Neverending Rap Battle IV

Reply Wed 24 Sep, 2008 09:02 pm
they say one man's sunset is another man's dawn,
while I rise, you drop like dog **** on another man's lawn,
this is Child's Play with no chucky involved,
just a man puppet, like dogs he follows the balls,
the professor's a homo, looking for grown folks,
making assholes deteriorate faster than ozones,
time is so old, but crime is so new,
ya name makes me feel like I'm rapping wit old dudes.

u got served in 8. thanks for the rapdogs
Reply Sat 27 Sep, 2008 02:09 pm
To just living

i come from the eternal nocturnal form of the abyss
just like lips pussy you were born to get kissed
cause like ya mom you get fucked by the form of a fist
your the byproduct of your auqa ducts ya formin ta piss
leave your hang ups in the shower
this a blood bath nothing warmer than this
cause cocky mother fukkers are born to get pissed
i see you wearing that choker and i think saddam wore the same necklace
ya mom was kinky the truth is she didnt want kids
she's into bondage
replaced here lubrication with glue
wanted to kill herself an the motivation was you
playing mini golfs ya best chance to get ya balls ta drop
cause faggot you need to stop wearing ya boyfriends haulter tops
im beating ya ass and the viewers are waiting for the brawl ta stop
Reply Sat 4 Oct, 2008 01:07 pm
the calm nature of fury
opened up to a world so busy trying to bury
insecurities in a hurry
when the worry
causes immunity impurities
giving another trinket of hard earned therapy
to diagnose the size of dose n severity
of prescription
conforming the original individuals description
turning the face of a mountain to a clean slate
void of encryptions
a memory grown to amnesia void of conviction
no destinction
that is the day we will know exstinction

Hey everyone how are you today , please give me your feedback on this one ?
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Reply Sun 5 Oct, 2008 09:41 am
hey everyone i jus got back from kansas. this is unfinished but hit me up with wat u all think so farr

Got kidds out on the street sellin dope for more money
Got little girls walkin gapped because they dont know the meanin of goin steady
daddies locked up guess he didnt know 16 gets you 30
moms left to pay the bills...
and provide food on the table for her kids to be filled
a crip in a blood neighborhood that kids about to get killed
mom always at home worrying, shes stuck on a bunch of pills
pain medications n she usually overdoses...
goin to leave her kids... they going to be nothin but homeless
kids smokin at age 10.....n dealin by 11
to think that they belive that they goin to heaven
but god forgives all sin...
at least in the bibles word it says
only god can judge them but by the looks of it...he already has been
young little rebel in his daddies tracks...
goin to be locked up on and off....at least while his life lasts
people at school tryin to show them they got somethin else
kidd to hardheaed n high he cant hear nuthing...
words jus come in and out

the link 4 the beat if u want to listen n read is::

Reply Sat 11 Oct, 2008 11:13 am
the paralysis of the walking dead
talking about running the human race
adoption last option for those souls lost croppin
circles grow 3 dimensional spheres
unconvential peers
in a mental asylum filled with mirrors
breaking all walls down to kill the fears
still appear
kill a dose kill a ghost kill a beer
still a host
of apparent night
transparent light
a parasite
grown from nerve receptors chewing off coffin nails
often sail
crimson sea's
convincein me
take a dip wet my tounge
rinsein clean
regrets and forget what ive done
lets get through with this life ive alrady survived one
speprated my kingdom species an phylum

tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Tue 14 Oct, 2008 02:38 am
look ive battled cats fed em poisond rats smashed em with base ball bats pa haps i was no 1 till some one got my email and thretend my daughter but time goes by and thay forgot thay got my msn and my wife let em in i got kicked off able to know coz i beat this kid to a polp he spoke junk to the organizers i found out where he dwels in sydney now its time i reminded him he sead kidnapping my daughter well son i am down with the lebo crime wave my couzin who live near you he will know you and may kid nap you on your way to school you silly fool the bra boys back us up 2 my daughter is loved by lots of mad dogs [email protected] its u i know i can see through the moniter to stop tha lies you spoke to u it was a joke i cant take a joke like that thats why i am back jelousie is a curse U could not beat me on a battle coz i read all ya wack arss poems and lirics and smached u liricley i WAS NO ONE till u lied ThE cRuShEr

tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Tue 14 Oct, 2008 02:53 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
Reply Wed 15 Oct, 2008 05:23 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
crusher that was not in the slightest way intriqueing or interesting if you have personal problems go see a shrink if you wanna battle post
Reply Wed 15 Oct, 2008 08:36 pm
can man rid himself of his own evils
stone thrones steeples selling forgiviness
depot repo life for livin this
forbodeing fathomed of forsakeness
breakin this
ambillical cord
takein this
lyrical sword
for makein this
more peaganistic virtues
then the antagonistic sheep hurders who blindly hurt u
this fist careing for every person that it hits
this ass not giving a **** where ever it sits
these lungs will take ya breath away
this life wouldnt wanna see you die tommorow so it gives you death today
a holy man right on top of the food chain left ta pray
took the words out ya mouth
whats left ta say
aint nothing that you heard about
aint nothing that youve seen ,
only felt
only dream
cards of fate never shuffled
only dealt
feathers never ruffled
only melt ,when flying to close
ku dos
2 doses of reality to diagnose the fatality
pop open the champagne and toast the formality
to most your validly void
a ghost of a personality i hope you enjoyed
destroyed the android
deployed a canned troy
and fed that little sick boy in freud

i hope ya hungry
dope n money
i hope ya hungry
gippeto was going broke
putting food on the table
for pinnocio's growing oak
i hope ya hungry
dope n money
i hope ya hungry
close ya mouth
open dummy

Copyright@michael dugas The professor Cold lake Alberta Canada
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sat 18 Oct, 2008 03:01 am
i damige brane sells ,when i was youger my mother watched as i rebeld with the mark of da beast on my fore head it was sead i was dead walkin amoungst the living eatin flesh like darma ill bring you the farkn drama ive danced with the devil my mind is on a higher levil so i stand beside the devil watch your self as you read my **** i may have enterd ya subconchis mind i am denide by god ill rule you with the iron rod my spirit will fly thrue the amos fear ill bring fear to the godley ive watched bodys gettin bernt who am i. i hold the keys of life now whos gonna be in strife who am i ive deleted the crusher iam the brane pozeser who wonna get bernt and hert mentalley damigingyou ill cause you to shake your eyes will get bigger you will get cold swets with memmory loss your body will be a shell your sole will be in hell whats the cost for a free pass i am the sole keapper the grim reapper ive got the key who am i
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tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sat 18 Oct, 2008 07:10 am
no its my era mastake i am not a head case it was 8months ago it was i got kicked off able to know coz this kid ANTECTOTE his msn was [email protected] and HE IS A !%YR OLD KID FROM SYDNEY THRETENING MY DAUGHTER my wife exepted him as a msn freand and he started talkin **** to her about kid napping and **** SORRY dude it came out wrong ...........I WAS 14 WHEN STARTED RYMING AND SHYT my wife does not know all about BATTLEING thats what i ment i COULDENT GET BACK TO ABLE TO KNOW till now IVE TRACKED THE KID HE DOESENT KNOW IT BUT I HAVE MY LADY WAS SCeARED SHE DIDENT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON SHE DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT RAP BATTLE IV and its just battle rap thats it SHE CALLED THE COPS AND OTHER GOVERMENT ORGANISATIONS thats it and its all sorted out and NOW I CAN GET BACK ON TO BATTLE I THOUGHT I COULD TELL EVERY ONE WHAT HAPPEND it all was around 8 months ago so SORRY i confused every body
Reply Sat 18 Oct, 2008 10:33 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
leave the site crusher thats all lies and nobody cares for it we don't care about your skitzo drama ,if you were 14 when you started and anecdote started last year on the site youve were married in a year your wife this an blagh blah blah cmon reality check

your banished from this site claiming your wife does'nt know about battle rap
thats you
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sat 18 Oct, 2008 05:39 pm
HERE I GO AGAIN i am the CrUsHeR the no 1stunner i am no1 never out dun whatch out bitch you betta run ill track u and smack you i take this **** to anouther levil SO FARK you i am brackin these key board keys as i demolish you ive met the nutty PROFESSOR and it aint you ive washed the blood drip from his eye now its time for you to die dont cry pray to god you have lived this long as i dance and sing the devils song i fill body bags you fill trash bags i cock back my toung one again my SILLY FREAND i fire words as if there slugs we stand under the same sun the time has come ive pland to kill your unborn son ive watched baby get bernt ive stood out side my self and spoke to the unseen are u ready for the damige i can aflict u dirty drug adict sing my song dum dee dumm dum dum whatch out your doing as i sey lets play ive slaughterd menny on the battle feald now its your turn its time for you to lern get some water coz your gonna get burnt i am the tormenter i will always be betta so wright a letter to the mental asylam to say you will be chekin in silly silly SILLY boy
Reply Sun 19 Oct, 2008 06:36 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
to crusher

