My mom is pissed about what my friend and I did last weekend

Reply Thu 24 Feb, 2022 06:56 pm
Okay, so my friend (F/16) and I (F/16) were having a sleepover at her place. I arrived on Saturday around noon. After a couple hours of goofing around, we decided to raid her older brother's room in search of a DVD we wanted to watch that night. We found it, but not before we noticed the pair of handcuffs he had left lying on top of his dresser.

My friend picked them up and, long story short, we jokingly handcuffed ourselves together, my right hand to her left. And then, a few minutes later, we realized that what we thought was the key to the cuffs was actually the key to a jewelry box that was also on the dresser.

Her brother was out of town, so we called him to explain our situation and ask where the key was. He laughed and said it was with him and that he wouldn't be able to return until the next day.

We weighed our options. We could either cut them off or call for a locksmith. Neither of us wanted to destroy her brother's cuffs, since it was our own fault we hadn't tested the key first. And neither of us wanted to put our plans on hold to wait for a locksmith. Thinking it might be kind of fun to spend the night handcuffed together, we decided to own our bone-headed move and explained the situation to her parents, along with our decision to stay cuffed to each other until her brother returned. They got a good laugh out of that, but agreed to let us do it.

So, we carried on with our plans and didn't let the fact that we were stuck together stand in the way of our having fun. Her parents took us bowling (which was definitely a challenge!) and then to a movie. We got a couple of weird stares here and there, but we didn't care. After all that, we went back to her place and stayed up late watching scary movies. We eventually went to sleep on the bottom bunk of her bunk bed. Originally, the plan had been for me to sleep on the top bunk, but that was now out of the question, lol! So we had to squeeze onto one bunk. It was a tight fit for sure, but we made it work.

Her brother returned maybe an hour before noon on Sunday and we were finally freed after spending nearly twenty-four hours as conjoined twins. It had definitely been a challenge, but fun too. We told our friends about it at school on Monday and they all thought it was hilarious.

The only person not laughing was my mom. She found out about it yesterday and was livid. She says I'm no longer allowed to sleep over with my friend. She says it was really irresponsible and unsafe for us to spend almost twenty-four hours like that and that her parents should've never allowed it.

WTF?!? Her parents were with us the whole time, except for when we were asleep. So how could it have been unsafe? Seriously, the only bad thing was the bathroom situation, lol, but we managed to figure something out.

I've tried talking to her and telling her we weren't in any danger, but she's refusing to budge. I really don't want this to be something that prevents me from ever sleeping over at my friend's place again. So what can I do to convince my mom this really was no big deal?
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My opinion and I am a mom .. My girls are now 23 and 19 and I actually find it funny. I am not sure what frightens her about this...maybe she feels it was irresponsible to do this like you said without testing out the key...maybe she is worried you did not make a good decision and that could be potential that another bad decision could actually be dangerous. It is difficult for us to know.

My suggestion would be to approach it like this...apologize to her for making a poor decision and own up to it. Explain this situation has helped you learn to think things through before reacting and then ask her why this particular situation was so frightening for her..why she felt it was so dangerous ... That you want to understand so you do not repeat something that is harmful.

In her defense she cares about you and there is something there bothering her ...ideally you can talk it out so you understand and learn From it. I think if you take this tactic and are sincere it will help your situation while at the same time give your mom the peace of mind that you are safe.
Reply Sat 26 Feb, 2022 09:40 pm
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your response and for your advice, as well as provide an update! Tonight, mom admitted that perhaps she'd overreacted to the whole thing and I'm no longer barred from future sleepovers at my friend's place. Smile Turns out I didn't need to do anything except wait for her to cool off. I do appreciate you taking the time to give me advice though!
Reply Sun 27 Feb, 2022 12:09 pm
That's for getting back to us. I am glad it worked out for you

Moms and dads make mistakes...they are emotionally invested in their children and sometimes do not handle it in the best way...myself included...very positive that she admitted her error and that she noted she overreacted. Makes me believe she reacted out if fear for your safety.
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Reply Mon 28 Feb, 2022 08:59 am
Wonderful experience!

Don’t let the world/mom distract you from it.
It will try again.
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