Neverending Rap Battle IV

MC God
Reply Fri 20 Feb, 2009 10:53 pm
yo anbody out there
seems like nobody using this forum no more
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tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Thu 16 Apr, 2009 06:08 pm
i am still here i put these mother fuckers to fear
that's why they all left
i watched them take there last breath Ive
demolished wanna be MC wanna be battlers
i am the the one i stop the sun from shining
Ive hung Jesus on a crucifix Ive watched blood
spill ive got battle scars ive put bodies in the boot
of my car Ive pozzest the minds of the weak
ive watched there bodies jerk back and forward
i am pozzest by demons i spit my ****
and make ya scream OH JESUS pray to god
now that i am here Ive been watching and
waiting so lets go let it flow show me what
ya got drop to ya knees and pray ya good
enough for me well beat me iam the original og top dog
let it be written lets go let ya self flow go
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Reply Mon 4 May, 2009 02:57 pm
what can i say about a fat dude trying to rap bez is so wrack anyone cn help? i got hem bad but he keep goin lmao
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Reply Mon 4 May, 2009 02:59 pm
can anyone help me with a rap agaist a fat boy i just cnt do raps agaist fat lmao i dnt knw y hit me up bez is is getting me piss like a fat boy trying to peddle a bike [email protected] or myspace
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Reply Mon 25 May, 2009 11:31 am
Yo You think u a pimp boi,Well yah wrong
I guess now u embarrased I could see ur thong]
You swear u da **** well nigga uz mad dum
Listen up ima gurl and i THINK U RAP LIKE A BUM
got a prob well fix it up good and quick
U rite ..u dah **** if i was ur hoe id quit!
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2009 02:04 pm
now befor u guys go to try to rap i might as well tell u that u suck just like ur mum in bed

yo yo its b-dogg now
who know what will go down
ill to ur crib
and who knows u might be dead
now u guys try to rap but u sound like big laugh
ive heard better rap stories from my nerdy friend
now befor come up and to defend
put ur head in shame
and scream
B-Dogg you know who i am
aka Brodie199899
Reply Wed 8 Jul, 2009 06:17 pm
brodie? wtf bro, your just gross and grody
listen closely, homie, you can't outflow me..
I roll up slowly, I post up , hopefully..
I'm blowin trees... Infect your whole family tree with H.I.V.
Don't **** with a real O.G.
Reply Mon 24 Aug, 2009 04:36 pm
u call yourself O.G.
but i'm the only MC,
man u a waster,
not an original gamester,
hey, did you know that you were a mistake,
everyday ur mum wishes the condom didn't break,
but now your here and it's too late,
for you to back down,
man, who is this clown,
u think u can flow,
but heres a little quid pro quo,
you think that your rap is crazy,
but you just sound lazy,
hit me back,
just wanna chat,
truly yours,
c all a you whores! :-)
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Reply Mon 14 Sep, 2009 10:23 pm
MC Kruger "Dammnn!! this is some whack ****.. haha! you guys heard of punchlines? multis? world-play? haha!!!"<~~~~~******* funny man love it.. To (hybrid)
blazer, nova, mc magicman, big ploppy3, Killa, Bee pimponline, and shefki kuqi.

you better ta beef with someone thats not familliar with the streets
ingenting beats when your heart beats
dark streets its do or die
i hustle ta get by
acking bad ganna get enough beef if thats what ur looking for
its ture ta any of you dont be played by ur own mouth
trust is naver enough
packin ak's c-4 money money ho's watching my back
got me going from coner to coner making my hustle if i naver made a husle id
naver make a dime if i couldnt do the time bitch i wouldnt do the crime

