One event changes attitude in UK-----how strange

Reply Mon 25 Jul, 2005 07:28 pm
Yeah really George, that rocky flats thing and governement (peeps like you and me paying dearly for cleaning up a mess created by profiteering) I was living in Grand Junction for quite awhile paying dearly for that cleanup as well. Don't you just hate it when the government (us) has to pay enormous sums for cleaning the messes made by corporations meeting/beating their bottom line?
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Actually the Department of Energy was the biggest and most wasteful culprit. It was a jobs program for the bureaucrats: over 400 of them at a site with no mission.

I laid off 1,700 people from the contractor workforce on the day we took over the operation, and there were no bad effects. However each useless activity had DOE sponsors at the Flats and back in Washington whose power and prestige depended on its continuation. I made few DOE friends by that action.

Next on the list was the EPA which also saw the Flats as a jobs program for them (our budget funded the salaries of about 11 EPA folks as well. ) They wanted us to haul off the top two meters of soil in the buffer zone (2 miles by 2 miles) and put it in a landfill in Nevada - all because there were detectable (but minute) quantities of plutonium in the soil (at about one ten thousandth the concentration of the naturally occurring and equally radioactive thorium.) Happily we discovered an endangered species (the Prebles Meadow Jumping Mouse) whose habitat included this area. That checkmated them.

The two agencies had a 35 year program for the cleanup of the site that was going nowhere. We made some revolutionary changes and got the job done in 10.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Mon 25 Jul, 2005 11:34 pm
rayban1 wrote:
the guy who was shot by those incompetent police........had an expired Visa. This was in very small print on the back page.

Until this very moment that isn't confirmed at all.

Officially it still reads:

Security sources said Mr Menezes had an out-of-date visa, but his family denied this. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he believed he was legally in the UK.
(from the BBC as of 26.07.2005, 07:19 GMT)

Today's Independent: 'Shoot-to-kill' victim was here legally, says Straw

<edited to include the Independent link and looking again at the BBC>
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