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Mon 14 Sep, 2020 07:54 pm - Apparently Alt Right podcaster Joe Rogan has offered to moderate a presidential debate. Trump has accepted the offer. The proposed debate would be 4 hours in length with no live audience. Any... (view)
Mon 14 Sep, 2020 05:16 pm - [quote]I think you might be pushing this liberal bullshit a little far. [/quote] Only someone who enjoys abusing their white privilege would use the term "liberal bullshit". (view)
Mon 14 Sep, 2020 03:37 pm - [quote] Teufal suggests that all Americans are idiots and assholes[/quote] White Americans are this. Teufal is smart. (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 04:16 pm - Why do you have a problem with homosexuality? (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 04:11 pm - [quote]We have gone down this road before, haven't we? You lose again and again and again.[/quote] I have won every single argument with you as indicated by the score. (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 04:05 pm - [quote]Did you guys know that Trump is literally Hitler? It's true! Did you know that every morning for breakfast Trump cooks and eats an African American baby? It's true! He keeps... (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 02:34 pm - That's how I can tell that you are a white supremacist and fascist. Who else would downplay the connection between Trump and fascism (Nazism)? (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 01:47 pm - [quote]You have a problem with Nazis[/quote] You don't have a problem with Nazis? (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 01:44 pm - [quote]Minorities, gays, and immigrants are treated better here than any country in the world.[/quote] 100% false. America is the most racist and homophobic country in the world. (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 01:14 pm - [quote]Policies sold to small business owners tend to have liability limits that won't even begin to cover the damage[/quote] Whites all have inter-generational wealth. They have plenty of... (view)
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