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Intellectual, academic yet also entirely logical and pragmatic ... That defines my Dr wife, our two Dr children and myself.

My life has been extremely varied. My wife and I have lived and worked over most of the planet, (yet always avoided the US ... No thank you very much).

Ergo I have a wide base of actual knowledge; Therefore I'm long on facts, ultra short on and with facile opinions.

As a PSA which maybe worth noting for some: I do not return to threads and read what people have opined regarding the facts I have posted. This is for two reasons:

1) I deal in facts, if someone disagrees they are blatantly idiotic. If someone agrees with facts, what need do I have to see that?

2) This is extremely difficult for people to understand and in fact, they actually cannot in my experience .... Myself I am clinically defined as having no recognisable emotional register. No I am not autistic, I am obviously 100% functional.

However, sans of emotions as I am then I have no fear, no need for people,society, validation and all the things which 'people need'.

'Have a nice day' as they say in the land of the oppressed, poor and generally screwed over.

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