Mental abuse versus physical abuse: Are they equally serious?

Mon 14 Nov, 2011 04:42 pm
This has been hashed and re-hashed elsewhere, and maybe even here on A2K, but I'm gonna re-hash it yet again.

This is an expansion of a previous topic I've posted here. In my original post, I came across people who seemed to be under the impression that mental abuse was not as serious as physical abuse.

I believe that they are both equally serious, and I have even found articles to support my belief:




I would like to hear the opinions of my fellow A2K denizens on this matter. If you are under the impression that they are not equal, I would like to hear why, if for nothing else then for my curiosity.
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Fri 3 Feb, 2012 04:40 pm

To me without reading supporting articles, abuse is abuse which ever way you want to look at it.

It is about control.. Some use emotional, verbal.. Not physical, but each abuse hurts, destroys, brings a person down, belittles and that person loses their ability to own themselves, their control of themselves eventually.

Each abuse is demeaning, and about power of some sort.

When someone takes away "power" of self, the person becomes powerless.

And, in that, they tend to accept the abuse which is what the abuser wants which equals control.

Physical hurts.
But, emotional and verbal abuse hurts too.. Take that aside.. Where physical can cause bodily harm even death.. Emotional or verbal abuse can equally destroy a person, eventually.. Mentally destroy in any way that abuse is issued.

Only the strong can walk from any abuse..

Mon 6 Feb, 2012 09:14 am
Thank you! I wish others would see it this way as well. I know that a lot do, but there are some who don't.
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Thu 21 Mar, 2013 01:49 pm
I believe that mental abuse is worse, because it is harder to heal from. Not saying physical isnt bad though.
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Wed 8 May, 2013 11:46 am
Hello, I'm new to this forum. This is my first post.

''Mental abuse versus physical abuse: Are they equally serious?''

This is a very serious and important question. To my mind, mental abuse is much more dangerous than physical, because it is much harder to get aware of mental abuse. And it is quite common to belittle mental abuse or mental attacks. If someone has got a wound, it is quite obvious that things have gone wrong and something can be done against it.

Because it is much harder to get aware of it, mental abuse is more likely to persist for a long time, with tremendous and unpredictable negative outcome for the victim and for other people like family members, relative, friends or even unrelated people. Finally, a victim might defend himself physically after years of mental abuse, resulting in unfair punishment. Everybody will sooner or later defend himself physically when attacked mentally, so our societies need to rethink their morality here.

Mental abuse will cause the victim to behave differently then usual, causing to become an outcast or not being understood by his parents, so his whole family can get destructed.

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Mon 16 Dec, 2013 03:26 am
In my opinion I feel that mental abuse is slightly more serious. I think this because mental abuse isn’t visible, so the person being abused might not want to tell people and has to suffer.
Mental abuse cause serious thing to happen like depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts, it can lead to anxiety and them believing that they are unloved an not good enough, this will affect their education as they might feel angry about what’s happening to them and take it out in school, which will affect their future even more. Emotional abuse will scar your mind for life, and may go completely un-noticed.
However physical abuse can also lead to the same problems but people can see if you have been harmed whereas mentally you can’t, but with physical abuse you feel immediate pain, and some injuries can be so bad they can cause death. It can end in long term effects such as brain damage or eye damage. It can also increase the chances of the victim being abusive as an adult.
In conclusion Both mental and physical abuse can end in serious consequences, mental abuse will leave you traumatised and can destroy you and physical abuse can harm you badly.
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Mon 16 Dec, 2013 04:04 am
“Mental abuse versus physical abuse: are they equally serious?”
I think that both types of abuse are very serious but mental abuse is more serious. Mental abuse is much more dangerous than physical because it’s much more difficult to be aware of it, because you can’t see the emotional effect it’s having on someone. With physical abuse if someone had an injury then other people can physically see the problem and can fix it.
Mental abuse is often seen as less of a problem because it can’t be seen. It has long term effects, people are often mentally scared for the rest of their lives because they have been mentally abused and may not have been helped because people were clueless of the problem. It causes effects on how the person behaves, this may be they become emotionally unstable, isolate themselves from the outside world, less social but can also cause physical effectse.g eating habits. This may lead to more serious consequences like death.
Physical abuse is also very serious but can always be fixed. A injury can be bandaged up but a scared mind can’t be. Physical abuse can be dangerous for your body but it is fixed quicker because it is noticed.
Although both cases are very serious, I think that overall mental abuse is more serious that physical, but this may be different in separate cases.
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