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I've never known my real parents. The two individuals who were pretending turned out to be living here in Vancouver under the witness protection program and I was a prop.

Still, I always felt loved.
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Mon 18 Feb, 2019 07:16 am - I said "please" you unmannered bastard. Seriously, unless one has studied the specifics of this story, one misses probably the most important cause of what you are objecting to. It is... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 07:00 am - I will send you a copy of Jane Mayer's Dark Money if you'll promise to actually read it. I'm in a Robin Hood mood. Edit: actually take this exciting option instead. Much better... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 06:42 am - Yes. (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 06:15 am - Don't we all. Well, except for the big weapons-producing (and related) businesses making billions every year selling their products and services around the world. Peace is not in interests... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 06:05 am - go back and look at the linked posts. Finn deemed the post from Lash merely an instance of a baseless moral objection. Here's what Lash wrote: [quote]Accusations of antisemitism for... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 05:56 am - [quote]I just take note how some people appear to take pleasure in the blurring of the reason the protests started.[/quote] You can, I presume, point to or quote somebody here doing this? Or... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 05:47 am - More surprisements! [quote]Former ME Gov. LePage, Staff Spent $22,000 In Taxpayer Dollars At Trump’s D.C. Hotel[/quote]... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 05:44 am - I'm sure the Trump crowd had nothing to do with this. They are exceptionally honest people with a level of integrity rarely seen in human affairs. [quote]Japanese Primer Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 05:34 am - [quote]therefore no real fear of the old geezer shout- out of "socialism" as a pejorative.[/quote] Yes, that will be quite outside their experience other than for the odd few who dig into... (view)
Mon 18 Feb, 2019 05:27 am - Yes. And it is going to get much uglier, almost certainly the most ugly election of my 70 years. With Trump as exemplar what else might one expect. (view)
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