Neverending Rap Battle IV

Reply Sat 29 Nov, 2008 10:10 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
ayo ayo check it .
mystik's commin through , uncut & raw
bow down mother ****** , prepare for war
gun barrels Be burnin , 22inch rims Be turnin ,
welcome to the wild wild west , split second on the draw ,
crazy'st fka , u eva saw , fucken rockets weld'd to ma car door
gold plate ak-47 , this mother ******'l send ya to heaven
bullets peice your body , like'a hot knife to butt'a
body outline in chalk , blood stains the gutt'a
autopsy come back , major bullet wounds , 45 callib'a
limb separation , ya head from ya body , decapatation
my rhyme bust like fucken earthquakes , 10 on the ripta scale
fucken natural dissaster , soccer ball size hail ,
been rappin for less then a month , born with this flow
taking insperation from , tupac , biggie & deathrow
rappin on a website , nuttin aint happen'n
10 years time this ****'s gone platnium .
when you see the top 10 , bitch ull see me
even got ma own fucken show on mtv .

hahah , peace , holla back

tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sun 30 Nov, 2008 03:00 pm
MYSTIK STOP AN LISTEN tic tic tic tic BOOM iam t.n.t my **** be explosive
**** flying every where people stop an stear at the damige i inflict iam highley explosive wit windows smashed out bodys riped apart ....lying on da street cars riped to peaces ill cause armageton what u recon fuk what u recon i thought u were in the bilding i had u in my sight its for u it be tru you still talk dat gun **** i bet u aint even shot a gun yet he he ive got war paint on wit more **** on my mind u had something before in my book i would have given u a high score now your flows have floors stop an pouse 4 a sec so i can smack u in da head wit my tek 9 knock u out wit out a doubt blood driping down ya face kid u be a discrace ill stop on ya skull till it opens up wit ya brain on the road blood splat dats dat i load my gat an shoot to kill i make blood spill i am da real deal da bloods whant me in coz i commit sin wit drugs cash an hoes mother fukers wit afroes wonning a hit of my **** the streets where i dwell and sell my stuff its pritty ruff 4 some one like u i be tru gun slanging for fun ive shot at the sun now muther fukers betta run wit blood on my hands i get more an more fans ....................................what was that (M)OUTH AROUND SOME DICK (Y)OUNG COCK CUM SHOT ON YA FACE (S)HIT WIT SPERM ON YA SHEETS (T)RIKS WIT DICKS BE YOUR TREAT (I)INSANE FAG SEX BE YOUR GAME WHAT A SHAME (K)ristys ya boyfreands name u been put to shame lol lol lol na na na nnnna nnna nnnnnnnnnnnnadummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedum dum ya betta runnnn as iam gunnnnnnnin forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..............................................................................................................................................................................

mystik what happend you got lost kid geeeeeeeee that isent you fuk kid your good that i dunno fuk all is cool u aint a fool now the proffesor or chinese boy mybe the others that come in here an go after thay get smoked 12345678910 times but u gee you hay kid when i come on here i just type **** i spell wrong i fuk up 2 i dunno i just type dont think first thing that hits me i go off wit that my braine just going **** i am hering in my head it just comes out i dont wright **** out befor i get on line or set it up on paper like other cats an i think that be u two i dont think u be a fake so kid keep up da good work u got some think u could drop the gun **** or not its your battle u do as u like peace no drama bone crusher no 1 mother fuker hart stoper i be a stunner.......drug runner..............the hoe fuker..............................peace once again
Reply Sun 30 Nov, 2008 10:46 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
ayo , check it ,
millitary minded soldier , prepare for war ,
crazy'st **** ya ever heard , have ya beggin for more
armed with , ak-47's - tech 9's & rockets
tanks , jets , jeep's c4 packed in my pockets .
ma fucken solja's , no surrender , no retreat
its all over mother ******! admit your defeat!
ma fucken soljah's! offensive formation!
i fire! heavy artillery , on your location!
casualties of war , callateral damge!
wont ever see your family again! they'l just have to manage
i bomb on you fuckers just for fun!
this **** was finished before it had begun!

weapons of mass destruction , currently in construction
my technology , much more advanced ,unlimited resource's
heavy armour'd , hover crafts , & u bitches on horses .

crusher u punk ass mother ****** , your rhymes go un heard
correctly , i dont understand a thing , you have ever written
little 10 year old kid on the internet spitt 'n
to a true master of the game , mother fucken mystik!
ima fucken 1st class , high roller , simply realistic
like chingy baby , im a fucken baller , mcee mauler
bitch i bring it , night 'n day , dun care who your are
blow u to smither'rines , like the fucken death star!
ayo ,reply back , spell ya words write ,take some time.

