Death of the Philosophy Now forum

Reply Fri 4 Oct, 2019 12:24 am
October 4, 2019

As a Nazi hunter (easy job!), I declare the Philosophy Now site to be dead; i.e. a "forum" that is useless to those who require uncensored expression of ideas or views. The most influential Nazis at PN are the users Walker (a Trump supporter) and dachshund, a suicidal mind poisoner who is a WW2 German Nazi wannabe. The presumptuous Nazi moderator is self-established as an authoritative judge and censor of "all things philosophy".

Seekers of Truth and mental freedom should generally avoid Philosophy Now like the plague, but I recommend taking a look at the Nazis and their follower nazis on the site, just for education. The only "bright lights" I know still dreaming there is life at PN are vegetariantaxidermy and Nick_A.

Nazis everywhere are trying hard to gain acceptance, but are transparently easy to identify as they are socially inept moral cripples. Nazis are also finding female Nazis like Pauline Hanson to push out in front of them as spokespeople, to lure the weak minded into accepting them, "getting all warm and fuzzy" with racism. The most serious Nazi in the White House is the mental dwarf Stephen Miller, a complete joke of a subhuman or "a pillar of a caterpillar" (actually an insult to caterpillars). Miller really needs a female spokesperson like Sarah Huckabee Sanders to talk for him, so people are less likely to give the Nazi salute as his words offend the ear, such as "You will not deny it". Heil Mitler! (Oops, I couldn't help it).

The PN founder, the Russian-Englishman (?) Rick Lewis, is presumed to be a Nazi Putin supporter, racist and corporate fascist, as he allows Nazi scum to control Philosophy Now.

If anyone here has found a forum they believe may be controlled by anti-fascist thinkers who know that a global anti-wealth-gap-and-environmental-abuse revolution has already begun, please let me know. I won't hold my breath, because the seemingly prevailing forces are those that demand mass conformity and slavery for the unchecked wealth of a few parasites.

This has been some of the "whole" Truth from the spiritual underground.
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Reply Fri 4 Oct, 2019 02:52 am

"global anti-wealth-gap-and-environmental-abuse revolution" in the penultimate paragraph SHOULD BE:

global wealth-gap-human-rights-environmental-abuse revolution
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Reply Fri 4 Oct, 2019 01:24 pm
It's still very much alive. Work for what you want and align yourself with the ones you perceive as unjust. By doing so, your verbal weaponry against these cretins will have greater success.
Reply Wed 9 Oct, 2019 10:16 pm
October 10, 2019

No, a forum is very much dead as soon as fascism and censorship are in the moderators -- that is proof of spiritual death, the first and ultimate death. Align myself with "Nazi" rubbish? Hah! You're so full of ****. Perhaps you mean go in amongst them? I've done that on all the main "philosophy" sites, only to discover that I'm virtually the only real philosopher who has ever been on the site. I only came across one real philosopher way back called Ab Lux The Emissary.

You seem to think that I battle the cretins using "verbal weaponry" and that I hope to attain to "greater success" by confronting hopeless and dead "nazis" in a public forum. I am disinterested; I basically write for myself because I have no choice as one of the living; if anyone gets me that's always a bonus, but I can't afford to care about ANY response. Responses are always interesting, however. There's nothing more fascinating than folks.

Hopeless subhumans are hopeless subhumans who can never change because they are dead; they typically stop growing after their eternal damnation from sin at puberty. They just haven't yet been motivated to dig a hole and jump in.

OK, so you're a deluded idealist who believes in the "battle of ideas". Well meaning in advising me, knowing nothing about me, but deluded.

The revolutionaries who will be remembered are those who are detached from the revolution; those who value their lives too much to ever risk them in direct physical confrontation of fascist gangsters and environmental rapists.

The dead, who don't value their lives and are of the damned, yet still good inside as are we all, have their "uses". They are the fools or "noble heroes" who sacrifice their lives for their country; sacrifice themselves essentially for nothing, which is what a country is. I owe my happiness to one of these tragic heroes whose personal life was a disgusting mess. It wasn't his fault. The mass bad karma of billions is related to "the sins of the fathers".

It seems only a relative few of the dead are involved in effective war in the global wealth-gap-human-rights-environmental abuse revolution. No doubt they are encouraged by their "backroom general" Greta Thunberg. Greta probably won't be going to the forefront in the Amazon. She seems to have a Soul of Love, which would prevent her from risking her life. I'm sure Extinction Rebellion and other units talk about the front, but there isn't anything revealed to the public. Amongst them are members of the dead who would love the chance to go and stand with the Amazon natives.

A few individuals are attacking pipeline operations, hanging from bridges, etc. These are no doubt the dead; those who have nothing to lose because they have already lost most everything but their physical life. Whether the public is aware of it or not, the environmental activists have two factions.

Though personally lost, the dead can be admired as self-sacrificing heroes; however, their seeming "fearlessness" is actually a compulsion to "make a difference" somehow because that is all they have left to do. Nature actually compels the soulless -- who still have good in them -- to confront "the enemy", ultimately to the death. This is Nature's way of "cleaning up evil", by "disposing of the dead" on both sides.

I cannot recommend involvement in war to anyone, but the dead are actually compelled to sacrifice themselves, just as you seem to be willing to waste your time verbally jousting with idiots. I've seen all you moronic jousters at the forums for so many years. You're just a symptom of the guarafuckinteed end of the world fast approaching.

There's no other ****** who talks about the dead as I do. The real worldwide army of the walking dead a million times more "frightening" than Hollywood's best zombie movie.

In the meantime, I figuratively sit on a high hill watching the billions entering the black mouth of hell, but most of the time enjoying Life, the details of which is no ******'s business but my own.
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