Tension Headache

Reply Fri 31 Oct, 2008 07:31 pm
Izzie wrote:

up and down hun - taking a ride between canajun and the US in barrel over Niagara right now.... just keeping my eyes open for the rainbow below.

Will be coco... or cuckoo... not sure which! HA

No worries... usual stuff - but.... tomorrows another day.

i miss seeing you here sweetheart - hows things with son and mom - same ole same ole?

wouldn't it be good to go dancing together a? go find us a man who is true and honest and believes in us..... ok.... time to wake up now!

love you girl... stay wrapped up warm and visit here when you can - email me whenever you life.... just love ya. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wow, sounds like you're a busy girl. Glad you're doing some traveling and hoping you're having an awesome time.
A few months back my mom told me she had emphasima and I'm struggling with that, but everythingthing else is ok, jusy ok.
Need to make major changes in my life, which start with getting the house ready to sell. There's no work in the area where I live and once the snow starts in the winter, it's every other day and the commute to work is impossible from here.
I really like the town I work in, so I'm looking into moving in that direction. Lots of work in that area and it's right next to the major city.
Will be a lot of work this winter to get the house finished, then there's putting it on the market and then the pleasure of moving. <sigh>!

I'd so love to go out dancing the night away with you Izzie! What a great time we'd have :-D
I miss you too and in another 7 weeks or so, I'll be able to do some catching up.

I'm still waiting for prince charming to sweep me off my feet and I'll tell your guy to get movin if I see him pass by ;-)

Well, gotta be up at 5am, which means I need get between the sheets, so I'll see you soon.

Be good to yourself and Happy Halloween to all :-D
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