Reply Sun 30 Nov, 2008 10:50 pm
and NO , u havnt won even once , because your pretty crap , your words are mis-spelled , u just alltogether dont make sence . every second word is spelled incorrect
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 01:27 am
and yes bitch ya fukin hike my spelling may be wrong you still sing my fukin song come back for more why ive slaughterd u and you say some fuked up rymes if it be like that bitch well then i grew up on the street home boys stealing 4 me to eat drug deals went wrong now bitch sing my song why play along i dident go to school fuk it be un cool cant spell oh hell so battle cats on da street yeah thay all think iam da one to beat wit so menny winns
under my belt some one felt my lether belt across there face i hung wit the real big dogs sellin crack smokin weed listening to gats go clak clack clack
my pops died in bed enough sead a bullet to da head my moms went insane her life went down tha drain so i played the cards i was delt tattoos on my face bullet woond on my side one on my leg and sholder so kid YOU GET THE PICfuk da human race chace the dragon my life aint been to good ive been in the line of fire my freand be dieng saw his moms crying ive seen a kinfe to da hart for starters ive seen to much death what i sead wasent even half
ive put a bullet in some pore basterds heat i felt sick i shot a blokes
face off left that theafs body to rot iit got eazeyer to kill wit skill drive bys ive dun out run police so thay dont say freaze ive seen the in side of a jail little bitches faces like yours go pale ive been every where ive seen a lot
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 01:51 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
ayo mother ****** , ima break you down , dispose of you
tables have turned now its gettin serious , unleash
my furry turn this **** around , lyrical assasination
got ma sodiers approachin your location
quite a heated situation , your demise is gettin closer
end of your time , creepin up on ya
when u reply you hesitatin , wonder if you wanna get fuckd up again
like tupacs death , these rhyme r a mystery
but this time u know who the **** it is
last post by mystik , now u fucken history
my rhyme hit ya , dead on , head on , cant stop it now
the end of your time is in hands reach
mother ****** your time is now .
my i remind you , im olny hear to **** with you
im just playing bitch , u takin it serious , but u still ****
im olny going fucken half good , your rhymes , im still shittin on ' it
wow u can spell , home boys ,stealing ,drug deals?
bitch u a red necks fag , eating your fucken micro/waved meals
watching your , redneck comidies , & deal or no deals
acting like your a gangsta , fucken wannabe nikka
ill slice your fucken balls off , like jak the rippA
oh wait , what fucken balls? more like your clit
stop this fucken game , dont make me read another spit
of yours , this **** is a fucken waste of web space
u little "gangsta" step to me in the streetsc, spit in yo face .
like u nothing , u fucken redneck DOG , ugly mother fucka
punch u in the fucken throat , get ya talkin like chris tukka!
mother ****** hit me back

tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 08:04 am

ck for life reds my color ................................reply now bitch
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 07:56 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
dumbass mother ****** , this is a fucken rap battle , so spit yu fucken stupid bitch
ps : c'z up
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Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 08:21 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
i didnt wnna , but im gonna have to blast ya
you gonna regret commin back , im gnna have 2 waste ya
boy , now u really in **** .
tick , tock , tick tock tick , this sime crazy ass ****
step back , unload my techs clip ,
ima murder ya , bring ya back to life , & MURDER U AGAIN .
now get outa here , your rhymes just got slayn ,
shattre'd into peices , inflict alotta pain ,
like humpty dumpty cant put u back together again ,
oh so your a blood , ? oh , so your a O.G?
bitch C'Z up , B'Z down , let rounds off , watch u bithes flee!
hey mother ******! where you live? gimmie some names
so i can blast ya , & c walk on ya remains ,
then take ya bitch , paint your car with her brains ,
from the tech 9 , multiple clips , cases hollow ,
ahhaha , and your mother's a slut! , i heard she swallow ' s
bitch you aint a bang'a , not a gangsta bitch!
gangsta hangin in the street! u the one that snitch!
stay in your basement , with ur wnnabe dreams
these rhyme murderin ya , thats how it seems ,
BITCH , i will come back AGAIN , & AGAIN , & AGAIN& AGAIN ,
mother ******! NO retreat! , NO surrender! aint no givin up!
bitch , u dont know what you got you self into!

