Neverending Rap Battle IV

Reply Wed 28 Mar, 2007 02:05 am
listen up
yo listen up,
aight i heard u sayin i shot an missed you,
you got an appetite for hollow tips, ill feed you ma pistol,
go on get out talk it off,
leave u starin at da exit holes in yo legs, yeh go on walk it off,
im a bit like ur bitch pussy im patiently waitin,
u fucc wid me yeh ma bois will be shankin,
walk down the street, maybe go to skool sit down in ma seat,
stinkin of weed, i know what fiends need,
blaat, u know im antisocial,
u see a clip worth of bullets before i aproach you!
ma revolva leave ur family not wantin to know you,
country bois like man in ur blow ur so cool,
i know!
ive been in this position before,
pussys bein shot, police at ma door
down here its war,
more than iran,
popos nicked smokey i shot 1 down,
jus to even the score!

peace out yo scott smokes in jail man
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mc slipperz
Reply Sat 31 Mar, 2007 07:31 am
Re: listen up
What up new faces....
Here's a treat for Blazor.. (no beef)

Your a faker aint ya? Take a tazor just to wake up blazor
then scrape a razor 'cross his face so it shreds like office wasted paper.
Watch me erase this hater... Ha! puns??.. let me teach this fuc.k -
if you really are a blazor then your eyes aint gonna see these shut!
I drop ya leave ya fuc.ked, and knock ya teeth in cups
then pop ya feet n cuffs till you yell- "stop" and scream "enough".
Your teams a bluff, and the multis ya spread is dumb -
you talk about guns and CLUBS, when you aint even twenty one.
Leave him dead and hung, kid, you wanna talk personal?
with only 43 post ups done, why the fuc.k I even versin you?
Leave you purple blue, with cuts n bruises burning through,
I've had enough loses to know this aint happenin' with words from you...

This joints slowed down.
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Reply Sat 31 Mar, 2007 08:34 am
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Hitman J
Reply Tue 3 Apr, 2007 07:19 am
Dispicable Demon's Despise My Devillish War Zones
Assassin Artillary Is An Ass, I Easily Have Torn Chrome
Manditory Menace Reeks Havok Upon Your Wack ****
When The Mac Hits, My Tactic Makes You Wish U Had Clips!
I'm A 'Terrorist Rapper' The Way That I 'Bomb Lines'
'Pimp' Is Right..Only Time You CAN 'Pimp' Is 'ONLINE'!
Half Yall Ain't Got No Clips! I Can't Believe Blazer! He Talk's Alotta ****
Wigguh You Could Bite Anything You Want, N I'll Still Have Hotter Spits!
Mc Slipperz? Ya Rhymes Ain't 'Solid" I Cut A Rugged 'Hole In Ya Heat!'
Bitch! Just Like Slipperz I'ma Leave You Seein' The 'Soles Of My Feet!'
I Snap Necks! Leave ya Rap Wrecked And Have Ya 'Groanin' Like Ya 'Had Sex!'
I'm 'Murderin' Yall One By One' I Kill One Then Yall Get So Mad...NEXT!!
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Hitman J
Reply Tue 3 Apr, 2007 07:19 am
^^ Just Tryna Freshen This Place Up, Dayum..Newb Smell Rolling Eyes
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mc slipperz
Reply Wed 4 Apr, 2007 07:32 am
Keepin this **** real

Cocky fu.ck.... - Mags gats n guns, another liar bottled up
crack ya jaw like coffee cups with tyre irons and hockey pucks
Drop the proper stuff, You didn't grew up with prisoners-
Like ya avatar on the first page off "biggie" googled images!
The usual victim kid with sets of multis on one syllabol
And whats his "clips" gonna do kids when the right guns critical?
I punch the visuals when it comes to crunchin written duals
whilst this "hitman" still eatin his fu.ckin lunch in kindyschools
It aint none of my business dude- but think before writin back to me
About played out bitten lines like the "Hotter Spits" from 1983...
J has a night cap then a dream of a life without the need-
of GROANING when havin sex cos males arent like the other breed!!!
LOL, Fu.ckin please this rubbish c.unt is dumb as trees,
And im spitten fresher flows then a sudden rush of country breeze.

