Sports and the Pandemic? When do we finally open this up?

bobsal u1553115
Sat 20 Jun, 2020 06:39 pm
Some good news is refreshing! Thanks for sharing.
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Region Philbis
Wed 24 Jun, 2020 06:42 am
MLBPA, owners clear final hurdles; players set to report to camps July 1

Major League Baseball will hold Opening Day either July 23 or 24, and players will head to training camps in a week
after the league and the union on Tuesday agreed on health and safety protocols that will govern the sport as it
attempts to return amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly three months of frustrating and failed economic negotiations ended with the league implementing a 60-game
season that will run through Sept. 27 and feature a number of new elements -- and the same 10-team playoff structure
it has used for almost a decade.

The lack of a deal between MLB and the MLB Players Association led to the league imposing a schedule, as was its
right in a March 26 agreement that also guaranteed players a fully prorated portion of their salaries. MLB on Monday
told the union it planned to impose a schedule as long as the players would report to training camp by July 1 and codify
a health and safety manual that runs more than 100 pages. The players agreed to both on Tuesday.

unlike labor strife of the past, this one was reconciled by the commish.

i was not aware he had the authority to do that... and it makes me wonder why past commissioners did not step in during previous work stoppages...

bobsal u1553115
Wed 24 Jun, 2020 06:56 am
@Region Philbis,
The owners need some revenue, the insane wages are putting a bite on them. Its hard to feel sorry for either side except for compelling the players to play in danger of their lives.
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Wed 24 Jun, 2020 07:06 am
@Region Philbis,
The others were laissez-faire. This one is hands-on. Plus this one must have taken a temperature reading and figured that the no-season option was going to piss off far too many. Something had to be done to prevent killing the golden goose.
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Region Philbis
Wed 18 Nov, 2020 04:59 pm

All NFL teams to operate under intensive COVID-19 protocols

Starting this Saturday, all NFL teams must operate under the league's intensive COVID-19 protocols
for the remainder of this season, according to a league memo sent to teams Wednesday afternoon
and obtained by ESPN.

Requirements under the intensive protocols, which 28 of the league's 32 teams have already
experienced at some point this season, include virtual team meetings and the wearing of masks
by all players and staff at all times while at the facility, including during practice...
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