ps: b'z down mother fukka

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tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 09:36 pm
mother fuker it be a battle rap ill smack u in the face wit one word i am da big littledog puppy dog you be sukin dick like a chinese chick in a bad porno i roll in a herst wit a cup of blood an meat cleavr u be rollin in a datsun 120y u still live wit ya moms as she be sukin my cock for funds ya dirt pore bitch u be fukin wit the best i were a bullet prufe vest around my chest you were a bib like the baby you are your moms sings u twinkle twinkle little star i was the son of saten raving an ranting spitin on nuns slapin nurses on there buns that was when i was first bornei was born wit a devils horn i spoke **** wonning to talk to u man 2 man talkin **** to make u feel good your style be the same never no shange
i get in a fit of rage mother fuker your stiyle is crap snap ill your nek back
i spit like a cobra 1 hit an ya down no playin around you think i dont know it be a battle forum i be scortching em way back i have bitches like you for snacks i aint even ataked yet little by little to work u out talk a little **** to work u out no doubt u weak i be uneak eleat i play triks 4 kicks i dont need to talk i walk the walk ha ha bitch i am on a nother levil i am in the clowds an u in the gutter i play little games like a puzzle who i be og or chines boy may be proffessor trikie trikie trikie or may be some one els or may be two people register as 1 2345 peoples to get u thinking geeeee i am smart u retard................may be you battle me always and always have .............................god damn SO I GUES I BE THE KING LETS SING MY SONG NOW BITCH HE HE HE HE HE HE
Reply Mon 1 Dec, 2008 09:49 pm
@tHe CrUsHeR,
I told you once , ima tell you once more
youve made a big mistake , preprare for war
closin in on your position , hope you ready
tech in hand , find my target , Steady
FIRE , 90 rounds penetrated
my dedication , is what i demostrated
ma names mystik , the ruthless , the realist
dont resist , you might miss christmas
i tote macks , techs & smoke weed ,
rhymes so powerful makes your eyes bleed
my rhymes like speedy bullets out the barrel

ill fucken kill you , ull be outlined in chalk
rhymes hit so hard , gotta scrape your face , off the side walk
me & my rhyme go together like bread & butter
you & yours , go together like , your family & the gutter
your mother likes when i put it in , like's when i slide
she really like's it when i touch her from inside
mother ****** as i said , i keep comming back
harder & harder , your rhymes sound like , u been smokin crack
no surrender no retreat , so close u can sence your defeat


tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sat 6 Dec, 2008 08:45 am
i order troop to slughter evil forces aproach u torcher u you poasts are weak i be uneak my air max crack concreat as i walk an stalk my enemys bitch please i be no1 my belt be like a whip slashing mother fukers faces my toung like a sword coz the **** i flip be cuting throaghts as i scream quotes from satans bible
my super natural sourses be reliabul i be like jason from friday tha 13
killing for sport tornt you wit my **** ill invade ya sleep like freddy cruger
who are u nobody sorry bitch your **** hit like water mine hit like a hurrecane its a shame you be lame my **** be untamed i leave blood stanes
on da floor all u leave is the blood left from licking ya moms meds cum stanes in fagets beds you drink pussy blood and lick cum son its a shamei am still da king pin ill slit ya throaght an watch ya choke hokus pokus you be loosing focus ...................................

