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I've never known my real parents. The two individuals who were pretending turned out to be living here in Vancouver under the witness protection program and I was a prop.

Still, I always felt loved.
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Fri 5 Jun, 2020 07:44 pm - The NYT has a piece up on the lady who is in charge of health here in BC and how she's really aced the responsibilities of the post... (view)
Fri 5 Jun, 2020 03:32 pm - That first steep decline in welfare expenditures happens one year into Gerald Ford's term. And the divide begins in earnest a year into Reagan's first term. What strikes me as notable,... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 05:06 pm - It is some of the most bizarre behavior I've ever witnessed. The rationale is inexplicable. No one believes nor trusts her. The readership here is minuscule. It's a lot of effort for no... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 04:59 pm - [quote]Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 27m YOU DON’T BURN CHURCHES IN AMERICA![/quote] Clearly a history buff, this guy.... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 04:45 pm - #VoteGreen or Vote Putin or Mickey Mouse Either one. Same result, really. (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 04:20 pm - NY yesterday had zero deaths from covid. And Florida had it highest number of deaths so far on the same day. (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 04:16 pm - [quote][b]Clearly, Trump and his allies know that their best chance of winning is to suppress turnout.[/b] That is what the Attorney General, William Barr, believes based on his gross exaggeration... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 04:04 pm - [quote]He did much more than any one person alive today in the public sphere with the possible exception of Clinton. Don’t take my word for it. Michelle Alexander researched The New Jim Crow... (view)
Thu 4 Jun, 2020 01:53 pm - [quote]Racism has long been part of white culture and blaming it on the '94 crime bill — and Biden no doubt — is lazy, ignorant, and duplicitous. Are you going to blame racism at... (view)
Wed 3 Jun, 2020 10:55 pm - [quote]Dave Weigel @daveweigel 12h RCP poll leads on this day in history: 2020: Biden +8.0 2016: Clinton +1.5 2012: Obama +1.3 2008: Obama +1.4[/quote] Under normal circumstances, these... (view)
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