Reply Fri 27 Jun, 2003 04:21 pm
McGentrix wrote:
2 weeks ago, I thought the issue was that he lied about the Nuclear weapons program, Last week he lied about the WMD's in general, now it's that he lied aboutthe immediacy?

Let me know when you finally decide on which lie is the correct one as it is too time consuming fighting each one. You will never be saved if you keep changing what the lies are.

Frank's right - it's all of that.

Nukes: Iraqis were busy trying to make them until 91, we knew that; no evidence whatsoever that they did anything about it since that time, though. No evidence now, still, either. None. The lie, until anything does come up, then: that we had to go to war to prevent Saddams regime from having nukes.

WMD: Iraq had them, we knew that - were forced to destroy over 80% of them in the time until 1998, as US authorities back then proudly proclaimed; part of the remainder remains undocumented. Did they still have it, or not? The UN said: we dont know, we gotta keep inspections up to find out. The US said: we know - they still got 'em - we need to go to war about it, right now. Lie.

Immediacy: see two items above.
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Reply Fri 27 Jun, 2003 04:28 pm
Just heard a long radio interview with Colin Powell who was trying very hard to lay down a variety of paths towards "plausible deniability" for the administration. The trailers might have been cleaned very well, cleaned of all traces of biochem weapons... The intelligence officials said... etc. etc. All a clear set-up for exculpatory statements later on. MoveOn is coming out with a full-page ad about our "Misleader." And the bucks are rolling in for more ads "Bush lies" ads. So someone out there agrees wholly with you and Frank and me and anyone else who sees through this ghastly, funny, criminal charade.
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