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A kinder gentler farmerman. He has met up with mortality and its scared the shit our of him so much that he doesnt see the need for incessant debates over relatively minor topics. However, that doesn't give you license to be an idiot.

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Fri 7 May, 2021 05:46 pm - that's a yom (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 05:44 pm - I believe that Bill spoke of"ethnic" in terms of the "new" GOP being an ethno-centric political group. history is replete with them. I think you know what Bill meant. (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 05:26 pm - not really, since most of the antivaxxers have already had their litters itd be of little result. (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 05:21 pm - Ive mostly given up on A2k and am more involved with my plein -air painting and reconnecting with family after almost a year of all kinds of craziness. Im glad to see that my cousins and in laws... (view)
Fri 7 May, 2021 08:37 am - Smug people, these Xtians. (view)
Thu 6 May, 2021 10:45 am - Our Constitutional rights , briefly indexed in Amendment 1 sort of guarantee all kinds of idiocy idiocy in speech, religion (or none), daily practice, association, opinion, and politics. We are... (view)
Wed 5 May, 2021 05:29 pm - glad to read your post eb. (view)
Wed 5 May, 2021 03:22 pm - perhhaps he will appear more on Howard Stern again. (view)
Wed 5 May, 2021 03:21 pm - Ill turn it around. We have much spectral biochem info regardng ASP's and other pre life molecular structures. What evidence exists that you feel supports your belief system (view)
Wed 5 May, 2021 03:18 pm - sorta like you and your interest in biological sci. eh? Its amazing how we fail to keep our mirrors clean (view)
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