God given rights. Do you really have any?

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GAI wrote ….. On Jesus dying for Christians. Try to think in a moral way.

The Anointed Responds ….. When Jesus gave up the spirit, while on the cross, crying out; “My God, My God, why have you abandoned me. The Lord God our savior, the cornerstone to who all the righteous spirits had been gathered, and who can never die, our God ‘THE SON OF MAN, the Most High in the creation, who dies in the process of involution to save we in the process of evolution, ceased to be an individual entity.

We all have sinned and we all must pay the blood price for the sins of the flesh in which we, the invisible minds had developed, and then go off into judgement. Just as mankind had developed within the bodies of our animal ancestors, so too, ‘The Son of Man’, the invisible mind that develops in the body of mankind, although born perfect, is the only one who can pay the ultimate price for the sins of the body in which he develops. He is the only one who can justify the sinful life of his mother Eve who has become the androgynous body of Mankind.

The Son of Man, who used the man Jesus as his earthly host body, in which to reveal himself and the awesome sacrifice that he makes for the sinful body (Mankind) in which he develops, ceased to be an individual entity, by releasing all the spirits of the righteous who had been gathered to him, whose graves were then opened, and three days later, those Saints, came out of their graves and entered the holy city and revealed themselves, as the risen body of He, who was anointed as the successor to the throne of the Most High in the creation. The man Jesus, who was a duplication of the ’MAN’ Enoch before he was chosen as the cornerstone to the new glorious and brilliant light Temple of God, which is to replace his old earthly tabernacle=tent on earth, is now the controlling head to the risen body of the anointed one.

In the subject guide of Young’s Analytical Concordance of the bible, it is said that Cleophas, who is also called Alphaeus, is the husband of Mary.

It was not uncommon for men of Galilee in those days to carry three names, one in Hebrew, one in Greek, and one in Aramaic, Joseph was the son of Alexander Helios III, who was a father of renown, and Joseph, the Hebrew son of Heli was also called Cleophas, which is the masculine form of ‘Cleopatra’ and means in the Greek language; “Of a renowned Father,” while Alphaeus is the Aramaic, having the same meaning; “Of a renowned father.”

Alphaeus is the biological father of James the son of Mary the wife of Cleophas (SEE John 19: 25.) and James the younger of Mary’s three biological sons, and the younger of the two disciples by that name, is the full brother to Jesus.

One would expect the risen body of the anointed one to first appear to the family of Jesus, and that is exactly what we see. The first to see the risen body of CHRIST, were Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who did not recognise the one standing before her until He spoke her name.

Luke 24: 13-35; The next, to who one of the risen body of Christ appeared, were the carpenter ‘Cleophas’ who is also called Alphaeus, and his son Simon/Simeon the half-brother of Jesus, who was to inherit the Episcopal throne of the church of the circumcision after 'James the righteous,' was killed at the instigation of the same Sadducee sect that had Jesus, the full brother to James, killed.

Although Cleophas and Simon walked and talked with one of the risen body of Christ for some kilometres to the small town of Emmaus, they did not recognise him for who he was, until Simon saw the manner in which he broke the bread. Cleophas and his companion, then returned to Jerusalem, where the disciples, which included Simon Peter and Simon the Patriot, the only two of the twelve disciples by the name Simon, were cowering in a darkened room.

Luke 24: 33; states that there were only 11 disciples present in the room that night, while John 20: 19 to 25; Reveals that one of the twelve, who was absent that evening when Jesus first appeared to his disciples, was Thomas Didymus Jude another cousin of Jesus, the one who was called the Twin, ( The Hebrew disciple Jude who is called the twin, is also called Thomas=Tau’ma, the Aramaic for twin, and also called Didymus, which is the Greek for twin, and should not be confused with the disciple whose actual name is ‘THOMAS.’) although nowhere does the bible say that Thomas Jude was an actual twin or whether he just held a striking resemblance to someone else, perhaps one with who he shared a common grandfather, ‘Alexander Helios III.’

But back to Cleophas, who said to the disciples, who would have opened the door for him, "He has risen, he appeared to Simon," who was of course Simon the son, or adopted son of Cleophas and cousin to Jesus, and the one who succeeded ‘James the younger’ as the head of the church founded by their brother Jesus.

It was then that a figure appeared in that dimly lit room in the form that they recognised as Jesus, the following week, Jesus appeared in the locked room, where this time, Thomas who was called the ‘TWIN’ was with the other disciples.

Luke here, reveals that Jesus did not appear to his disciples, which included Simon Peter and Simon the patriot, until after Cleophas had said to them; “He has risen, he appeared to Simon,” who was not Simon Peter or Simon the patriot.

1 Corinthians 15:5; states that Jesus appeared to Cephas first, and then to the Twelve, which appears to contradict the scriptures that state the first males to who Jesus had appeared, were Cleophas and his companion, Simeon.

Did Paul, get it wrong, or did Paul originally say that Jesus appeared to Simon first, and then to the Twelve, and later translators of Paul’s letters, were to misinterpret Paul’s “Simon” to mean Simon Peter, also called Cephas?

See John 21: 1 to 12; Then there were the seven disciples who were fishing on Lake Galilee having no success at all, when someone on the bank told them to throw their net on the right side of the boat in which they caught 153 fishes, later on while sitting down to eat with the person who had a fire prepared with fish on it and some bread, not one of the seven disciples of Jesus who had walked and talked with him, dared to ask who he was, but they understood that he was of the risen body of Christ. Even when he ascended up into heaven as a cloud, some of the 11 disciples doubted that it was he.

Again, we should close here for a while and allow you to digest (If you are able) the truths that have so far been revealed to you.

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