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Tired of my enforced retirement. I feel like I've departed the tomb.
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Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:57 pm - [b] Chemical Plant Near Houston Warns It’s About To Explode[/b] Flooding swamped backup generators, and volatile chemicals are getting warm enough to ignite. “There’s no way... (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:52 pm - [quote]Never, you fucking dimwit. It'll never get even slightly better.[/quote] If I have anything to say about it. (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:49 pm - No. I am progressive Republican. I believe in capitalism - regulated capitalism. I'm a tax and save Republican. (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:47 pm - It gets better: Cruz, Cronyn and most of the GOP Reps were against Sandy relief. The East coasters are riding them unmercifully. (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:18 pm - [b] Republican Congressman Warns Black Attorney She 'May Go Missing' if She Tries Removing a Confederate Statue[/b] Rep. Jason Spencer issued the threat in a Facebook post. By Noor... (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:15 pm - [b]Trump Reportedly Feels Betrayed by Cabinet, and His Mood Is the 'Worst It's Ever Been'[/b] [size=150]A confidant says the president feels "this is not what he signed up... (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:11 pm - [b]Trump's Media Pals Are Busy Creating a Left-Wing 'Threat' to Balance Out the Awful Racist Right-Wing Hordes That Threaten Civil Society[/b] We have to be vigilant about the... (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:04 pm - [quote]And an even further repeating. I remember him from Abuzz and he wasn't such a vetch back then. What the hell happened to him?? [/quote] You feel insulted by "vetch"?... (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:01 pm - [quote]Oh please, everyone knows you are bobsal returned. [/quote] No, its just you and your little dog Toto. (view)
Wed 30 Aug, 2017 03:59 pm - Tell him about the Dresden nighttime fire bombing. Dresden - The Worst War Crime Of WWII - 600,000 Dead 3-13-9 "Generakfeldmarschall Keitel... (view)
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