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“I alone can fix it.”
-Dotard Plump
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Sat 14 Dec, 2019 10:50 am - I couldn’t watch it because of the way he depicted Bruce Lee. (view)
Fri 13 Dec, 2019 09:59 pm - So the man doesn’t get own any accountability for his decisions- just his team? Damn, that’s a cushy deal. (view)
Fri 13 Dec, 2019 07:39 pm - Haven’t been reading along in this thread, so don’t know if this already came up... Bernie endorsed Cenk Uygur’s(Loudmouthed “Young Turk”) run for Congress yesterday... (view)
Thu 12 Dec, 2019 06:08 pm - [quote="blatham"] [quote]it is undeniable that the Global Left has seized upon the issue as a means for a massive global redistribution of wealth never before seen in history. Many of... (view)
Wed 11 Dec, 2019 07:57 am - Blatham doesn’t give his gland lightly... (view)
Tue 10 Dec, 2019 07:16 pm - I think that’s awesome. I love going to the movie theater (view)
Tue 10 Dec, 2019 01:57 pm - You went to the movies 69 times this year? (view)
Tue 10 Dec, 2019 11:37 am - I wasn’t crazy about the sex scene. And I despise Kanye West’s “music”. But those things were about 5 minutes of the movie. But if you don’t want to “pull... (view)
Mon 9 Dec, 2019 10:41 pm - What does it matter - it’s all a sham to you anyway, right? (view)
Mon 9 Dec, 2019 08:52 pm - Saw Queen and Slim. Hesitated to talk about it here; honestly don’t know who here can appreciate this particular picture. But it is very timely and especially, deeply affecting to any person... (view)
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