Mel Gibson gets DUI, blames Jews

Reply Sun 30 Jul, 2006 09:08 am
For the moment, and not dealing with the particulars, I think that racism of any sort is the result of a "tribal mentality". If one is insecure, it is lots easier to dismiss an entire group of people as inferior, than to have to judge onesself each time that one meets another person.

All us _________________are better than_______________. How warm and fuzzy that is. How comforting to a person who has accomplished little in life to be able to feel better than another person who is his superior, simply because of the color of his skin, his sexual preference, or his beliefs. Rolling Eyes

Take sexism. It is very comforting for some men to feel automatically superior to any woman, no matter how bright or accomplished. Egads, that makes a man automatically better than 50% of humanity.

I believe that is why in our society accomplished women often will often pay a higher price for a misstep than a man who did the same thing. (Think Martha Stewart) An accomplished woman is a threat to the automatically comfortable air of superiority that some men have.

Any sort of ethnocentrism or religiocentrism illustrates the same phenomenon.
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Reply Sun 30 Jul, 2006 09:11 am
J_B wrote:
I think Reyn was expressing sarcasm here.

What gave me away?

If I had to pigeon-hole myself (which I hate), I would have to put myself firmly as Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israeli, by the way.

Any groups that insist that the Jewish state has no right to exist have their heads up their butts.

Like, what are they going to do now? Say, "Yeah, you're right, Mr. Terrorist Arab. We'll pack our bags now, and go "home" where we came from."

Live in the real world. What other country on this planet would allow any groups to fire missiles into their country and "turn the other cheek"?
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Aha, the question of softening the report comes up today in the LA Times - Here

The article doesn't mention the tape.
It does add something new, that Gibson has been a donor to a charity cause of LA County Sheriff Baca.
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Reply Sun 30 Jul, 2006 11:01 am

I am so sorry that I misjudged you. I shall stay out of Jew/Israeli-issue threads for a while as penance. That, or slather your body in warm oil,...whichever you prefer. Very Happy

It's sort of funny, though, how sad I was to think you weren't who I'd thought. I'm probably happier than you are to realize I was wrong.

~Lash, the Wrongest Girl Today
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Reply Sun 30 Jul, 2006 11:30 am
Lash, can I have a hug?

I'm not Jewish, but I get real touchy on the middle-east thing. I'm afraid to start venting, because I don't think I could stop.

There's a huge injustice going on in that region and it bugs me that folks forget their history lessons.

Now where are those other threads? Laughing
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Reply Sun 30 Jul, 2006 11:58 am

Thank you. Smile
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Reply Tue 1 Aug, 2006 12:40 pm
"My life is f - - ked"

Jeez............With your millions and a Malibu crib, imagine how the rest of us feel......??
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