Hyphenated Names??

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Welcome aboard - please look around and stay!
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Welcome, Mrs. Hinds-Brofft.
That is an extraordinary collection of names your family's got there!
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Re: Hyphenated Names??
O.k. I have a serious question. I was never married to my ex, I just got full custody of our daughter, he's a deadbeat. Go figure. Anyway when she was born I thought for sure we'd be married soon heh, but we weren't so I went ahead and hypenated her name with his, mine came first, example (not real) say mine is goddess and his idiot lol I put her name as goddess-idiot. Now the question is don't I have the LEGAL right to have that removed???
If I do, can someone post a new york state website, I've been searching all morning and can't find anything on legal rights...

I mean I can but their not being very specific they keep thinking I'm asking about marriage names and I'm not grrr


P.S. I'm new, nice to meet you all. Razz
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hyphenated name
What is the procedure to drop the last half of a hyphenated name on a minor? Does this need to go through the courts? Or do you have the option to just drop part of it? How would you handle that on a birth and social security.
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Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2004 12:25 pm
In most places if you want to do a name change you go visit a lawyer and have them draft up a document for a change of name. That gets submitted to a court and the judge orders the change be done.

Then you take the court order to Social Security or anywhere else and notify them of the name change.

I have a friend that just had her named changed and it cost her about $100.00 for the whole thing.

(If the name change is for a minor the other parent has an interest in the child then you may have to get their approval too. Ask the lawyer about it when you go in. Wink )
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Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2004 10:08 pm
Gala wrote:
I think hyphenating is selfish to the people who have to spell it out and to pronounce it. What does hyphenating prove? Nothing, except that you got married and are too liberated to give up your original last name? Dumb.

Gee, who is being selfish and perhaps inconsiderate here? I know a woman who dropped her maiden name upon marriage to adopt her husband's name, and agreed to give their only child his father's name. Later as the divorce approached she wanted to go back to her maiden name. Her young son was very upset about her having a different last name from him. Through a fair amount of research this woman learned that it is common for children of divorce to want to have the same last name as their parents. Therefore she hyphenated her last name (maiden-married) for her son.
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Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2004 10:55 pm
I plan on using a hyphen in my name when I marry for a couple of reasons.

1. I use my current name in all of my artwork and it would be odd to have half of art signed with one name and the other half with a different name.

2. I am the last of the line of sorts for my fathers name. If I had been a boy I would have been 'first middle last' the 3rd. As a girl I would like to keep the name alive for as long as I can.

I am engaged to be married next year and I will hyphenate my name, but I will generally be known by my married name(except in my art career). Any children will bear their fathers name, but will be well versed on the history of my family as well.
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