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Music nut - If you like everything does that mean you have no taste?
Library IT by profession, polyglot by ambition.
Leftish, secular humanist.
Abstract thinker, who gets a tad distressed by black and white concrete thinkers. There really are an infinite number of shades of grey.
A tad trivia obsessed. My brain feels good after a long stretch.

Previous sigs:
If you think my posts are ridiculous, you should see my life choices.
"Having [ ..]known and met some lesbians I've discovered they just wear dungarees and paint. That wouldn't be funny if some people didn't live up to the stereotype. I'm Australian, loud, beery and obnoxious. I live up to mine."
Brendon Burns
Bloody kids! Coming out of our women and taking our jobs! Brendon Burns
Racing a formula one car around Monaco is like flying a helicopter in your bedroom. Ralf Schumacher
Hamsters HAD e10 my sig.
deez Rnt my opinions, I stole em frm sum1 mch mor brainy.
Translated with http:lingo2word.comtranslate.php
Hamsters HAD eaten my sig.
These are not my opinions, I stole them from someone much more intelligent.
A2K - home of unexplained censorship. TOSsers.
'I love Brian Eno. If he held a fart convention I'd go' - Chris Martin (Coldplay)
as clear as nose
"I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel." - Craig Moore.
INTERVIEWER: Yes, well, they didn't want to go to war in Iraq.
JOHN HOWARD: Well, they would have, if our argument had made any sense at all.
what does it mean?"as clear as nose".thanks for your help.
im at school and im confused
I'm inventing a new time zone for 'that's not happening' : BST. As in "We'll be round to fix your fridge at 2pm BST"
"Even presently anonymous citizens are now only one viral email away from global humiliation." - Annabel Crabb
"Please do not feed my god a peanut" - Apu
I had the lowest of expectations and yet I'm still disappointed.
Did you know I read that they bleach buttholes now, Steven? Are they trying to say God chose the wrong color?
Making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.
Comfort the afflicted... and afflict the comfortable
I got a bloody blue for formal discourse at Oxford
“what would these scientist know? All they have ever done is gone to uni!”
Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales Of The Hunt Shall Always Glorify The Hunter
The opposite of a hero isn't a villain...
... it's a bystander."
I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left.
And should that hypothetical day come that's an imaginary lesson it will not soon pretend to forget... Stephen Colbert
They did it for the money, and they did it because they did not give a fuck who got hurt.
I woke up to a brand new day! Now to try fix one small thing and try not to break another.
"You'll get tapped on the shoulder and told not just that the party's over but slightly worse, the party's going on but you have to leave." - Christopher Hitchen
Telling an atheist they are going to hell is like a hippy telling you he's going to punch you in the aura. Josh Thomas.
You have to sit still for a long time before a roast duck flies in your mouth. Stephen Abram.
We bill tit.
I aint no frigelator, I can't keep nothin'. Louis Jordan.
Forget the shooty dog thing.
Re-becoming the greatness we never weren't.
There is a sense of achievement that comes with standing near people who know people who do actual things - First Dog On The Moon.
No, I'm not crying, I'm allergic to sadness - Jonathan Rosenberg
Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.
It's almost poetic, or it would be if poetry wasn't the last refuge of the bearded, cricket-hating sodomite.
I'm an optimistic pessimist. It doesn't matter that nothing matters.When I was a lad we just used to run people over, not any more, it's all political correctness and roundabouts.
First Dog On The Moon
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Christ on cruskit what the hell do you massive packet of moron flavoured biscuits think you are doing? - First Dog On The Moon.
You know what the big problem is in telling fantasy and reality apart? They're both ridiculous. - Doctor Who
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