let me chill get at me hit my page what ever **** off im out Skeee
Reply Mon 21 Sep, 2009 10:56 am
i spit so much, you gon need an umbrella,
blah blah blah...SUCK MAH DICK you cinderella
your just a lil fairy tale, a make believe
what are u tryna achieve
ill woop you
Reply Mon 21 Sep, 2009 12:30 pm
You talking bout spitting **** but i think you eatting dick
i'll cuMm all over you with my lil fairy cock
You ganna need ah uMbReLla ta stop my ****
BlA bLa BLA Haa papipotaTAA
you can talk about **** like ah jar full of spit
i can jerk my dick and make cinderela suck it
you dnt got what it takes ta woop me
cause if i was gay you would be tryin ta suck my dick like woopy
achieving isnt about making people believing
just cause you believe what you write dnt mean dat i believe what you wrote
so if you had any kinda balls man that lil fairy BiTTch of ah Boy you are man
then you'd better beef with someone dats not familiar wid da streets

cause i'll woop ya
MC God
Reply Thu 24 Sep, 2009 01:26 am
yo wats this man going on about
yo you keep talking talking the sorta shyt u sayin is boring
yo i spit orbit leave u feeling awkward murder ur bars kill ur chorus.
you must be obsessed with dick/yo cinderella wouldnt touch ur shyt/
you fussing kid/ILL bust a clip (lil fairy cock)you must be sick trun you into mustard quick u spit rusty shyt ( bla bla blah haa papipotataa) hahaha ive come to the conclusion ur a true looper ohwell ill use ya embarase you in front of ur krew and rebootya thru ya computer ok ill leave it at that
next time put ur shyt in a RAP....

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Reply Tue 3 Nov, 2009 10:01 pm
Who the **** you think you just spoke to?
Ill wrap my dick around ya neck
and get it hard until it chokes you
Lyrically Ill smoke you
quicker than 5 headz on a nick sack
I MURDER rappers
You couldn't KILL bad breath with a tick tack
Coward bastard
probably a result of your lack where you piss at
My ill spits provoke fits in kids with epileptic tendencies
I drop BARS so DOPE
they ease the symptoms of CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY
Im livin easy you can't pay the bills
I kill "kids" (son) quicker than liquor mixed with abortion pills
My hearts blacker than african arm pits
Tongue deadly like venomous snake spits
You get no luv and less respect than ACORN bums on welfare checks
Ive been a textcee since ya diaper was wet
Im an ol G from the streets plus a veteran of the net
sniff ya IP and send a sniper on ya set if you disrespect
Leave ya face lookin like you hit a train while drivin a vet
Dont forget - MILITANT

Reply Fri 20 Nov, 2009 08:44 pm
Yo MILITANT, I'm also in the military
I got so many words it's like my mind's a library,
You prolly know less rhymes than my pet canary,
I just eat these other rappers like I'm eatin strawberries

You think you're top dog but I assassinate kings,
Kill em' off with my words like a lyrical marine,
Shoot em down with my gun with a laser beam,
And I got more words than a fuckin' magazine!

My words are infinate, i never run out of ammo,
I spit a few lines then peel out in my lambo,
Shootin rappers out the windows... I'm goin' Rambo,
Then i go invisible, and turn on my active camo

I'm just sittin on my computer, going fuckin insane,
Cause all these sick rhymes are poppin' in my brain,
Prolly cause i smoke all that mary jane,
Or cause i've been brain washed by Em and Lil Wayne,
Or maybe its cause I stand outside during an acid rain,
And it leaks through my scalp infecting my brain,
But the weird thing is I kinda line this pain,
Yeah its strange but I like being deranged.
Reply Sun 3 Jan, 2010 07:39 pm
Dude you're wack, now get the **** out of here,
Go get a ******* life and get drunk by drinking your nasty beer,
Your rhymes are so repeatable, they are like a ******* wall which can be leanable.
What the ****? Am I on crack, or is it you. Cus your rap sounds so ugly,
worst then a mole in a pussy. Now bitch back up, don't even think about
replying to my **** cause I'll smack you so hard you won't have no more teeths,
since you will have to brush them off with my beats.
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Reply Mon 4 Jan, 2010 11:45 pm
This is because you're just all so whack.

