Do you think she is cheating on me

Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2020 11:57 pm
Well my wife always talks about this guy at her work, god he has only been there a few weeks and she tells me he’s like a Brother to her, what already, how,..
She started dressing sexy on the days he was there.
See I am a nice guy type. She has always liked the bad boy type that rides Harley Davidson, that’s this guy.
We had a fight over this guy Flirting with her, but she doesn’t think it is flirting
I looked on her phone and facebook and she had been looking him up each day and also looking up two other ex boy friends, one of witch she tells me has the biggest penis she has ever had. Like I need to know.
Don’t you think just looking up ex boyfriends and messaging one of them is cheating alone. I think so.
So after I seen and read the texts she Said he was falling in love with her and she was just friends and likes the guy as good friends, but I think if I didn’t find this out they would’ve cheated
Please tell me what you guys think
Okay it doesn’t let me add photos of the Messages but this is what was said.
him, ....morning how are you can you talk?
Her,.... not at the moment I start work soon, what time do you finish today?
Him ...2;30.
Her.. I finish at 2, do you want to call when your finished work.
Him... thumbs up
Her... I just wanna make sure you’re okay? As you was really quiet yesterday.
Him ... I am finding it pretty hard at the moment” I felt a vibe from you yesterday , so will be alright 😉
Her... what sort of vibe are we talking about?
Her... just you seemed sad yesterday.
Him.... I am okay sort of just move on Paul (that’s him talking about himself) but that’s okay, I just have to. I am okay sad. Maybe because of not seeing you....
But I will be okay.
Her... no not at all I was just pretty nervous about being back at work. I had to be careful as well as Riaan ( her Client ) goes back and tells her mother everything.
Him ... all good love , talk this afternoon 😉
Her ... no worries talk then.
Him ... sends big heart.
She goes on to say he just wanted to talk about his feelings for her.
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Reply Fri 10 Apr, 2020 04:37 am
In my opinion.. and I can't push this enough... it's simply my opinion.. it looks and sounds like every point heading towards cheating. For me, just sounds like a wrong'n. In my experience of being cheated on, but also of a colleague coming onto me when they were married.. this has signs all over it. Difficult becuase your married. Do you wait until you can see proof then get rid. Or decide her bahaviour makes you uncomfortable enough as it is.. even if she hadnt technically cheated. The bare minimum you can do is sit down with your wife and talk things through. Explain everything that makes you feel uncomfortable and she should, being your wife, show understanding and caring towards you. Good luck
Reply Sun 12 Apr, 2020 02:01 pm

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Reply Sun 12 Apr, 2020 05:30 pm
Krisdavid wrote:
I looked on her phone and facebook

Don’t you think just looking up ex boyfriends and messaging one of them is cheating alone. I think so.

1. you looked into her private stuff. that is a relationship ender for me.

2. you think looking someone up is cheating


why are you asking anyone else? you already think she's cheating - and you are spying on her. that's enough to end things right there.

start looking for a place to move to after the pandemic ends
Reply Tue 14 Apr, 2020 10:25 am
1. you looked into her private stuff. that is a relationship ender for me.

So, in other words...going behind your SO's back with people of the opposite sex is "private"? That alone, is more your business than anyone else's. Potential for a broken and humiliated heart over all, and at worst...a disease. Personally? I left my phone everywhere and anywhere..no lock on it. Facebook? Open nearly all the time. Why? I had nothing to HIDE. But HE sure did.... Wink
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Reply Sun 19 Apr, 2020 03:43 pm
Yes, I think there is such a thing as emotional cheating which can lead to actual cheating. Right now it seems to be in the emotional cheating phase, and may never actually get to the physical cheating stage. Regardless, if it makes you uncomfortable she should be willing to end it immediately without argument. The fact that she persists tells you that she has little respect for your feelings and less respect for her marital vows.

Don't feel alone. I am dealing with the same thing. When I asked my foolish spouse to end it with this person, he started to cry and told me he "needs her and can't give her up."

I know where my marriage is heading.
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