That's how it is
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Reply Wed 4 Apr, 2007 08:34 am
itte then
~check it~

Your rhymes bring eye sores~ hypnotizing minds into dry snores~/
Exceeding the mileage on your car's dashboards~ is the only time you seeing "high scores"~/
Your spine meets floors when battling me~ I'm a cold war vet when direct-in' mass defeats on trash emcees~/
You're the last to me ~ I'm the reason Poets "turn-up" Dead ~like polluted fish heads collapsed in seas~/
U gets soiled with ease~ to the point your second death gets a standing ovations~/
With you "kissing the mouth" of a loaded barrel~ is my idea of diplomatic relations~/
I'll hang u adjacent to your "family tree's"~ placement as I shorten your duration on the microphone~/
Go home!!! Your alkaline lyrics couldn't balance this test!!! ~ While I'm corroding your chest with text~/
Have you drenched in methylene blue~ Now lets see who's really see through~/
My 'acidic' lyrics neutralize hitman ~ so I don't take notice of his criticism/
My thoughts swiftly flow through my mind~ with words that hit a lot deeper than the Pacific~/
When im sparking the microphone with a free ~ these feared souls plunge n 'leave' me like im bark of a tree~/
Shining light to the darkest emcee ~ u a ridiculous dude because at the end of this battle a carcass you will be~/

Blazer with flow's deep!!~

They're digging it like archaeologist ~ my phraseology is hard to be deciphered like a hieroglyphics~/
Got snaps like a camera but u couldn't picture this~/
my verses affect every object in the universe like the four fundamental physical forces~/

game over!!! -1- ~~~~~~~~~~blazerrr~~~~~~~~~
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tyson chandler
Reply Wed 4 Apr, 2007 05:43 pm
yo son. this be tyson chandler. you know who it isss. i be white and i can rhyme like no other. so you niggers better recognize.

so here we go.

i live in the south a white lumberjack,
hate anyone and everyone with a hint of black
i sit on my porch with a loaded 12 gauge
all you niggers should be locked up in a cage.
f*ck lincoln and his damn proclamation
all you niggers, LEAVE OUR WHITE NATION!
you steal my **** and tip my cows,
i hope you all die painfully somehow.
we're coming soon,
me and the kkk,
we'll kill all you god damn niggers someday.
i'm fifty years old and smell like ****,
i live in a shack and drink dip spit.
all day i think about killing niggers, jews, spics, chinks, retards, and anyone not remotely close to white catholics/protestants.

Reply Fri 6 Apr, 2007 10:07 am
Yo DOGz, im just getting into freestylin again. And my old account (@$$@$!N83R is fuckingup so i made this one.

Im calling out anyone here . for a 5-9 line spit.
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tyson chandler
Reply Fri 6 Apr, 2007 10:09 pm
execution3r (sweet 3 instead of E homo)
this for you nig

you sit around and think of a name that sounds real tough
you have your woman bond you, each hand in a cuff
where you grew up i bet it was real rough
man enough is enough
im execution3r i use a 3 instead of an E
his cocks so small you need a microscope to see
so small he gets it all over his nuts when he pees
you spitting, can be nothing more than a catastrophe.
so just let it be cuz this here is my legacy

