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Fri 1 Dec, 2023 12:03 am - We know the +/-=+/- formula is correct because the observation from the FULCRUM (in reality) is that ALL matter is entering and exiting the cosmos at multiple points at varying timescales. The... (view)
Thu 30 Nov, 2023 01:42 pm - The only KNOWN equal but opposite forces in nature that produce equal but opposite attraction and repulsion interaction outputs between two objects are electromagnetic forces. To GUESS that... (view)
Thu 30 Nov, 2023 08:10 am - Modern day science has hard problems to resolve and it ain't gonna resolve them with a deluded atheistic philosophy that has resulted in an unbalanced/unsymmetrical science that utilizes... (view)
Thu 30 Nov, 2023 02:58 am - Psychology is the most important of all the sciences then Philosophy. The remainder of the sciences are subservient to the above. The lesser sciences shall we say. (view)
Thu 30 Nov, 2023 01:43 am - There is a need to balance the books in philosophy and science. The left needs to balance with the right. Deluded atheistic philosophy and science has attempted to balance the books by... (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 08:34 am - But individuals believe in deluded atheistic philosophy and science hightor. (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 08:09 am - Equal but opposite electromagnetic forces exist in nature and they DO NOT cancel out. Deluded atheistic science believes that it has made the correct GUESS that equal but opposite... (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 07:09 am - Hightor...Hi....Atheistic science doesn't believe in equal but opposite forces. It clams they cancel out. Are you now claiming otherwise? (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 06:37 am - I have made no such claim that "equal but opposite electromagnetic forces in nature cancel out." Why? because they don't cancel out Brandon9000. Deluded atheistic philosophy and... (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 03:58 am - Atheists can't face reality. That is why they try to hide in UNAWARENESS. There is no hiding place. (view)
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