Jail for Life for Racists an ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLE

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October 22, 2019

[ I won't be reading any responses to this, by anyone bold enough to post one, because I don't need the support of those who might approve of the principle (I know it's sound in theory, and correct morally in man's law as an appropriate reflection of God's Law, in which any hatred is a crime of transgressing the ultimate Law, The Great Law of Love (of course "monsters" are compelled by imbalance to break that law and are not really to blame; nevertheless they are still dangerous and society needs to be protected from them).

I also will not read any posts of those opposed to the theoretical principle of law; i.e., typically, the comments of racists who feel threatened by the principle, as they properly should feel as "monsters" worthy of "good" people screaming upon meeting them, and running for their lives. Racists are soulless beings doomed by Nature to suffer as punishment for "the sins of the fathers". It's not the racist's fault for what they are, but that doesn't mean they are not dangerous. Though all who are victims of racists should ideally forgive them for their own good as victims, that forgiveness does nothing for the racist, xenophobe, religious bigot or LBGTQ hater, whose sin, even though compelled, is never forgiven by Nature/God, and carries a heavy penalty of suffering and misery. ]

The principle of life imprisonment for being a racist "monster" is implausible in humanity's degenerate condition because these "monsters" are omnipresent in every walk of life, most dangerously for society as police, judges, politicians, and businessmen. Even more dangerously, racists become presidents, high level clerics, and corporate "Nazis". Due to racists' failure to express or experience real Love, they find their satisfaction in soulless positions of worldly power in politics, business and religion.

Having had a revelation some years ago regarding the hopeless and soulless degeneration of the subhuman race (the human ace has long been divided into two sub-races -- human beings and subhuman beings), it is my responsibility to speak about the very dangerous situation we are all in in being surrounded by so many "monsters" of various types. I don't write this with any expectation of being understood -- one would have to be me to understand where I'm coming from. In addition, nine out of ten people are already "monsters" or doomed to be from birth. If one person out of ten who is "good" had any remote sense of the frightening level of evil around us in the world, they might have some kind of clue as to what I'm talking about.

Those who understand something are those that have the right and the responsibility to speak about it. My theoretical principle could never thrive in a world society as karmically screwed as this because there would need to be enough moral people to support the principle, and such a moral and intelligent group currently does not exist.

The principle of jail for life with possible parole for racists is logical from my point of view, because racists are the most dangerous "monsters" we have. The danger becomes clear to those who examine the ultimate evil that racism always leads to given worldly power and circumstances. What Hitler accomplished is a great example of how dangerous racist "monsters" are.

[ I just realized that the same principle of jail for life, to be fair, has to be relative to xenophobes, religious bigots (uncounted millions slaughtered by them), and haters of the LBGTQ population. Therefore, though I'll just concentrate on racists or racial bigots, my principle applies to all the above-referenced morally defective "people" I call "harmed ones". ].

Jail for life for these doomed beings would mean a nice, comfortable jail cell with everything the harmed one needs, and ideally kind words and treatment by all their minders and visitors, which of course would be impossible to ensure them in this evil world. (This impossibility is part of Nature's punishment of the soulless, just as fucked up, ignorant and immoral society's capacity to protect anyone from "monsters" is impossible).

In my theoretical legal/penal system, there would be no execution of anyone, in accordance with the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill". All "monsters" would ideally be allowed to live out the remainder of their lives receiving the kindness and tolerance they have no capacity to show to others, and so that they may pay the full price demanded by our greatest judge, our Conscience.

News21: Hate in America - This documentary covers the legacy of hate, and how it shaped America
35,182 views 9 Oct 2018

Response to the above video....

Human beings or beans since the dawn of history may never have criminalized the ruined moral state of racism -- basically an unchangeable, fixed mental and spiritual sickness consisting of complete intolerance of people of any different race.

