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I'm the same old ossobuco, still wrangling with both my old non supported computer (Apple first pulled support for my year of iMac (2005 or early 2006) in something like 2011. I hear they are thinking of stopping desktops and laptops in favor of iPodPros. I assume there will be some leeway years for the non wealthy and general development.

This week, I think of my situation as toilet flushing, no, not by a2k. A lot of tech types liked their early imacs when they got clocked in 2011. I'm dealing with gmail and yahoo too. I've no idea if that is connected, as IT is not my world.
In any case, none of this A2k instigated.

Time to add my email. Oh, wait, that is not working anyway, since the backup yahoo gmail shut me off for (apparently) not posting, which is true, or at least having an old computer.

This profile is sort of pissy, re life and our times, I hope I get back after trying to get access. If not, so it goes. I have loved the place, as is observable.

Meantime, I hope the Troglodytes go ahead and win this week in a2k fantasy baseball. I'll add Rags in retrospect.
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