ya you do cock back // shove my dick in ya mouth so you can talk back//
jaw's crack //get slapped with my jock strap//you don't run **** so walk back //my record lable life or death //
my pen sign the vinyl //when i cut ya throat you'll never even have a sign a vital's//got no logic left to restrain my creative rights //grasp of the heavens turn day ta night //when im useing the blade a light // you got no way ta fight //spend all day on what you gotta say tonight//brain dead to my left retarded to the opposite direction only time youd ever be right // i cleverly write//this is food for thought so you'd better savour every bite // keep memory's tight // inside that fresh mind giving birth's in sight so you can remember thee light//every night ,every day, i win in every way ,swimming in serenity waves // ya worthless no identity to save // a cancerous philanthropist remember what you gave // what you brave , what you loyal //cut through graves up through soil //fresh out a death never out a breath , like hef never outta breasts ,like yes im better out the best , ripping the blood soaked sweater out those holes in ya chest //awe **** // raw **** // jaw spit // metaphysical law splits// raw scripts //and even you bought it//walked in every situtation unexpected // walked out uneffected// crawled into your ears undetected built fears with the hammer in ya eardrum // now ya scared of what you hear from // me// here come //me // this aint a sperm bank so don't come here dummy

everyone give it your rating and tell me what you think?
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Tue 21 Oct, 2008 03:05 am
the PROFESSOR got locked up he cant battle for **** face to face thats why this beytch battles on line now its my time to serve tis biytch branes and wind lets dine as i quote the black bible you dumb arss your in denile I AM THE ONE no1 unholey one ive raped dead nuns ive been through hell to tell the human race i dwell in an unholey place blood on ya face thats why i aint gotta poulse your folse the prisoners been through you like a whore ya arse hole torn you all worn out wit out a doubt this shiyt aint about you becarefull i may slit ya throte merder that beytch wrote dead bodys flote devote ya life to satan i get unpacent you got no talent my toungs like a doubble edged sword play me a cord on humen intestine ive got the killer ryme i go back in times to the crusafix of christ i held the hammer as the holey blood hit the earth now all u biytches whatin for da reberth you like puttin cock in mens mouth to shuttem up fagget ive stood wit the big dogs slaghterd hogs hog ive coped a slug in tha leg u coped a slug in the arss in the pass ill slaughter you wit the black marsk its time for me to unleash one evil farkin task you a joke PROFESSOR OF DA HIV AIDS CUREive got the mark off da anticriste now your in strife [i battled for you dissing antecote u treat me like a flee you beytch he dissed you and every one who was in this forumYEAH when you sead like a tuff gay guy i just got outa lock up} now the heat is just starting to get terned up you dejeneret faget feast prizon prozie HA HA HA i dont care what you gotta ryme or say u a joke now YOU TAKE A STEP BACK GAY PRIDE.......................... I AM OUT NEXT TIME WHEN I AM IN THE MOOD TO BATTLE THEASE DEAD CATS I WILL LISTEN TO THIS CRAP ........
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Reply Sun 26 Oct, 2008 02:53 am
Yo...Mohamadz i ready to battle again:D
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Dudu C
Reply Mon 27 Oct, 2008 12:57 pm
Reply Mon 27 Oct, 2008 01:11 pm
@Dudu C,
Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 08:36 pm
grow breathe believe know
oh we weave those
oh we oh
feels good
real good
wether im understood
or the one who should
come to good terms within myself
if in myself
i have the ability to be liftin myself
i have good advice for ya'll but i should probally listen myself
for a long time something was gone
something was wrong
i was missin myself
now im hugging my heart and kissin myself
on the cheek
my souls gonna speak
beyond the week ,dawn or decade
im a spawn a light
whether im gone tonight
im disect shade
move on to the next stage
groove on to the next page
two wrongs dont make a right the next day
3 lefts make a right today
as long as you have the right a way
night or day
if you can't imagine a better place i'll write a way
a road, a ladder to climb
it's just a matter of time
how much are you willing to invest
doesn't equate
still bring through the best
throwing beat breaks onto planets like a dozen earthquakes
the manic mannicans
control the vatican
its territorial space wars like han solo an anikan

Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 06:34 am
Yo...Big **** like that..aint ganna get in my heaad
baad words like that..aint ganna show tht u can rap
professor=wackk..aint there a better math
My simple wordss...is ganna get u straight dead
getting blowed..while reading wht i said?
Im Getting a la mode..And ur getting so bad!
pushin u backward...leading u in a pain med
Show what u got ...just hit me back

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