i am wating bitch i play aroud wit you for a little wile flipping **** then when you feel good shoot u down i been fliping crap to u kid MYSTIK i aint trying and you go your hardest HAHAHAHA jokes on u jack just wate its funny ya CLOWN u be talking **** going hard an **** i be joting down some lame **** an you fire up acting like a hard core battler you be weak mistik U BE STEALING OTHER PEOPLES NAMES MYSIKAL OR MYSTIK YOU ARE A SHAME YOU SO LAME KID ITS A GOOD LARF ok mr so called no1 king of tha dicks ok ha ha ha
Reply Sat 6 Dec, 2008 09:06 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
you just fucked up , i aint even gonna reply.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
tHe CrUsHeR
Reply Sat 6 Dec, 2008 08:23 pm
ha ha this bitch aint gonna reply bitch i win u die cry me ariver as u quiver wit fright lol never out dun i spit this **** for fun ha ha i sit back an larf i destroy bitches mentaly grrrr insanei behave an put this mysik bitch to shame yeah this kid ba lame i be tha origanal gun toatin scitsorfrinic drunkin barsted putin my **** to work i make ya body shake ill cause an earth quake god sake ill through mystiks body in a lake shake joshuas tree i can see DEAD PEOPLE S i am flipin silubels ill slap ya like the bitch u are snap ya fukin high heals kicken skulls
i kill **** for fun so kid i got u to run sow ya lips up snap ya fingers booooooo hooooooo no reply how high can i get as i throw my set up fuk a slut i shut mystik up he he night walker night stalker night hooker mystik be oh he aint a real og for life this kids in strife i rule dis **** its my neverending slaughter house hang u by the nek in my house bitch no reply bye I GUESS I WIN WERES MY CROWN WERES MY MEDEL THE CHAMP IS HERE ILL MAKE U DISAPEAR DROP A TEAR >>>>>>>

i be the one bitches ...............he he he
Reply Sun 7 Dec, 2008 02:38 am
@tHe CrUsHeR,
mother ****** you shittest mother fucka on this whole website ,
you rhyme like a kid with downsindrome

come to rap battle #1
and we will see , little ****
cant even spell
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Reply Sat 17 Jan, 2009 05:58 pm
yo blazer

we can come out
dentist style pull these gums out
gangsta's pull these guns out
real rappers can grasp ya youniverse and blow ya suns out
put ya planet on the right allignnment ,towards
a white dwarf
ya'll live in the third dimension i give sight to the forth
write through the force
primordial pens right to the source
explosive prisms wisdom bring light to the source
in this beaker that cook a recipe
if you wanna grow test the seed
you wanna swim test the sea
swim the waters should a treat lightly
grim slaughter the beat like the street with nikes


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Reply Tue 10 Feb, 2009 08:03 pm
killa killa california N14 will run up on ya,
im to ghetto let you know the difference bettween platinum an gold,
your ryhems are loose an full of bull,
am spend time pull pranks on you fools,
get with it an dont just spit it cause you think you bad,
quit teasing with a good time show me substance an let me hear a good ryhem,
this goes out to the wanna be me' s,
there only one of me an that aint you,
soo stop with the silly hustle an flow,
everyone can see you aint from the streets an concerning them wack ass beats,
get of the t.v. an come to my block ill show you nine friend which are ready to rock,
rock the block with my fully loaded glock rining inconspiuously,
get out my way or kiss the concrete as you lay there slowly to bleed,
there only two type of men in this world me an them silly internet gangster,
my style have you mother ******$ in denial,
old people going senial,
had my p.o. try to **** me up for the pee trial,
Reply Thu 19 Feb, 2009 08:50 am
cant harm me, im addicted to pain
**** money,when i make it rain
its lead being sprayed
ill leave ur whole family infected with aids
broken on the wheel, your body becomes a braid
sick in the head, yeah im insane

im a heathen
im so evil your forced to believe in jesus
im as complex as a rebus
get off of my fuckin penus
men are from mars women are from venus

that makes me an astronaut
only suckers get caught
youll never talk
once my glock pops
i grew up slanging rocks

my 12 year old homegirl is harder than Yall
come large big and tall
the bigger they are the harder they fall
ill crucify you on my bedroom wall
but you wont die ill keep you alive
for a long time
my rhymes defy time
i set trip with my tech nine
I am death defined
murder , dispose body, grind
computer chip not a mind
stretch u out then let u unwind
cut out your throat now your a mime
i dont have saliva it is slime
i spit divine

your just a slave, i am a brave, warrior, soldier
brew you niggas like some folgers
call your doctor and then your lawyer
i have more words the the author of tom sawyer

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MC God
Reply Fri 20 Feb, 2009 09:18 am
im a aussie hip hop artist i spit the hardest if u diss ill leave in laughter regardless
well i guess ill start this so bring ur A rymes my way n ill hit you back with a critical lyrical rap leave you TORN you look back an ur krew will be GONE...
MC god....
AK Skitz
Reply Fri 20 Feb, 2009 09:21 am
hey hey hey my name is skitzy im a rookie of an MC
are u my allie or enemy just spit ya mand and then we shall see

*AK Skitz*
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