How to find a girlfriend?

Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2020 07:19 pm
I've noticed not many lesbians and or bisexual girls don't like me due to the fact I'm fat. I'm not crazy overwheight just slightly and Everytime I ask a girl out they usually say "oh uh well I do love your personality and you're super fun to hang out with- I would date you but.." or they'll usually give off an excuse that is obvious they're rejecting me because of my weight and or appearance. I've even tried dating guys as a desperate attempt for love but they even reject me. Is there any lesbian/bi girl who likes dating plus size women? And or dont mind me being plus size? I can't help being fat...I have a medical condition and it's hard for me to loose weight even if I try my hardest. I know I deserve as much love as any other cute skinny girl, I have so much love and care to offer, I just wish other lesbian/bi girls would see that..
Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2020 07:30 pm
Try a dating service.
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2020 06:00 am
It may seem bad now, but things will get better. You're only 18. You've got your whole life ahead of you, plenty of time to find someone.

focus on what interests you, if you like "cake decorating" say, find a group of other "cake decorators" in your area.

Once you start doing what interests you with people who share the same interests everything else falls into place.

Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2020 06:09 am
To add to this, don't worry if everyone in your cake decorating (for example) group is straight or taken or too old, etc. Someone always knows someone who is looking
Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2020 07:34 am
Some other alternatives,not alike dating services
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