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I've never known my real parents. The two individuals who were pretending turned out to be living here in Vancouver under the witness protection program and I was a prop.

Still, I always felt loved.
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Fri 30 Nov, 2018 03:22 pm - I am so profoundly disgusted with our species. And then, there's something like this (view)
Sat 20 Oct, 2018 07:24 am - Let's start here...[quote]Warren directly contradicted this self-image with her choice to assume a Native-American identity, off and on, depending on professional convenience.[/quote] You... (view)
Fri 19 Oct, 2018 03:17 pm - Most of the argument here revolves around how electable we think Warren might or might not be. That's obviously important as it is the prerequisite for holding the office but then we have the... (view)
Tue 9 Oct, 2018 03:22 pm - [quote]This article is adapted from Max Boot’s new book, “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right.” You know how, after you watch a movie with a surprise ending,... (view)
Sun 7 Oct, 2018 03:28 am - Where are you seeing it? What does it appear to be growing on? How large is the the area covered? (view)
Sat 6 Oct, 2018 04:20 pm - [quote]Jay Rosen ‏Verified account @jayrosen_nyu [b]Hey, I'm 62. I never thought I would be in this situation, wondering if American democracy can make it through. But here we are. The... (view)
Fri 5 Oct, 2018 08:41 am - Today's events will decide whether or not I become an assassin. (view)
Fri 5 Oct, 2018 07:49 am - And he's a young fellow. The chances that he has a greater need for guilt-relief than myself on this particular issue than I do is disappearingly small. (view)
Fri 5 Oct, 2018 04:09 am - We each have our unique preferences in music as we do in any art form. What are you doing in music and what do you hope to achieve? (view)
Fri 5 Oct, 2018 03:33 am - [quote]The judiciary is packed with Republican judges thanks to the Republican's mastery of the long game — and the deep pocketbooks of their corporate sponsors.[/quote] That's as... (view)
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