I'm a girl who's attracted to men, but wants to be a boy just for sexual purposes

Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2020 04:30 am
I'm a young woman who tends to fall in love with a lot of guys. I also really want to be a boy, but 70% of my reasons include sexual things. I really just love the thought of being a guy and getting dominated by another guy - I don't know why! I'm not sure if this is normal for wanting to become transgender but mostly for sexual purposes, so I came here to ask! I really have got no idea and really need help. Am i just confused or does this normally happen? Am I just really weird??
Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2020 05:11 am
Gender and sexuality are not the same thing at all. Gender is how you present yourself, how you feel comfortable, be that male, female or non binary. Some people are not happy with the gender they were assigned at birth and want to transition.

Sexuality is all about who you find attractive, whether they be male, female, both, neither or anything in between.

You’re starting to come to terms with who you are, and there’s nothing weird about that.

You may find better advice from LGBT charities and their websites. Here most advice is quite general. Take care.
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Reply Wed 3 Jun, 2020 07:52 am
What Izzy wrote, I concur. Forums such as this aren’t the best place for such advice. Websites or local LGBT community that focus on the LGBT community may be better.

Furthermore, put aside the concept of what is normal and/or average. All that matters is what is true for you. Learn and respond to what you feel and need. Be kind to yourself (self-acceptance) and to others. Try not to judge yourself or others. As best as you can try to avoid or disregard others who might judge you.
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