I advocate that the state of racism be a criminal offense under man's law as it is under God's Law. It matters not what man's imperfect law denotes, just being a racist, etc. is a crime. It doesn't matter that the number of prisons required could likely never be built for lack of money. Racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry and hatred of other compelled sexual preferences are ALL SERIOUS CRIMES. If Hitler and so many genocidal maniac racists had been caught early or banned from entering politics, business etc., the disasters they were at the heart of may not have begun.

It doesn't matter how 'clever' "Nazi" boneheads are trying to justify their existence, saying "We don't hate anyone, we just support our own group", they're still dangerous. The proof is in their acts. Normal people are not so insecure that they have to make a public display of their lack of individuality and their "fear of losing their freedoms".

Scott in the video represents a lower case "n" "nazi follower". He is the easily influenced type who was seemingly brainwashed by "Nazi" leaders, and who might be allowed parole at some point. Whoever Scott's mind controlling "Nazi" leaders were would be the ones worthy of jail for life.

"Nazis" have absolutely NO RIGHT to demonstrate in public and they have NO RIGHT to speak on ANY TOPIC, "free speech" be damned as it doesn't apply to them in any "normal" society, because they are NOT human beings and are far too dangerous to be allowed to enter any group, village square, town or city in which other people may be who they might perceive as limiting their imagined freedoms. Being a moron means having no right or business getting the public's attention in ANY WAY; this principle applies to Donald Trump Jr., and of course his lovely father the predator-in-chief. Too late. An idiot became president, which says a SHITLOAD about Trump's followers.

The reason "Nazis" congregate in public and try to poison others' minds is that they are tolerated by:

1) simple people who aren't fully aware of the EVIL they come near if they attend any fucked up event where fearful "Nazis" are looking for attention;

2) police and judges who foolishly tolerate all kinds or are "Nazis" themselves.

3) dumb **** presidents, namely Uncle Trumpy.

Message to ordinary people: STAY THE **** AWAY FROM NAZIS and any of their fucked up events, as if they were THE ******* PLAGUE guaranteed to take your life. The truth is, that's a well worded admonition regarding the danger of the world's most evil and dangerous "people".

If "Nazi" leaders were identified as early as their late teens and given a life term, their brainwashed dumbo follower "nazis" would also receive some de facto protection.

We are currently in a global corruption-wealth-gap-human-rights-environmental-abuse revolution that began in this age of demonstrations and struggles for justice which was basically started by the "Me too" crowd.

We are long overdue for a "Me too" type retribution for Nazis, the loveliest of people movement. This age feels perfect for it.
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Reply Tue 22 Oct, 2019 02:34 pm
Everyone who disagrees with me is a racist. So I guess it's time to lock up everyone who disagrees with me?

No, I don't really think that everyone who disagrees with me is a racist. But many progressives think that of people who disagree with them. And I'm making fun of those progressives.
Reply Tue 5 Nov, 2019 12:58 am
Do I detect a little obtuseness? Yes. LOL. Do I detect confusion, with perhaps a little twisting of ideas (?) with the intent of discrediting?

Jail for life or its more likely minor equivalent, if people were more perceptive, ostracism based on racist "monsters" moral deficiency is the basic idea, just as with any serious crime on the books.

"Nazis" always fall for my stuff -- they can't help it. "The crayfish's hatred of the frog brought him ashore".

If you're a racist "Nazi", don't try to hide it. Be as bold as a maxdancona, but try to spell better. Honesty and directness are important. You and all people need to know exactly what you are, exactly where you are located on the moral scale.

To be fair, though, "monsters" can't help being what they are. Without getting into the depressing cause of our rampant criminal degeneracy, I just offer this:

Hitler never asked his mommy, "Can I be a monster when I grow up?".
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Reply Tue 5 Nov, 2019 07:40 am
By the way, racism is not the mere viewpoint you imply it is. A viewpoint or concept can change over time, and deceptive, glib, yet always defensive "Nazis" (leaders) or "nazis" (followers, sheep) love to deceive others that they are respectable, moral or kind people. The truth always comes out, however, and is clear to anyone with half a brain cell, if they don't get seriously abused or murdered by a freak first.

