Science within us

Reply Wed 23 Sep, 2020 10:16 pm
Continuing from the previous discussion on philosophy and science. Could the next paradigm be the one that will create within us a suitable tool for perceiving a new reality?
And if so can some of the philosophical become a scientific part?
An attempt at something to express it in the clip:
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Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 02:16 am
All sciences are interconnected/embroiled together.They always have been.We as in SELF are totally embroiled within them.We need to be untangled so that we can see the clear separation between ourselves and the sciences.The problem is that presently all the different sciences are in their own little pigeon holes.All these individual and different science discipline pieces need to be put together in order to obtain the overall picture.
Reply Fri 1 Jan, 2021 08:49 am
well, as I have written before, the foundation is rotten to its core,
So, this is not going to help, yet.
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Reply Sat 16 Jan, 2021 09:08 am
In my immediate family I have people with PhD's in Psychology, Sociology and Mathematical Physics ... They really have no idea what you are talking about any more than I do (myself being an economist, political scientist and modern European Historian plus multiple business owner).

The question appears to be "Are there further realities to the one we perceive and will it be possible within a later 'model' of human that we will be able to see other possible realities?" .... This appears to be a question of value in someone's mind because we are made up of the same basic building blocks as the rest of the known universe.

Well, the answer we have come up with as a group? No idea. Not enough information known, any answer is pure conjecture and therefore completely without value.

If there are other realities and/or planes of time .... we are still as a species 'banging the rocks together' and who knows if we will survive long enough as a species to actually learn anything of real value about actual time and space.

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