How does the Brain operate?

Mon 21 Aug, 2023 01:55 am
This is my opinion:

It makes perfect sense that all science’s are interconnected and adopt the same identical foundational logic in their make up.

I maintain that it is impossible to understand how the brain works unless you have a symmetrical science to explain it.

Presently, we do not have a symmetrical science to explain it. The accepted scientific theories are unsymmetrical. We know that.

We know that the brain utilizes electromagnetic forces in it make up. Electromagnetic forces that shouldn’t even exist according to modern day scientific theories because it claims + and - electromagnetic forces in nature cancel out.

Clearly, they don’t. Rather they play a major part in the brains construction/functioning.

It is a fact that in order to symmetrically balance the electromagnetic force interactions between two objects in nature you have to adopt the united formula +/-=+/-.

You cannot balance the electromagnetic force interactions between two objects in nature with the divided formulas +=- and -=+

Once you know and accept the correct UNITED and SYMMETRICAL formula for balancing the electromagnetic force interactions in nature then everything begins to make sense psychologically.

Remember, it is a FACT that scientist only ASSUMED that +=- and -=+ were reliable formulas as the foundational basis for science. They assumed this solely on the basis that as + and - cannot be defined then they must be the same. A pure guess at the end of the day.

The problem is that you cannot symmetrically balance the electromagnetic forces in nature with these two divided formulas and therefore I would suggest that you will always miss how the brain is constructed/operates as a result.
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Tue 22 Aug, 2023 12:20 am
I would suggest that the brain operates due to balanced symmetrical electromagnetic forces that cannot be cancelled out but are rather vibratory balanced by the formula +/-=+/-
Thu 24 Aug, 2023 11:22 pm
I would suggest that the symmetrical vibration that results from this balanced science is the means by which information is communicated by the body including the brain.After all,it is a known fact that vibration is used in the animal kingdom.I would suggest that there is an established language within this vibratory binary code.
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