My out his mind neighbor

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So my out his mind neighbor is at again. I posted about me mentioning something about a rapper's ex smiling when she saw me in club. Well like a month or so later, my neighbor changes his profile picture to him in a studio. He wanted to present that he's the famous rapper I was referring to. He's not a famous rapper, not even the same complexion as the guy. And the woman in question isn't even in this state. I don't know, he just has this idea that I'm into the mother of his two kids and it's getting really weird. I was talking to someone else about it.

Maybe they're right. Maybe the mother of his two kids was retaliating against him and has just been misleadingly using my name to make him think she and I have something going on or whatever. So now he has this idea in his head that I'm his competition for the own mother of his two kids. Because he was sneaking around mentioning how someone was trying to get with his baby mother and how he's going to win. Then I realized he was talking about me. Which didn't occur to me at first because she's not even someone I involve myself with. And it's making me sick mentally. Not with guilt because my conscience is clear. I probably met the mother of my neighbors kids back in like 2008 when they were together. Not once had it crossed my mind to try to hook up with her. I'm not interested now. I would feel wrong if I was, my conscience wouldn't let me because I'd be thinking of their kids and how wrong it would be. My mind just is not on doing stuff like that. I got people asking me about if I would sleep his babymother and how fat her sexual organs are. I'm here like, no I'm not interested in her. I already love someone.

I just want to leave the environment. I don't want the mother of my neighbor's two kids and I'm tired of people trying to make me feel that way when I'm just trying to live a happy life. I'm not trying to get him in trouble with her. It gets me stressed out by people making me feel like I'm messing with his life. I'm tired of having to defend myself from these antics. It ends up looking like I'm starting the trouble; when I'm just reacting to the stress this guys antics and the people in out it; have caused me. As well as all the other effects. It's sad because he really just sees me as an easy target to beef with. I guarantee if it was someone else, he wouldn't be going on like this.

My whole summer was spent with my neighbor and this drama. He's always dishonest about something. Right now, he's walking around with a message of me telling someone else (who is close to me and not related to him) that I was worried he's making me seem like the cause of all his relationship drama and like I was trying to hook up with the mother of his kids. When I'm busy focusing on being faithful and improving my relationship between someone. I didn't want any misleading stories circulating around. I've probably sat here for the last 8 or so months saying I'm not interested in the mother of my neighbors kids because I've been guilt tripped about it. I'm not out here insulting his kids that are in elementary school and have nothing to do with anything, I'm not calling them retarded or anything derogatory or anything like that. I don't speak on his children. I even suggested him moving his family and kids into the area where it's very likely safer for them. Meanwhile I didn't even realize at the time that he'd secretly threatened me. I don't speak on his siblings. I didn't agree with him with his baby mother when she called them crazy people. He's probably mad because I left him with 19 unaswered messages on facebook. I don't talk to anyone on facebook. I basically at this point only used facebook to talk to one person because that's about the only way I could get through to them (sadly). And they're not even on facebook anymore. As well as reach out to a family member of theirs for good reason. So I've been keeping to my lonesome. I don't want anything to do with the mother of his kids. I remember being excited about my wife and showed her a picture of her like she's beautiful right? And she called my wife, who I've been madly in love with since 2011, ugly for no reason back in 2013/14. I don't understand it. I also don't understand it because the love of my life is very beautiful and she has been since the pouring rainy day I met her back in 2010.

And it isn't me talking crap about his family, it's me being tired of all of this. There's two people with two kids together. The female calling another family crazy. The other side saying the male (I'm not the guy here) just needs to stay away from those people. Something is going on, I don't really know what's going on. I'm somehow accidentally caught in the middle of it. All I've been trying to say for the last how many months is that I don't want to be involved in this stuff. Then my neighbor is secretly being insulting around me. Shooting dice with someone talking about Tracy's a thot. Which was code for him calling the love of my life a hoe. He said the name different thinking I wouldn't catch onto it. And my wife is not a whore. But he seems to get granted immunity for doing stuff like this and other things. If I personally did something to him, I'd become a target even though he's doing/done all this stuff. It's basically me by lonesome against a whole bunch of people who want to gang up on me.

Like he needs to take my face off his social media telling people I'm snitching on him to his family and insulting his kids and all of that nonsense. He's only doing this because he knows it's basically me by myself having my back. So he's over here inciting violence against me. Lord knows I wouldn't even mention him if he wasn't doing all this nonsense.

It's deceptive too. Because if you look at it, I seem like the person causing all the trouble. But I'm really either venting or being manipulated to take actions that make my neighbor look the victim here. It's really evil. And my mental health is suffering from it. My mental health was already in a place where the slightest thing could tip me over the edge. So I had to focus really hard on tuning things out that I knew were intentionally done to tick me off to keep me from being stressed. But after a while it takes it toll. Then I'm out at 1-2 am flipping out to myself and it's not a good place to be. I remember just the 22nd of November, that I was flipping out in the park by myself because I've been so disturbed by the fact that my neighbor and whoever is trying to make it seem like I'm messing with his life or family life. I'm sick of it.

And apparently it's wrong for me to defend myself?
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Still suggesting you move.
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