Racism is an incurable symptom of moral deficiency that "Nazis" and other subhumans are born with. What causes their ruined state, which only begins to manifest about puberty, is something I don't talk about because I don't want to depress or worry "good" or "bad" people more than they already are. Humanity comes with a horror story only known to the very few who are worthy of knowing it and can handle it; they will all be older, as I am, and will have seen a SHITLOAD of Life and death, as I have.

You and max are like factory rejects, like action figures that didn't get a battery slot, and are therefore incapable of their "hero stuff". We are all ideally meant to be accomplished "heroes" in some way, but because of sin over the ages, billions of people are complete failures, not human beings at all. A human being is implicitly moral and honorable. You were born with something missing due to the sins of your ancestors; at least one of your parents is the same. If you have any kids they will also suffer from serious moral weakness and all the chaos it produces.

Those with your defect don't have to power to resist being sexually or physically abused; some are so weak they allow themselves to associate repeatedly with people they know are going to murder them, and they are murdered. Victims of humanity's bad karma like you are both the perpetrators and victims of crime. Nature/God's response to immorality is to figuratively "squeeze the immoral out of life", but It first ensures that they suffer greatly. It sounds like human vengeance, but it's not, because God or Nature are completely impersonal. The morally weak are just "cast out" in many strange ways; an analogy of this abstraction is the female's ejection of a fetus when it is judged to be too imperfect to sustain Life in a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Racism, physical abuse or murderous violence, and sexual abuse are all indications of an "unowned" (code word) condition that has been given to moral defectives by Nature/God at their conception. "Monsters" are meant to suffer severe problems of mind boggling variety for as long as they live (to the second death); they are usually spiritually dead (the first death) by puberty, upon which time they begin their life of crime abusing others (their worst sin) and themselves (not as bad).

There are billions of "monsters" -- they comprise about nine out of ten people. These victims are here to pay the full price, individually and collectively, for the evil of mankind over the ages. Nature's karmic retribution for sin is awesome. It ensures that even the "smallest" sins (all are equally sinful) are completely paid for, if not by the sinner, then definitely paid for by the sinner's children or descendants through many generations.

Racist "Nazis" and all moral defectives cannot be helped as they are permanently ruined for life, but anyone, "good" or "bad", who is bold enough to speak to me will receive as much of the Truth as I deem to be "safe" to give them. I'm a student of human nature and I welcome any communication. There is nothing more fascinating to me than folks. The most fascinating ones are the victims I speak of here; especially interesting is how they try to justify their vile natures. For me, the "greatest show on earth" is Donald Trump and his gang of criminal rejects. Every day is a wonderful and appalling parade of subhuman stupidity and moral disaster.

So you "Nazis" and other freaks, keep it coming. My study of evil will no doubt never end. It's an awful study, but never really boring. It's good for me, and good for the victims to know exactly what they are. For most "Nazi" victims of human evil and ignorance -- who don't deserve a shred of sympathy because they are DANGEROUS -- I'll probably be the only one they will ever come across who will give them the whole awful essential truth about themselves. To know this Truth is important for them, for me, and for any reader who is also curious regarding the ways of evil.
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Reply Sun 22 May, 2022 06:19 pm
#Metoo was started when an ugly black woman saw some young black girl crying about losing her virginity. So it is basically a dumbfounding attack against men over all. The reality is to use it filter out the garbage from the workplace...meaning morons who put #metoo in their headlights. Slaves and lambs to slaughter.

Nazism problem is that people who go via white supremacy. USA is %77 white. The majority of movies, media, and film are light white or light skinned people. Beyond that they are just downplayed stereotypes. Nobody cares about Nazism because of that majority.

In my eyes the modern day Zionist-Israeli flag looks no different then a Nazi-Flag even more so then today. If people could cut the bs out we could get USA to stop fueling it.


Racism I agree the officer who killed George Floyd should be sent to North Korea to serve out his time. We could pay North Korea what we could pay a prison to hold him their. That is what he deserves. Not "White man" prison.
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