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Reply Sun 8 Apr, 2007 11:55 pm
burned out rhymes with random amusement
listen to my message about to be sent
from the shadowy skies is where i descend
i bring more death then death do
bring it to your doorstep and i'll bring it to you
talkin bout a legacy
b!tch battle me
bunch of wanna be's
bash you till ur drowning in ur own blood
down and dirty with ur face in the mud
gaspin for air with your chest caving into your lungs
I lyrically kill you tearin off ur flesh
ur rymes are weak my rymes is fresh
take you on a blurry ride
help u contemplate suicide
just try and hide
i'm the winds of the desert the waves of the sea
if u wanna stay alive u gotta get past me
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mister b
Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2007 06:36 pm
yo blazer I'm the demon that came out of hell am the witch that cast that spell am your imagination starting to erase me and you face to face beat you till you're black and blue check out who your stepin to my rimes are fresh your are lame I"m in the hall of fame your not even in the game
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mister b
Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2007 07:43 pm
yo blazer am back for round 2 lyrically killen you I'm you beating you up stop trying to act tuff you scared of me now cuze I'm callin your bluff You ain't seen nothin you just a pup my rymes are like smack theyll f*** your head up you're startin to sound like a little bitch go home to your momma you're makin me twitch I was going to give you a second chance I pull out my 9 and youll start to dance your just a fake you made a mistake you tryin to beat me it's impossible i'm unstopable I'll pump three in your chest you forgot your bullet proof vest this is your test and you got a D maybe you should go back to school and stop trying to battle with me
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mister b
Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2007 08:41 pm
yo pimponline its about time I did you in take you for a crazy spin flip you in side out ill pop you in the mouth you start to freak as you get off the concrete its like your beauty and im the beast and I feed on you as you sleep all you here is a scream as you awake stop trying to beat me your just a fake you made a mistake its like your the rat and im the giant ill squish you without trying I know that your raps are bluffs so you might as well stop trying to act tuff
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mister b
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2007 02:26 am
yo blazer you ready for round three there"s a new mcee his name is mister B this is new **** it"s not the crap that you spit your just an acttor a fake your making a bie mistake ill hit you left and right leave you on the concret lookin like mincmeat ill pull out my nine and put two in your chest all you can here is yelling as blood hits the concret as blazer addmites diffeat
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mister b
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2007 09:35 am
yo tyson chandler you ready for a fight because in the middle of the the night there"sa going be a broil it will end all you will be the frist to fall my victory you can barely even rap your verses are crap and talk about disscremanachon agenst the black nation I"m your amagation satarting to earse am your fear and I will allwas be here dont try to forget me ill come back and kick your a$$ with another rap
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Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2007 10:21 am
i'm like a swarm of killer bees comin to sting
knock you out like in a boxing ring
i'm coming straight for mister wanna B
think ur a straight up G
like come on son
you havent even shot off a cap gun
Run quick go by a vest
Cuz I really don't think you got an iron chest
now that u know that I pop off
my rhymes hit you so hard it knocks your top right off
watch this as i grand slam on em'
jam on em'
come on man Blazer will kill you just like he did 2 me
but he aint steppin up so i have to do his deeds
you talkin bout black nations bitch what do u mean
look at you ur whiter then sour cream
now that you know that you aint black
right a new rhyme and come on back
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mister b
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2007 10:38 am
yo makdaddysmith ubout to get your a$$ kcked
you but to get a smake it will turn you back
because there"s a new mcee his name is mister b
I spite new **** you spit old
do as you were told I"m a new mcee going to make history
going to get the victory u baging me plz as I noke you on
your knees put your feet in cuffs the **** that you spit are bluffs
your just an actor a fake youur making a big mistake
you lookin at me frum the concret as I stap my feet and continue the beat as I use my feet to stop your head into the concert you satrt to
blood as I take out your mid secchion you scream and yell tell you
say ok Im done and then you get up and start to run
I take out my nine and put 2 in your spine you fall with
your face in the drit every bodynose the your sereassly hurt you
lost this battle I made your roll cage radle
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Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2007 10:46 am
torpedoes and avalanches,, blood rain falling
bodies of all colors on there hands and knees crawling
the battle begginning as the infants are bawling
skeletal predators,assassination a constant topic
but i'll end it all with one big kick
hit you with my hummer as i'm heading to church
then hit you again backwards goin in reverse
I'm just stuck with this curse
to make the living hurt
and even worse
i'm about to go crazy about to burst
cvuz i've bin raised
in a cage
i dont care if it rattles
i'm still gunna whoop ur @$$ in this battle
ur like a CD player stuck on repeat
u should just accept your defeat
cuz man i'm way to tough to beat
this is turing out to be a crime scene
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mister b
Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2007 03:03 pm
yo blazer you better slow your roll and check out who you steepen two before I reck you leave you rapt and torn my rimes are fresh yours are
old it"sa time for the mace to un fold wosh me step my feet to the beat
as you foll to the concrete I fly like a butterfly sting like
a bee when you get close to me I go in attack mode wish for me is rap mode you get scared start to back away but sines am you fear am always aroud you your fear always sirrouds you would you like a tach for you this is quwite the ishu
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