God-given right to surface-to-air missiles has disappeared without a trace.

Even 'Bond, James Bond' can't be trusted. Sean Connery is on the list, as is Austin Powers' Mike Myers.

But it doesn't stop with sports and entertainment ; there are, incredibly, many in the media and even professional and religious organizations who are out to deprive us our sacred right to own rocket propelled grenades. Reagan surgeon general C. Everett Koop was a stealth gun-grabber as are the B'nai B'rith, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Association of Retired Persons and the United States Conference of Mayors.

So I guess OmSigDAVID and his soulmates are right. Everybody from Britney to the B'nai B'rith is out to get their guns. Stay in those bunkers, guys, it's worse than you thought. You can't trust anybody.
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 10:26 am
BRAVO PDiddie!
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 11:51 am
U CAN trust anyone; its not usually wise to do so.

We have a right to be aware of who our friends n foes are.
If someone does something nasty to us,
e.g., to constrict our freedom, or to slander us, we shud be aware of it.

U can look at it in the same spirit as those who demanded
divestiture of American ownership interests in South Africa;
remember that ? I bet u supported that divestiture.

Suppose some celebrity sounded off about repealing
anti-segregationist, anti-racist laws. Cud it be possible
that some blacks might want to AVOID enriching him with their money ?

If someone sounded off in favor of nazi priniciples,
cut it be possible that some Jews might not want their money
to find its way into his possession ?

Just speaking for myself,
if anyone advocates constricting n subverting the Freedom
that is defended for me in the Bill of Rights,
I doubt that I'll desire to put my money into his hands
to help him along with it. I guess u don' t think that's logicial.

I'm not expecting helicopters of any color,
nor to I anticipate another civil war.
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 11:58 am
Nor surface to air missiles, for that matter.
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Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2003 08:59 pm
There is a way to fight the "Blacklist"


(A definite addition to "Under Fire"--as soon as I finish getting the basic Bush Information Network up and running).

Like it or not Diddie hit on the mentality of the absolutionists as well as that infamous article in "Rolling Stone" did.
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 07:47 pm
NeoGuin wrote:
There is a way to fight the "Blacklist"



Like it or not Diddie hit on the mentality of the absolutionists .

That's a false statement.
I oughta know.
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 07:58 pm
It seems strange. sadly strange

The Founders clearly set forth a citizen's constitutional rights,
putting some things beyond the reach of government (e.g. books n guns)
No dispute about it for many decades until after the Civil War
when facially racist control laws begin to appear.

Then citizens complain about usurpation of ultra vires activity
beyond the jurisdiction of government in the form of
discriminatory licensure n registration of guns, and
then we are accused of fantasizing about black helicopters.
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 09:06 pm
Of course, I'm sure there are books that even OmSig would like to see banned.

Check out some of the recommened reading at http://www.gunguys.com

(another siite sure to be "Under Fire:))
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Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2003 11:44 pm
U can be "sure" and rong simultaneously.
Except for military censorship (during hostilities), I oppose censorship.
As far as I'm concerned, u can freely have your foolishness.

Books cannot be effectively banned,
because they can be personally printed,
the same as guns have been made and still are personally
manufactured (even in prison).

Only those who choose to be lawabiding
can be effectively disarmed by law.

When I was a young boy,
I had plenty of commercially manufactured guns,
but I made some of my own anyway, because it was fast n fun,
tho admittedly, bombs were faster to make, and louder.
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