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Mon 28 Sep, 2020 10:41 am - Oh I don’t deny there are responsible young people, and irresponsible older ones. I wasn’t going by any media information, but by my own personal observations when I go out. I... (view)
Sun 27 Sep, 2020 10:29 pm - [quote="lagirl623"] Who was it and what was that like? [/quote] Not a book, but cannot watch Longmire. The main character reminds me too much of my late husband. Couple other... (view)
Sun 27 Sep, 2020 06:52 pm - I'm guessing the question is about the use of the word "employs"? If that's the case, the word here doesn't pertain to people who work for him, or the process/act of... (view)
Sun 27 Sep, 2020 06:49 pm - Thanks to whoever gave me the thumbs down. I know you must be stupid too. Borat Sister, I didn't realize there was never a mask thing there. (view)
Sun 27 Sep, 2020 04:41 pm - Question re that. How are younger adults on board with this? I tend to see college age, older high school age, and some know it all under 25's trying to get away with not wearing a mask... (view)
Sun 27 Sep, 2020 03:49 pm - I'm skeptical and plan on making no changes for myself for a good long while. Whenever something here is eased up, people act like idiots and back to square one. (view)
Fri 25 Sep, 2020 09:38 pm - That bear. [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Fri 25 Sep, 2020 07:06 pm - Oh Jesus Christ. The both of you, STFU. Acting like a couple of children slapping at each other. This thread needs to be abandoned as it's just been made useless by trolling.... (view)
Fri 25 Sep, 2020 09:41 am - Don’t you love it when they do that? My ex husband, even though I divorced him, thought my life became frozen in time once he was gone. He sent me some bullshit letter at one point. I... (view)
Thu 24 Sep, 2020 07:43 pm - hallmark is the worst. I have a hard time reading any greeting cards. #1 I'm not a fan of poetry. #2 that is not poetry. My eyes glaze over so I'll just gaze at the paper for what I... (view)
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