All you niggaz in this house can't rap for ****
I've got a feeling i could be a real big hit
All your rhymes are just monosyllabolic
Rhymes like that, man, they're just Shambolic!

i can't portray all the dismay
i felt as I came on here looking for a way
to inspire new rhymes
but it's the same **** i've heard a million times!
and im stuck with you crazy fools
spitting about **** like you ain't ever been to school

but when i'm in the zone there ain't no recovery
I put you down, what you gunna say back to me?
this rap must be like a ******* discovery
you finally hear, you finally see
you've got no sophistication,
i bet you're reading this like "damn, am i hallucinatin'?"
as you stare at the screen in facination
i don't expect your affiliation
just apprieciation of the annhialation across the nation

Now I know there's gonna be some temptation
to hit back with some lame ass desperation
but boy you must be trippin'
if you think nigga is all done with this whippin'

So you better wake up, son
Because when the soul general's in the house
you know you gonna get outdone

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Reply Mon 19 Apr, 2010 02:15 pm
Anecdote messed with a teacher, his whole RAPPING IS WRONG
He’s trying to tell a fairytale, he can save that CRAP FOR THE WAR
This bastard is asking for a SMACK IN THE JAW
With a love bite on his chin like he’s been SMACKED BY A WHORE
I’m feasting on this emcee like I had SNACKS IN MY DRAWER
Making him dance on the spot like he has RATS IN HIS DRAWERS
He tried to spell “Gynaecologist” but it was a SLIP OF THE TONGUE
This is a prime example of how bad WRITTENS ARE DONE
So sharp and on point it will GASH HIS ADAM’S APPLE THROAT
When I take a glimpse of the multi-RAPS THIS SHABBY FAGGOT’S WROTE
I feel like blasting him to Pakistan on a MAMMOTH-ASS CATAPULT
Anecdote doesn’t HAVE A FLOW, he’s got OUT OF HIS DEPTH
The truth is out there like the X-Files, but it hasn’t come OUT OF HIM YET
So it’s up to a master of rap to step up to this OBNOXIOUS THREAT
Reach my hands in front and rip the heart right OUT OF HIS CHEST
I’m in a rap-induced rage, Anecdote tries to AROUSE IT BUT YET
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Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 04:59 am
@tyson chandler,
You’re being racist towards blacks? You should be ashamed of yourself
Discriminating people is dangerous for your health
How can you make “niggers” recognize your verse
When all it contains is just racist slurs and violent words?
**** the KKK, I’ll nail them all to the Cross
Then get the Emancipation Proclamation to break them off
You think the **** I say is soft?
**** that, I’ll send motherfuckers to kill you, and that’s AFTER I pay them off
Tyson, you’re a disgrace to nature
When I’m done with you, every single poster in this godforsaken place will hate ya
I’m a +Bad Boy+, I’ll even get Puffy and Mase to blaze ya
**** your weak-ass crew, I’ll get your own friends to rape ya
You diss every single race you think of
But you missed out PAKIS and INDIANS, you dick-wad !!!!
‘Cause face it, you can never **** with an Asian
Stab you and have you screaming, “HE’S ******* INSANE, MUM!!!!!”
Once I choke this fag, it’s over, man
Break this hoe in half and have him walking like a broken Doberman
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Reply Sun 2 May, 2010 05:46 am
I’ve just peeped his whole verse; I completely can’t stand it
Whoever wants to fight someone who speaks in text language?
When we’re speaking, one of us is distinguished
We should have a literacy test to see who’s more English
This rap game has got you easily smitten
Talkin’ about “the battle is yours”? Who on Earth are you kiddin’?!
I can freestyle from here to Thames Ditton
Whoever gave you the right to represent Britain?
ukboy”, I’ll put you in a really deep snooze
Make you 10 o’clock coverage on the BBC News
ITV, Meridian or Channel 4
You’ve never had the chance to spar with this type of man before
**** beefin’, I’ll go and tell your parents off
Put ‘em on Jeremy Kyle, and make ‘em get embarrassed more
Your whole rap is wrong, I’ll bust you while you’re rappin’, dog
Blow your ******* head off, busted cap and all
**** this battle song
It’s giving me Labour; I think I’ll go vote for David Cameron
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Reply Sun 30 May, 2010 10:37 am
yo..iam new..please help me..somebody try to have a battle with me..i need yours help..Very Happy..replay
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