Is friend blowing me off?

Reply Sun 10 Jan, 2021 05:23 am
Well she is mentally off and selfish. She used to take advantage of my kind spirit. I let her check out books that I used my own library card with. Then she refused to return them. I told her would call police on her if she didn't return them. She then returned all but one she kept in her bag. I forced her to return the other one or else.

So now I don't hang out with her but used her as someone to text. I don't have anyone else I can text etc. This girl is crazy in her views of Spanish people and thinks her Asian race makes her superior to all other races even me a white.

So she said she " bye for now" by text and has been two
weeks I've heard from her. Her charger she said was chewed on by her pet bunny. She lives at a motel near Chicago OHare. She never is upfront with me. She used to lie and say nasty things about my parents. She never knew my parents. I would rebute her and tell her her family is racist and bad.

While she has lots of issues. She seems to be wishy washy, she likes me at times, other times wants to argue.

She lives with her mom and young lazy sister. She says both don't contribute to anything. She ends up paying for them to stat at motels etc. Jenny is her name. She must have lots of money I told her a few tines to live at motels.

She wanted to move in with me. But I told her she would have to have a relationship with me to do that. She once said okay she would. But also she has a roach , bug issues. So couldn't let her stay with me. Even though I want the company. Not buggy company lol .

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Reply Sun 10 Jan, 2021 09:49 am
I think the better question is, why the hell should you care?

You're already saying you two barely tolerate each other. Why are you putting any energy into this shitty relationship at all?
Reply Tue 12 Jan, 2021 08:55 pm
She did text me back. Said she's been busy. Yes it is shitty relationship. Just bored. Looking for people to text. Lockdowns are boring.
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Reply Sat 16 Jan, 2021 08:05 pm
Moonhee wrote:
So now I don't hang out with her but used her as someone to text. I don't have anyone else I can text etc.


Now I will freely admit that I do not 'get' the modern world, that I have no idea why people seem to value things which seem to have no value. Such as other people's opinions of them on social media. But then I have even less idea why so many people believe any and all 'conspiracy theories'. It is all brain death personified IMO.

In this case it appears you are texting some female you loathe because you have a dirth of people to text? That would appear to mean you have no friends or acquaintances. Whilst I have certainly met people having coitus with other people whom they do not like, because any sex is better than none in their view (not mine) ... But you are concerned about texting someone? This you see is where I get lost. It just seems bizarre.

The rabbit ate her charger? Makes a change from "the dog ate my homework" but is about as believable.

My guess is you are male and you seem somewhat desperate ... letting someone stay in your place providing they have 'a relationship' with you is ... well, plain creepy. My strong suspicion is that in reality, it is only you who are attempting to maintain contact, whilst she wants 00.00% to do with you.

Why not use your library card to find books on 'How to hold a proper conversation' ... 'What women want from men' ... along with something covering 'Physical relationships 101" .... maybe.

As for Asian racism, LOL, try living in the far east .... They are not a huge fan of Gweilo to the most part ... But then you are racist anyway ".....her Asian race makes her superior to all other races even me a white"

My my, you certainly are Mr Charisma. 🤦‍♂️

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